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(Birth of the Tentacle Fiend, continued...)

Andrea sat on the bed and watched while her friend Stephanie modeled the proceeds of her latest shopping trip. On those occasions when they hadn’t gone shopping together, these get-togethers were an opportunity to get trusted feedback about their purchases, and also show-off a little.

“That one’s nice,” said Andrea as Stephanie spun around in a cute floral summer dress. But secretly she thought it would look better on herself.

Stephanie checked herself out in the mirror. “Pretty darn cute if I say so myself!” she said chirpily, before pulling the dress up over her head and tossing it over a chair. She bent down and began rummaging around in her shopping bags for the next item. Andrea averted her eyes from the rather lewd display of Stephanie’s rounded ass clad in pretty silk panties and looked out the window. It was a nice day outside.

Stephanie finally pulled a navy blue swimsuit out of her bag and held it up for inspection.

“Good color choice,” said Andrea.

“Yeah, I don’t want a repeat of last time,” giggled Stephanie. Her previous swimsuit had been white and she’d only worn it once, due to it becoming completely transparent when wet. “I still haven’t dared go back to that swimming pool.”

“Is it hot in here?” asked Andrea, suddenly noticing that she was starting to feel flushed.

“No. Do you want the window open?”

“I’ll be fine,” replied Andrea. She hadn’t been feeling quite right since downing the vile concoction in the kitchen, but she wasn’t feeling sick exactly — just vaguely light-headed.

Stephanie reached back to unclip her bra, then shrugged it off before tugging her panties down and kicking them away. Andrea watched idly. She’d seen her friend naked many times before.

Suddenly she began to feel dizzy. A sensation like a thousand nervous butterflies spread quickly from the pit of her stomach, making her heart flutter. She put her hand on the mattress to steady herself. Something was seriously wrong. “Stephanie…” she gasped, but her mouth was dry and her call for help was barely a whisper.

Stephanie tugged the navy one-piece up her thighs, oblivious to her friend’s distress. It was a tight fit. She adjusted the gusset between her legs, then yanked it tight so she could get her arms through the shoulder straps.

Andrea felt a strange tingling heat start to burn between her own legs and her heart rate seemed to increase with each beat as an inexplicable flush of arousal engulfed her. She clamped her legs together but this made things worse. “Stephanie…” she panted.

“Yeah?” Stephanie, now squeezed into a swimsuit that was at least a size too small, finally looked back at Andrea. “What’s up? You look hot.”

Andrea started fanning herself. “I don’t know. I’m burning up all of a sudden.”

“I’ll get you a drink of water.” Stephanie trotted out to the kitchen, her swimsuit riding up her butt as she left.

As soon as Stephanie was out of sight, Andrea slid a hand up her skirt and felt between her legs. She found her panties were soaking wet and her clitoris was harder and more sensitive than it had ever been in her life. Just brushing it through her underwear caused her to orgasm strongly. But that didn’t give her any relief — it just made things worse.

By the time Stephanie returned, Andrea was almost driven crazy with arousal and embarrassment. She gulped down the water and hoped Stephanie didn’t notice the way her stiff nipples were poking through her top like bullets.

“I don’t understand it,” said Stephanie obliviously, looking at herself in the mirror and tugging the material out of her pussy cleft, where it insisted on forming a highly invasive cameltoe. “I’m sure this thing fit in the shop. Oh well.”

Andrea didn’t reply, being more concerned with what was happening to her own pussy, and her clitoris in particular. It was like it was getting bigger and harder by the second. Even more disturbing was how her feelings were changing towards her friend. Unable to keep her eyes off Stephanie she felt a sudden urge to throw her on the bed and kiss her. With this image in her mind, her pussy literally drizzled a flood of girl-juice into her panties and her clitoris bulged dramatically.