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(Auctioned Off, continued...)

Ralph wraps you in his hoodie and leads you out through the crowd, which mercifully parts to let you through. You exit into a dirty alley. It’s night outside and the wind is chill, particularly on your exposed thighs where his semen is still wet.

There’s a car at the end of the alley. As you approach, the engine starts and the lights come on. Ralph bundles you into the back seat, then joins the driver in the front.

“Oh my God, you actually got her!” says the driver. “I’m so proud of you, babe.” She leans across to kiss him on the cheek, then turns around to face you. “I can’t imagine what you’ve gone through,” she says sympathetically.

You find that you can’t look Ralph’s in the eye. “You have no idea,” you reply weakly.

“Well, you’re safe now. Let’s get you home.” She guns the engine and, with a screech of tyres, you’re free.

The three of you are silent for a few minutes, then she turns to Ralph. “So, babe, how much does she owe us?”

The End