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(Birth of the Tentacle Fiend, continued...)

Stephanie extricated herself from the swimsuit and pulled a black lace bra and matching panties out of a bag. She pulled the panties on while facing away from Andrea, and so was unaware of her friend’s lustful staring. The panties were semi-transparent and a seam ran up the back so that they hugged all the curves of her bottom. Then she wriggled into the bra, which was similarly sheer. Her perky nipples were clearly visible through it.

“What do you think of these? Too sexy?” Stephanie asked, performing a little pirouette. Then she saw what her friend was doing and she gasped in shock, her graceful dance-move ending in a clumsy stumble. Andrea had thrown herself back on the bed with her skirt around her waist and her hand was moving very vigorously inside her soaking panties.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Andrea, what the hell are you doing?” Stephanie cried.

Andrea’s face was bright red with embarrassment. “Stephanie … sorry… something’s wrong… can’t help it!” she gasped as she convulsed with another orgasm. This in turn caused her arousal to ratchet up another notch. In her delirium she tore off her panties and flung her legs wide.

Stephanie stared aghast. “Andrea! Wha… What the hell is that?” she stammered, pointing at her friend’s clitoris. It was now as big as a pickle, smooth and slightly curved. Before their wide eyes it swelled and lengthened, until it reached at least ten inches long. Then a bell-end formed and a slit opened up at the tip, from which a thick white fluid started dribbling.

“Is that… is that… a dick?” Stephanie whispered.

“What’s happening to me?” moaned Andrea in distress, before grabbing her newly-formed cock and jerking it furiously. Stephanie stepped backward nervously.

“Um… yeah Andrea, do that. Maybe if you, um, finish off… maybe it will go away…”

Nothing could have stopped Andrea from doing exactly that. Her fist became a blur as she jacked off her oozing cock. She closed her eyes and found herself visualizing Stephanie’s naked body. She imagined her mouth on Stephanie’s tits, her hands on Stephanie’s ass… This wasn’t how she was supposed to feel about her friend! She opened her eyes to get rid of the visions and was treated to the sight of the real Stephanie looking super-hot in her sexy new underwear.

“Oh God, Stephanie!” groaned Andrea as a powerful orgasm hit and a highly pressurized fountain of semen exploded out of her cock and showered down all over her. Her skirt and blouse were drenched and salty droplets fell into her gasping mouth. Stephanie’s bedcovers didn’t escape either.

“Holy shit!” shouted Stephanie, recoiling but unable to avert her eyes from her twitching, cum-spurting friend. The orgasm lasted about thirty seconds. At the end of it, Andrea’s cock showed no sign of deflating. In fact, it looked bigger.

Andrea was now dealing with lustful feelings of an intensity rarely experienced by human females. (There are some monkeys in Borneo that get hornier, but they aren’t relevant to this story.) Desperate for relief, she locked eyes with Stephanie and suddenly knew what she had to do.

Something in Andrea’s gaze made Stephanie extremely nervous. It was like the real Andrea had stepped out of the building and a sex-crazed hermaphroditic replica had taken her place.

“Stephanie, I’m sorry,” said Andrea. She climbed off the bed and dropped her cum-soaked skirt and blouse to the floor. Now she was naked except for a white bra. Her fat cock pointed upward at a sixty-degree angle, steadily dripping sperm on the carpet.

“Um, that’s okay. It could have happened to anyone…” said Stephanie, edging towards the door.

“No Stephanie, you don’t understand. I’m afraid I’m going to have to use this thing on you!” said Andrea sadly as she moved to block Stephanie’s escape route.

“The fuck you are!” cried Stephanie, then quickly attempted a sudden dash past Andrea. It didn’t work. Andrea grabbed her by the elbow, swung her around and threw her on the bed where she landed with her legs in the air. Andrea leapt on top of her with frightening speed.

“You wanted my opinion? Yes, these are too sexy!” said Andrea. She dug her fingernails into the crotch of Stephanie’s flimsy panties and proceeded to tear them to shreds.

“They were new!” howled Stephanie as Andrea rubbed her dribbling cockhead up and down her friend’s unprotected pussy slit.