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(Candle Holder, continued...)

Your ass is high in the air, pillows boosting you up so your pussy is pointing almost straight up. Ropes wrap your body like spider’s silk on prey. You are helpless and held in place, at Aaron’s mercy.

The room is lit by candles, the warm light giving everything a golden glow. As you wait your anticipation grows, as does your arousal. Your pussy lips are open and your hot waiting slit drips cum that runs down your belly and makes the carpet under you wet. You are ready.

Aaron touches you and you jump. Having expected to hear his approach you are taken by surprise when he is just there beside you. The feel of his leather clad fingers stroking you sends shivers through your whole body. You purr in response and you can actually feel him smiling at you.

His fingers trace down your body to your waist and gently caress your hips. Pausing for a moment he pulls at one of the ropes and it allows your legs to spread slightly and in so doing, opens your pussy up more. Your juices drip out of you and tickle down your skin.

You hear him doing something and then feel a strange sensation. Something rough and cylindrical is being teasingly placed between your pussy lips. It is not thick and feels warm. It is not until Aaron begins to slide it into you that you realize it is a taper candle, one of the long candles that light the room.

Moaning as you are penetrated by the long wax base of the candle, you tremble at not only the sensation but also the thought of the humiliation of being fucked by a household object. As Aaron slides it into you further, your body shakes with a small climax and he pauses until you are done. Then he wiggles the candle a little inside you.

“Clamp your pussy closed Monique, hold this tightly.” His voice is smooth and deep like chocolate.

“Yes, Sir,” you respond but he touches your lips with a leather covered finger.

“Shhhhh Monique… just do… don’t say.” Again the voice washes over you and makes you wish you could taste his words. They were delicious.

“Hold it tightly, no matter what,” he says and you know enough to just do it and not ask why.

As you clench your pussy tightly around the candle he begins to play with your ass, slowly using one finger to tease all around your hole and then tickle you until you can barely keep the candle up. “Careful,” he says. “That candle is lit my dear… you really don’t want to drop it.”

“Oh my God!” you think. It was lit? You have a lit candle in your pussy, the idea of where it will go if not kept up sinks in and you clench your pussy tighter. You tremble slightly and that small wiggle is enough to dislodge some of the liquid wax. It runs down the shaft of the candle and the hot wax spills over your pussy lips. You cry out but hold it tightly still.

“Good girl,” he says and you smile. Those words would inspire you to walk into the flames of hell if he asks.

The second spill of wax is more and it runs down your lips and over your clit. The heat is so intense you cum without any warning. Your body shakes and more wax spills onto your pussy but still you hold the candle up. Finally you recover and lie there trembling and holding the taper in your pussy like a good girl.

Again you can feel Aaron smiling at you as you lie there and you smile in return. His finger goes back to playing with your asshole, only this time he is rubbing slippery lubricant all over it and sliding his finger into you, greasing you up.

You shake as you realize what will be next and are not surprised really when the second candle is pressed against your tight asshole and slowly worked into you. He is so gentle as he slides it deeper into your ass, filling you up and making you feel almost like you will split from both holes being full, even with the candles being slim.