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(Auctioned Off, continued...)

Ralph wraps you in his hoodie and leads you out through the crowd, which mercifully parts to let you through. You exit into a dirty alley. It’s night outside and the wind is chill, particularly on your exposed thighs where his semen is still wet.

His car is at the end of the alley. Your saviour bundles you into the passenger seat then slides in behind the wheel. He guns the engine and, with a screech of tyres, you’re free.

For a while you just watch his face, illuminated in flashes by streetlights and the headlamps of oncoming cars. He’s a beautiful man. Before he was just a sexual fantasy, but after tonight you practically worship him.

Eventually he turns to you, reaching over to pull aside a hair that has stuck to your forehead.

“So, uh…” he begins awkwardly. “I, uh, I guess we’d better work out some kind of repayment plan.”

The End