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(Birth of the Tentacle Fiend, continued...)

“I’m so sorry Stephanie, I can’t help it. I’ve gotta fuck you! Please try to enjoy it” moaned Andrea, nuzzling her face into Stephanie’s neck and showering her with kisses.

“Fine, just make it quick,” sighed Stephanie in resignation. The dick was huge, but it might not be so bad if Andrea was gentle…

Andrea rammed her enormous, oozing cock into Stephanie’s unprepared cunt with a grunt and a wet squelch.

“Aaiiieeeeee!” screamed Stephanie. This was without doubt the biggest, fattest thing she’d ever had shoved up her. Her brain was still having difficulty processing what was happening. If someone had told her that morning that her friend was going to suddenly grow a dick and fuck her with it, she would have been extremely skeptical.

Consumed by lust, Andrea pounded Stephanie relentlessly. With each wet and gooey thrust, white juice squirted out of Stephanie’s stretched-out pussy and pooled under her butt cheeks. Andrea marveled at how wonderful Stephanie’s soft body felt against her own, her perfume so sweet, her hair so soft. She felt she could fuck her friend’s tight pussy for days. But Stephanie clearly wasn’t into it, and Andrea found this off-putting.

For the first few minutes, Stephanie gritted her teeth and endured. But with no end in sight, she decided that her best chance was to bring Andrea to another orgasm as quickly as she could, then hopefully the ordeal would be over.

“Oh Andrea,” she murmured, running her hands down Andrea’s back and gripping her humping ass cheeks. “That’s it. I love it. Fuck me Andrea, fuck me harder!”

This was music to Andrea’s ears. She kissed Stephanie hard in response, then slid her hand up over Stephanie’s bra and grabbed her tits roughly. “Take it Stephanie, you little slut!”

“Yeah Andrea, I’m your little slut,” panted Stephanie with feigned enthusiasm. “Fuck me with your big hard dick. Fuck me like a dirty whore.” Deciding to go for broke, she reached around and rammed two fingers into Andrea’s dripping pussy.

This was all that Andrea needed. Her next orgasm hit like a tsunami. She tensed up and shoved her cock as deep into Stephanie as it would go. Jerking and twitching, she flooded Stephanie’s womb with seed, then withdrew until only the head was left inside. Three more squirts completely filled Stephanie’s vaginal tunnel with white goo, then Andrea plunged deep inside again with an almighty squish. High-pressure cum sprayed out of Stephanie’s cunt around Andrea’s cock, drenching Andrea’s tummy and Stephanie’s inner thighs.

The fog of lust started clearing from Andrea’s mind. She rolled off Stephanie, her cock pulling out with a wet sucking sound, and lay next to her, panting. To her relief, the giant dick was becoming flaccid. “Stephanie, look, it’s shrinking,” she said.

“That’s totally awesome for you,” replied Stephanie scathingly. Andrea turned to face her, suddenly cognizant of the shocking nature of what she had just done to her friend. Stephanie was lying there spread-eagled, cum literally pouring out of her gaping, twitching cunt.

“Stephanie, I’m so sorry!” cried Andrea, now completely lucid.

“Don’t talk to me,” came the icy reply. “This has severely tested our friendship!”

The two friends lay side by side on the bed, catching their breath. Andrea’s cock had now completely disappeared, leaving her with a clitoris that, while not quite as small as before, was still within normal proportions. Stephanie’s pussy gradually closed up and stopped leaking.

“It seems like it’s over now” ventured Andrea eventually.