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Caught in the Rain

The sun has set and it is just beginning to rain as Carlos and Juan duck out from the building to retrieve some notes from Carlos’s car. Mission accomplished, and half way back from the parking area, the heavens fully open. And even though it is hot and the rain is welcome relief, the downpour starts pelting them harder and harder.

They dash the remainder of the distance through pounding, unrelenting rain. But when they try the door it won’t open. They both push and pull but nothing. Juan says he knows a way in through a door in a back alleyway. They run back to the alley where the small space offers some protection. They reach the door only to find that it will not budge either. Quickly they run back to Carlos’s car only to see that the keys are resting inside.

Being that the alleyway is their only relief from the knife-like rain they run back there. The disadvantage of the alley is the moist, muggy air that hangs there. The rain comes through in big but infrequent drops and splatters.

Carlos takes off his soaking coat and unbuttons his shirt. Juan goes on to do the same. Carlos’s eyes grow wide as he sees the curly hairs on Juan’s chest. The wet shirt only enhances the defined pecs that have caused many sticky-fingered nights for Carlos. He is so entranced that he hasn’t noticed that Juan Is staring right back at him. Juan sees the bulge growing in Carlos’s pants and soon feels a stirring in his own. Neither has ever admitted the hidden feelings they have for each other but now it seems unavoidable.

The attraction is strong. Their lips quiver nervously. Carlos leans over, his eyes closed with fear of rejection. To his surprise Juan’s lips meet his. Carlos’s eyes open widely as his mouth is being explored by the object of all his fantasies. Juan, who seems to be a professional at the act of kissing, expertly twirls his tongue around Carlos’s. They form a tighter embrace and can feel the each other’s throbbing dicks, pushing against the rain-soaked cotton slacks they both wear.

Carlos can’t control the urge any longer. He breaks away from Juan’s lips and drops to his knees. He can feel Juan’s endowment pushing, almost ripping the fabric to get loose. When Carlos does release the captive cock he is taken aback by the sheer size and beauty of it. Juan’s penis is thick, uncut and very long. The foreskin hangs a half inch from the actual head of the penis and is oozing pre cum. Carlos slowly moves the skin back to see the plump cherry-red head. Juan moans softy as Carlos licks the sensitive organ then swallows it whole and begins sliding his head back and forth along the turgid length.

All the while Carlos’s own cock is swelling to its full capacity and is begging to be set free from its wet restraints. Juan pulls Carlos up and kisses him fully, allowing the taste of his own cock juices to permeate his mouth. At the same time he roughly undoes Carlos’s pants and pulls out his rock-hard member. Though it’s not as big as his own, Juan is impressed with what he has in his hands. He strokes it slow at first then increases the speed and pressure. Carlos is moaning loudly between the wet kisses and the sensations that travels through him cause his whole body to shake.

Juan knows what is to come and lowers his face to Carlos’s tensing cock, never letting up on the pressure he is putting on it. Carlos yells out as he reaches his orgasm. Hot cum spurts all over Juan’s face and chest, and Juan laps up whatever his tongue can reach. Carlos can’t believe the vision before him — the man of all his late-night fantasies licking up his cum. Juan looks up at Carlos with hunger in his eyes. Carlos knows now that he must return the favor so graciously bestowed on him.

Carlos lowers himself slightly as Juan rises back to his feet. He attaches himself to one of Juan’s nipples and begins to nibble softly. Carlos’s hands travel slowly down to Juan’s throbbing member and, with the same motions and with a little more enthusiasm, goes to work on him. Faster and faster he jacks off the shaft, never stopping the gentle biting of the erect little nipples.

Juan begins to shiver and shake and his legs almost give out from beneath him. When the combination of tongue and hand becomes too much for his body to stand he screams out Carlos’s name and lets wave after wave of orgasm overcome him. His cum spews from him with surprising force and in even more surprising amounts.

They embrace, kiss and quickly get dressed. It isn’t until they both are fully dressed that they realize the rain has stopped. Juan pulls out a set of keys and unlocks it the door in the alleyway. Carlos stands there shocked while Juan just smiles and holds the door open.

The End