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(Auctioned Off, continued...)

You’re faced with a choice between giving Ralph a blowjob, or getting used by over a hundred strangers. It’s pretty clear which is the most attractive option.

You nod your assent, biting your lip.

“I’ll just pretend to cum in your mouth, and you can pretend to swallow. Then we can go, okay?”

“Okay,” you whisper. Actually, you’re so happy to see him that you’d gladly suck him off and swallow for real.

Ralph places his hands on your shoulders and pushes you down to your knees in front of him. The auctioneer grins, and Ivan looks disappointed, but they back off. There’s a smattering of applause from the crowd.

You stare at Ralph’s crotch as he unbuckles his belt, then unfastens his pants. They drop down around his ankles, revealing a pair of silk boxers. He hooks his thumbs in the waistband, then hesitates. Is he worried about performing in front of an audience? Or is he concerned about how this will affect you?

You need him to know that you’re going to be okay, so you decide to give him a hand. You reach out and tug his boxers down for him, revealing the cock and balls of your dreams in all their circumsized, smooth-shaven glory. You note that he’s semi-erect. Could this situation be a turn-on for him?

Let’s get this over with. You take Ralph’s cock in your hand, feeling the silky skin in your grasp. It’s soft but it won’t be for long — you can feel it pulse in your palm. You gently stroke him back and forth, feeling him grow slightly with every pump. Soon he’s big enough to suck — not fully erect, but thick and much less bendable than when you started.

You open your mouth and suck his knob inside, your lips sealing around the shaft. You feel him slide over your tongue as you take him deeper. Since he’s not yet at full length you are able to go down all the way, until your face his pressed against his bald pubis. You inhale, breathing his manly scent, and find yourself feeling a little giddy. His cock twitches twice and swells in your mouth as you hold yourself there. Then you pull back, until you feel his knob on your tongue again, and you taste the saltiness of his leaking pre-cum.

The auctioneer makes his unwanted presence felt. “My, my, look at that little slut go! She knows what she wants, alright. Some women are born to be fuck slaves, sir, and it looks like she’s one of them!”

Ralph places his hand on the back of your head, entwining his fingers in your hair, and pulls you down on him again. His cock is throbbing and swelling rapidly now, filling your mouth and extending towards the back of your throat. He guides you up and down, moaning gently, while your tongue slithers around his shaft and tickles his knob on the outstroke. You know this is unnecessary for the show, but you want to give him pleasure.

His hips thrust involuntarily and you almost choke. He’s full-size now and getting difficult to accommodate. You shift position slightly, pulling down on his dick as you try to give him a straighter pathway down your throat. His next thrust goes deeper, and you swallow, your throat contracting around his knob, while staring up at him with wide eyes.

“Oh Jesus…” he whispers, and he thrusts again, plunging deep, until once again your nose is pressed up against him. You slide your hands up the back of his thighs and grab his muscular ass cheeks, digging your nails into the tensed-up flesh, and he shudders, holding you there, your hair bunched-up in his fist.

Ralph is considerate enough not to prolong this too much. He pulls your head back by your hair and you gasp as he withdraws his cock from your mouth. It remains connected by a thick string of saliva and precum, which drops down your chin and neck when it breaks.

There are cheers and catcalls from the audience. You are surprised to find yourself emboldened by this, rather than humiliated. The sight, smell and taste of him has turned you on so much that your pussy is practically dripping. Feeling safe in the belief that he’ll get you to safety soon, you realize that you’d be prepared to do almost anything with him right now. You take him into your mouth again.

You’ve abandoned yourself to lust and you’re now blowing him with the full intent of getting him off — sucking and slurping his rock-hard length while grabbing at his ass, practically forcing him to fuck your mouth.

He’s confused. “Wait, I’m almost… if you’re not careful I’ll…” he whispers, looking down into your lust-filled eyes.

You don’t care. You want your rescuer’s cum in your mouth. You don’t care if he thinks you’re the world’s biggest cum-slut. You don’t care that you’ve both been forced into this situation. You don’t care who’s watching. You just want to give Ralph his reward.

In another twenty seconds that’s what might’ve happened. But you dimly become aware of a chanting from the crowd. A chanting that’s getting louder and louder. It tells you that you’re not going to get to control how this ends.

“Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!”