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(Auctioned Off, continued...)

It’s obvious what the crowd wants. These men all want to see you get fucked. You no longer feel confident that giving Ralph a mere blowjob will keep them at bay. Again, you consider the prospect of being gang-banged by a hundred strangers. If you’re completely honest, the idea is growing on you — but that’s only because you’re so horny now that you can’t think straight.

You pull yourself off Ralph’s cock, leaving it jutting out in front of him — shiny, swollen, reddened and primed to explode. Then you give him a look that says you’re up for anything. And just in case the look was too ambiguous, you mouth the words, “Do it.”

Was that a smile you saw flash across his face? You can’t be sure, because right now his expression has turned deadly serious.

“Fuck her!”

“Fuck that slut!”

“Wreck that bitch!”

The scattered suggestions from the audience galvanize Ralph into action. He quickly steps around you, leaving you facing the end of the catwalk, staring into the eager faces of the men in the front row. Then he pushes you from behind and you fall forward onto hands and knees.

Your heart is pounding as you feel Ralph grasp your hips. You spread your knees apart and lower yourself onto your elbows, thrusting your ass up at him. This is his first clear look at your pussy and he won’t be able to miss how wet and ready you are.

You feel him rubbing his knob up and down the length of your slit, coating it with your wetness, before he settles at your entrance, practically gaping for him. Then he thrusts forward. Hard.

His hips slap against your buttocks almost instantly, forcing you forward. You’re not loose, and he’s not small, but your soaking pussy offers almost no resistance. You delight in the sensation of your tunnel stretching to accommodate his girth, and your face betrays you.

“Bitch loves it!” shouts a man barely six feet from your face.

He’s right. You’ve fantasized about Ralph before but you never imagined that your darkest dreams would ever come true. Yet here you are, on knees and elbows like a bitch in heat, while he fucks you from behind to the cheers of a voyeuristic crowd.

Ralph’s hands are gripping you tight, his fingers digging into the flesh of your hips. He’s taking you with his full length, his thrusts deep and urgent. You look up and meet the eyes of the man in front of you. He stares back, never dropping his gaze, and he moves his hand to his lap. As you stare at this stranger he starts squeezing his cock through his pants. You become intensely aware of how every man in this room wishes they were the one balls-deep in your pussy. But there are rules, even here. Ralph has bought you, fair and square, and you belong to him only.

You hear a low moaning that rises in pitch and volume until it becomes a scream of pleasure, and you realize it’s coming from you. You bite your fist, not wanting these men to know how completely you’ve succumbed, but your orgasm is writ large for all to see. Your body convulses and your pussy twitches around Ralph’s meaty shaft.

Then Ralph makes a move that takes you by surprise. Grabbing you by your elbows, he leans back and pulls you upright against him, his cock still buried inside. With your back arched and your breasts thrust forward you resemble a lewd figurehead on the prow of a pirate ship, and as your orgasm continues you’re sailing the waves of warmest, wettest ocean imaginable.

He wraps his arms around you and holds you tight, one hand on your belly, the other gripping a breast, and your senses fill with the scent of his aftershave as he bites and kisses your neck.

You turn to face him, feeling a sense of loss as his cock is pulled free of your pussy. Dimly aware of cheering from the crowd, you embrace, kissing each other deeply and passionately. You run your hands up under his shirt and over his muscular back, feeling the strength of the gorgeous man who came to rescue you. And pressed against your tummy is the thick, rigid length of his sex, engorged with his lust for you. His unspent lust.

“Now let’s get you out of here-” he begins, but you put your finger to his lips. He deserves his release. Fuck, you deserve it too. You push him hard on the chest and he overbalances backwards, falling onto his elbows. As he straightens his legs out, you climb on top of him, straddling his hips.

“What are you doing?” he pants.

Wordlessly you grip his veiny shaft in your fist and guide it to your entrance. You sink down on it with all your weight, taking every inch, until your ass is pressed against his upper thighs. The crowd goes wild as you start grinding on him, twisting your pelvis in tight circles, rubbing your clit against his bald pubis.

Ralph lies back and lets you do all the work. You lean forward and pull his shirt up over his chest, then place your hands there, feeling his muscles under his skin and the frantic rise and fall of his rapid breathing. Your ass bounces, slapping against him hard, and he reaches up to cup your breasts in his hands.

Ralph was on the brink of cumming before, so he doesn’t last long. You watch his face, delighting in that look of semi-surprise when he finds himself tipping on the edge of release.

You fall forward onto him as he cums, your tits mashing against him as you kiss, panting into each other’s mouths. This gives that pervert in the front row a perfect view of your pussy lips stretched around his pulsing rod, leaking semen down onto his smooth-shaven balls as his hips jerk and your ass squirms.

You lie entwined together for a moment, but the hooting and foot-stamping from the audience intrudes on what should be a private moment. So you both stagger to your feet and Ralph leaves you to stand there, red-faced but defiant, as he pulls his pants back on.

The auctioneer approaches, grinning widely. “Sir, you have yourself a bargain there! It’s rare we see a girl embrace her new role with such,” he pauses, searching for the right word, “enthusiasm. She’s cheap at twice the price. You know, if you’d like to make some of your money back, there are some other gentlemen here who would pay handsomely for a turn with your new slave. What do you say to that, sir?”

You gasp in shock at the audacity of the request and look at Ralph in desperation. But you needn’t fear. He hasn’t risked everything to save you tonight, only to rent your body out again.

“I’m not sharing this slut with anyone,” is his firm response. Is that a twinge of disappointment you feel? This experience has awakened something within you, and you’re not sure you’ll be able to put it back to sleep.

“I understand completely sir. Enjoy your purchase!” With a sweeping bow, the auctioneer gestures to the doorway at the back of the room.