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(Candle Holder, continued...)

Aaron lets out a little laugh and begins to work the candle in and out of your hole, fucking your ass with it. You moan as it violates your ass deeply; sliding way into you and then back almost out and then in again. You feel your pussy literally dripping cum out of it; the hot wax from the candle spilling over your lips and clit again and again, the pain so exquisite, so wonderful now.

You are shaking as he strokes your hair and calms you. The orgasm has been so intense, you have forgotten where you are momentarily and the candle has nearly fallen over. As you clench your pussy tight on it again it straightens back up and a little more wax trickles onto you.

At last you regain your composure and he kisses your back and rubs your shoulder affectionately. You smile and hold the candles upright. Then you hear it. The sound of a match being struck. Then the acrid sulfur smell hits you.

He lights the candle in your ass and blows out the match and then nothing. He says nothing else, makes no noise, doesn’t touch you. For long minutes you wait for something to happen. You feel like time has stopped.

Then it happens all at once. The candle in your asshole drips wax first and the hot liquid sears you and runs down your crack in both directions, onto your back and pussy. You jerk from the feeling. The candle in your cunt splashes more wax between your legs. You twitch in reaction and the candle in your ass spills more, and then the one in your pussy…

Both candles shower you with hot wax, you scream and cum and scream until you don’t know what you are doing any more. You cry out but don’t hear any sound as your body shakes and you try so hard to keep the candles held up but more and more wax spills. You are trembling, crying, cumming, you can’t stop any of it.

As you begin to spin in your mind you forget the world. Heat and being full and orgasms and fire fill your mind. You feel flames licking you all over and they are so good. They tickle you and set you on fire from the inside out. You scream again as you spin in the air, just burning and loving it, the heat part of you.

You are curled in Aaron’s lap when you finally open your eyes. Not burned…. not on fire. You are crying or at least have been. He strokes your hair and kisses you gently. You snuggle your face into his chest and enjoy his touches. His fingers are hot from the gloves he has taken off… almost like little points of fire on your skin. You drift off again…

The End