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(Bedmates, continued...)

The sound of Emily’s bed creaking worries you so you hold her ass to slow her down. You both listen to hear if anyone is awake. All you hear are the sounds of snoring.

As you listen for trouble, Emily lowers her head and brushes your mouth with her soft lips. Then she traces your upper lip with her tongue. You raise your hips, pushing your clitoris against her thigh as her tongue parts your lips.

She gently places her mouth on your mouth… and you kiss. It is the softest, most erotic kiss you have ever had. Slowly, her tongue eases into your mouth and begins a long, passionate dance with yours..

Her hips begin to move against your thigh again. You feel her wetness. It seems to be flowing out of her. There is a pool of sweat between your bellies and her back is slick with sweat as you rub your hands up and down her.

Then you reach to her head. You break the kiss as you gently turn her head sideways and pull her ear towards your mouth. You begin tracing her ear with your tongue. You hear her moan as your tongue follows the lines of her ear.

Emily’s hips are going faster and her bed begins creaking again. But you are too busy with her ear to care. Your tongue reaches her neck and you begin placing kisses there.

Emily is holding herself up with her hands so that you can kiss her neck and ears. You reach between your bodies and cup her breasts. Your fingers find her nipples and you begin to gently pinch them.

This causes her to go ballistic! She begins pounding her pussy against you. Her bed creaks as she moans with pure lust. Her thigh is rubbing against your pussy as she rides you. Her humping action is causing her thigh to bump against your clitoris. You feel like you are going insane with the need to cum.

Suddenly, Emily’s body goes stiff. She groans as she bursts into orgasm. You hold her in your arms as she comes, feeling her entire body tremble.

You are right on the edge of orgasm. She presses her thigh against your cunt and you fuck yourself against her until you burst into orgasm. You hear her bed shaking as your body pulsates.

After your orgasms, you hold each other tightly. Her mouth finds yours and you kiss ravenously, before she breaks away and confesses, “I can’t believe I came so hard.”

You smile as you say, “Me too.” Then you kiss again.

Suddenly, a woman’s voice calls out in the dark. “Hey! What the fuck is going on in there?”

Emily slides off you and you lie there still, praying that she won’t come in and notice that you are both covered with sweat, and naked, under your blanket. Who knows what would happen if she did?

The End