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(Candle Holder, continued...)

You let out a little laugh and begin to work the candle in and out of her hole, fucking her ass with it. Monique moans as it violates her ass deeply; sliding way into her and then back almost out and then in again. Her pussy is literally dripping cum out of it; the hot wax from the candle spilling over her lips and clit again and again.

She is shaking as you stroke her hair and calm her. Her orgasm had been so intense, the candle had nearly fallen over. As she clenches her pussy tight on it again it straightens back up and a little more wax trickles onto her.

At last Monique regains her composure and you kiss her back and rub her shoulder affectionately. She smiles and holds the candles upright. You light a match.

You light the candle in her ass and blow out the match and then nothing. You say nothing else, make no noise, refrain from touching her. For long minutes she waits for something to happen.

Then it happens all at once. The candle in Monique’s asshole drips wax first and the hot liquid sears her and runs down her crack in both directions, onto her back and pussy. She jerks from the feeling. The candle in her cunt splashes more wax between her legs. She twitches in reaction and the candle in her ass spills more, and then the one in her pussy…

Both candles shower Monique with hot wax, she screams and cums and screams until she doesn’t know what she is doing any more. She cries out as her body shakes and she tries so hard to keep the candles held up but more and more wax spills. She is trembling, crying, cumming, she can’t stop any of it.

Monique is curled in your lap when she finally opens her eyes. You stroke her hair and kiss her gently. She snuggles her face into your chest and enjoys your touches. Your fingers are hot from the gloves you have taken off. You trace them like little points of fire over her skin as she drifts off again.

The End