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(Birth of the Tentacle Fiend, continued...)

The two women hugged each other in relief, their bodies squishing together with a squelch of slime and semen. Both felt remarkably well, considering what they had just been through. If anything, Stephanie’s bigger boobs were an improvement. Their attention quickly turned to the dozing monster on the bed.

“Is that a baby or did the afterbirth come out first?” asked Andrea.

“That’s our kid you’re talking about!” remonstrated Stephanie, feeling maternal for some strange reason.

“Do we keep it as a pet? Or ring the zoo?” asked Andrea.

Stephanie ignored her. “The other kids are going to tease it. That’s a given.”

“Do you think it’s dangerous?”

“How could it be? It’s just an iddle widdle baby,” replied Stephanie, obviously under the influence of pregnancy hormones or something.

Andrea shook her head in disbelief and took Stephanie by the hand. “Let’s get out of here,” she said, reaching for the door handle…

The beast on the bed sprang back into life. Two tentacles shot out and grabbed Andrea around the ankles, causing her to face-plant on the floor. Her fingernails dug into the carpet as she was dragged back towards the creature. Another pair of tentacles wrapped around her thighs, pulling her legs apart as her lower half was raised into the air, leaving only her face, hands and breasts pressed against the floor. Her pussy and ass couldn’t have been more exposed and vulnerable.

The creature remained on the bed, having pulled Andrea’s butt up level with it. Short, whip-like tendrils flicked wetly across her bottom and pussy leaving little red welts. The eyestalk leaned in to inspect its prey, and the mouth-tentacles from earlier now sprouted penis-like helmets from the ends and loomed ominously.

“What’s it doing?” called out Andrea frantically, unable to see behind her.

“Don’t worry Andrea,” replied Stephanie helpfully. “I think it only wants to fuck you…”

“But I’m its father…” objected Andrea as she felt a thick drizzle of warm fluid run over her crotch and down her ass crack. The beast was lubing her up. How considerate of it.

It quickly became apparent that the creature’s secretions contained a powerful aphrodisiac. Andrea felt her clitoris buzz and her pussy juices start to flow again. Against all logic and reason she found herself desperate for the horrible monster to have its way with her.

She didn’t have to wait long. The tip of a penis tentacle started wriggling up and down Andrea’s pussy slit, working her lips apart as it fumbled for the entrance. Then it gently eased its way inside. It was fat, with a ridged and lumpy surface that felt quite pleasurable as it slowly pumped in and out of her.

Andrea moaned in ecstasy. This really wasn’t so bad — the monster wasn’t ravaging her, it was making love to her. But then, without warning, the second penis tentacle suddenly dived between her spread butt-cheeks and rammed its way deep into her tight little asshole.

Eyes bulging and shocked speechless, Andrea could only dangle and quiver as the two invading cocks pumped her pussy and ass with an alternating rhythm. The pace increased tenfold, her nether regions now a blur of pounding monster dicks. Under the onslaught she was pushed away from the bed as the tentacles around her legs began to lose grip. Another tentacle shot out and wrapped around her bra strap in an attempt to stop her escaping. After a few painful seconds her bra broke and her tits burst free. Andrea managed to crawl a short distance away before the tentacles regained purchase and started dragging her back again.

“A little help here…” she suggested.

Stephanie leapt into action. “Okay, I know we’re its parents and we’re supposed to love it unconditionally, but seriously, fuck this thing!” she yelled, reaching under the bed. She pulled out a baseball bat and started raining down a series of brutal blows at the base of the creature’s eyestalk. With all major tentacles wrapped around Andrea, the monster was unable to defend itself in time.

After receiving ten good whacks with the bat, the creature started its death-throes. Andrea was jerked around violently in its grip, the tentacles inside her quivering epileptically. Then it collapsed, the bulk of its body deflating with a soft pfft-sound.

“Thanks Stephanie,” said Andrea, pulling a still-twitching tentacle out of her ass while staggering away from the corpse.

“Not a problem, babe,” panted Stephanie, grabbing Andrea by the arm and pulling her through the doorway. They slammed the door behind them and collapsed in the hallway.