Interactive & customizable sex stories : Create your own erotic fiction


It’s a crowded house and there aren’t enough beds, so you and Emily will have to share. Tired from the day’s events, you both shower early and go to bed. She has a small bed that is only big enough for one person. So when you get in together, you find you are constantly rubbing against each other. You have to hug each other to keep from falling out.

You both sleep in your t-shirts, nude underneath. You like that! No panties or bras, only t-shirts. You’d prefer to sleep completely nude, but there are too many people in the house.

It’s really erotic because you can feel each other’s body as you hold each other. You keep getting wet from the close contact of her body, enjoying the feeling of her pressed against you. But you are too tired from the long day to react. With Emily’s arms around you, you soon fall asleep.

You fell asleep lying on your belly. Sometime in the night, Emily gets halfway on top of you. You awaken to feel her slowly grinding her pussy against your ass. The steady rhythm of her grinding is very sexual. This is a surprise, but you figure that she is asleep and is having an erotic dream. You yourself have a habit of humping one of your pillows when you are having a sex dream.

Then she does something that tells you she is awake. You feel her slowly pulling your t-shirt up over your ass. Then, you feel her wet pussy pressing against your butt cheek. You know she has pulled her t-shirt up too because you can feel her wet pussy hairs on your bottom. Now you know she is fully aware of what she is doing. She is humping you!

You’re not sure what you should do. The house is full of people. You don’t want to get caught doing anything in her bed. But you also don’t want her to stop humping you. So, you just lie there, faking sleep.

Emily slowly pulls herself all the way on top of you. She is getting wetter. You feel a rivulet of her wetness run down between your buns as she positions herself above you. You think to yourself, “She gets as wet as I do!”

Emily is breathing in your ear. Actually, she is doing more panting than breathing. You also feel her soft breasts on your back. Her nipples are erect. You feel her wet pubic fuzz rubbing against your buttocks as she humps against you harder and you know instinctively that she is approaching orgasm.

You are becoming sexually aroused yourself. You feel your vagina begin to lubricate, your clitoris becoming alive with a throbbing sensation. Your hips began to move. You find yourself grinding your clitoris against the mattress as Emily masturbates herself against your ass. Then you make a mistake. You open your legs and move to a more comfortable position under her.

That stops her cold. You don’t know how she could’ve thought you’d sleep through her masturbating herself against you, but now she knows that you are awake.

She suddenly slides off of you. She whispers, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.”

You roll over on your back. Your clitoris is throbbing with arousal. You don’t want her to stop — it has been way to long since you’ve shared yourself sexually with anyone. Having this beautiful girl on top of you is awesome!

You whisper, “That’s okay. It was nice.”

Emily says nothing, so you add, “Sometimes, I like to grind myself against a pillow. I can bring myself to orgasm like that.”

She waits a beat, then says, “Your ass is like a pillow. It feels really good against my pussy.”

You both look around to see if anyone is awake. Thanks to plenty of booze, everyone is sleeping soundly. But to be safe, you both speak in whispers. Neither of you want to get caught doing anything sexual in her bed.

It is hot in her bedroom and you are sweating from the contact of her. You sit up and pull your t-shirt off. In the darkness, you can feel her eyes caressing your naked breasts. Giving her a show, you pinch both your nipples, making then hard.

Then Emily sits-up and pulls off her t-shirt. Her long nipples stand at attention.

Neither of you know what to do next. You lie there listening to each other breathing. You can smell the musky scent of your sexual arousal, telling you that you are both sopping wet. Plus, you are both sweating from your unsatisfied sexual needs. In other words, you both need to cum.

You make the first move. Rolling towards her, you pull her into your arms. Emily’s body melts against you. You hug her and whisper in her ear, “You can use me for a pillow anytime you need to.”

Before you finish saying that, she’s rolling you to your back and sliding her naked body on top of you. You feel her erect nipples against your own and her wet pussy against your upper thigh. She is sopping wet. So are you!

As Emily begins humping you again, her thigh falls between your legs and you begin humping against it. You hold each other tightly as you masturbate against each other.

Not a word is spoken between you. You just hold each other and grind your wet pussies against each other. Sweat covers your bodies and your breathing is loud. Emily’s bed begins creaking in protest as you pound each other.