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(Birth of the Tentacle Fiend, continued...)

Stephanie cast a disgusted eye over her cum-stained bed covers. Thick puddles of semen were starting to soak through.

“Help me clean this mess up Andrea. And can you unhook my bra? It feels like it’s shrinking…”

Andrea inspected her friend’s chest and blinked in disbelief. “Umm, Stephanie… I don’t think it’s the bra that’s shrinking…”

Stephanie looked down in horror. Before her wide eyes, her breasts were visibly swelling up. Her bra was getting uncomfortably tight, unable to contain her expanding bosom. The straps started digging painfully into her shoulders.

“Get it off me!” Stephanie shrieked. Andrea fumbled with the catch and the bra practically flew off as Stephanie’s tits burst out. They were now at least three cup sizes bigger with nipples that were spectacularly big and fat.

“What have you done to me?” howled Stephanie. “How am I going to explain these?” By way of illustration, she squeezed her now enormous boobs in Andrea’s direction. To their surprise a jet of milk hit Andrea square in the face.

“Oh, this just fucking keeps getting better and better!” sighed Stephanie, unable to stop the streams of milk that were now pumping out of her engorged nipples and running down the sides of her breasts.

Andrea wiped the white fluid out of her eyes, then noticed that Stephanie’s belly was now swelling up too. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything. Instead she just gaped.

Stephanie noticed soon enough. “What the hell?” Then realization dawned. “Andrea, you’ve fucking knocked me up!”

“I’ll call an ambulance,” said Andrea in a panic.

“Ugh… too late!” groaned Stephanie as a flood of clear, thick fluid gushed out of her pussy. She laid back on the bed with her legs spread wide and her eyes rolled back as a series of contractions rippled through her birth canal. Each contraction was inexplicably accompanied by an intense orgasm. “This… isn’t… too bad!” she panted.

Suddenly two green tentacles shot out of Stephanie’s cunt and wrapped tightly around her calves just below the knees. The tentacles then contracted, hauling the rest of the creature out of Stephanie in the process, until it flopped out wetly between her thighs. It was squid-like, glistening with slime, with numerous tendrils, pseudopods and other appendages flapping around wildly in the air.

Andrea screamed. This was just like that awful Prometheus movie, only better written.

Stephanie watched frozen in horror as the thing slowly slithered its way up on top of her. An eyeball on a stalk waved in front of her face, inspecting her. Meanwhile two tentacles with gaping mouths at the ends slithered and slobbered around her chest before finally attaching themselves to her engorged, leaking nipples. Then the creature started suckling loudly at her swollen teats with the force of an industrial vacuum cleaner.

“Get it off me!” cried Stephanie as the creature milked her furiously. Andrea stepped forward hesitantly. Mustering all her courage she gripped one of the sucking tentacles and tugged. It didn’t release its grip — if anything it increased the suction on Stephanie’s breast.

“Yeow! Let it go! Let it go!” wailed Stephanie, and Andrea happily obliged. As Andrea watched helplessly, Stephanie’s breasts seemed to be shrinking as the milk was pumped out of them. Her belly was now back to normal and her pussy could actually be seen to be tightening back up.

It was concerning, however, that the creature was rapidly increasing in size.

Finally Stephanie’s milk ran out and the thing’s mouths released themselves from her tortured breasts, leaving her with bright red rings around her nipples. Its various appendages had stopped flailing around and it seemed content. In fact, it might actually have fallen asleep. It was hard to tell.

Stephanie struggled ineffectually to get out from underneath the creature, but it was now at least ten times bigger and a dead weight on her stomach. Andrea grabbed her friend’s hands and helped to pull her free.