Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Hyperdreams...)

You clear your throat, suddenly self-conscious. “Okay, well, um…” you falter.

Kimberly smiles and teases you. “Have you gone all shy? Come on, tell me.”

You rally. “Okay, well I think we need to get back to basics. The guy is watching your video because he’d like to fuck you. I think we need to focus on that.”

“How do you mean?”

“Just keep making suggestions about all the things he could do to you if he was here. No role-play or pretending that you’re actually having sex. Just remember to keep talking the whole time, suggesting all the ways he could use your body, otherwise you’re just another girl masturbating in front of a camera.”

“Oh, so I’m masturbating now?” she asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Of course, Kimberly. It’s porn!” you sigh, rolling your eyes while internally you are hoping desperately that she’ll go for it.

“Okay,” she shrugs. “Any other tips?”

“Ahem. Well, when you talk about your body parts, say ‘my tits’, not ‘these tits.’ If you talk like you don’t own your own body, it feels like you’re detaching yourself from the act.”


“And don’t tell the guy how to jerk off, or tell him what you want from him. That puts you in control and we don’t want any of that feminist crap. Remember that you’re just a sex object for him to imagine fucking.”

Kimberly starts to look at you in the manner that most women would, after you’ve just told them that they are just a sex object for a man to imagine fucking.

“Look, I don’t mean to sound like a sexist pig,” you quickly start clarifying, “but you can’t see the guy, so any two-way stuff is fake. He can see you, and he wants to fuck you. That’s the only thing that’s real. I just want to keep things real.”

Kimberly looks at you sidelong. “You’ve got some very specific ideas there. You’ve obviously thought about this a lot.”

“It was the subject of my Masters thesis,” you reply. Sensing that she might still be a little judgmental you quickly change the subject. “So, what’s under that bathrobe?”

Kimberly smiles. “Okay, tell me what you think. Be honest.” She discards the bathrobe to reveal a very sexy push-up bra and panty set, tantalizingly translucent, all black and lacy and decked out with little pink ribbons. Her tits are practically bursting out of it.

You don’t need to lie to bolster her confidence. “Kimberly, you look absolutely fucking amazing,” you say, feeling lightheaded as all your blood rushes to your cock.

“I know,” she grins, then jumps on the bed. “Okay, get that camera set up and let’s do this thing.”

You position the tripod at the foot of the bed and adjust the zoom to get her entire body in frame, then start recording, standing ready to make adjustments to the angle if she starts moving around. “Whenever you’re ready,” you say with your heart in your throat, hardly able to disguise your excitement. You just hope that she’s going to be good at this.

“Hey babe,” starts Kimberly, clutching her breasts through her bra. “I bet you’d like to see these tits wouldn’t you? Well, first I want you to take your cock and stroke it. That’s it, jerk it nice and hard. Jerk your big throbbing cock for me. I love watching you jerk-”

“Cut!” you shout in frustration. She’s doing the exact opposite of what you wanted!

Kimberly laughs. “Only kidding! Don’t worry, I’ll do all your demeaning ‘sex object’ stuff.”

“It’s not for me, I just thought it would sell well,” you lie.

She gives you a look that makes it quite clear she doesn’t believe you for a second, then flicks her hair back and starts again.

“Hey babe, do you like what you see?” asks Kimberly. “Do you think I’m sexy? Do you want to fuck me? I know you do. I guess I’m lucky, aren’t I? Lucky I’m here and you’re there. What would you do to me if you were here? I’d be fucked, wouldn’t I? You’d fuck the shit out of me, wouldn’t you, right here on this bed!”

You reach down to adjust your cock in your pants. It’s gotten hard really quick and is stuck in an uncomfortable position.

Kimberly grabs her breasts again and starts squeezing them together. “What would you do first? Would you grab my tits? Just come right over and start groping my boobs? Maybe just yank my bra down like this…

She pulls down the cups of her bra, scooping her breasts out, exposing her stiff nipples. You can’t prevent taking a sharp breath as their glory is revealed. “Do you want to play with my nipples? Suck on them, bite them? Maybe slap my tits around?” She smacks her breasts hard from side to side with her palms, reddening the skin. “It’s okay, I’m just a dirty slut. You can do whatever you like to me, it doesn’t matter,” Kimberly says, pulling and twisting at her nipples, pinching them hard.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” Kimberly continues, adjusting her position on the bed. “If you were here you could just walk over and shove your cock in my mouth. Would you like that? Making me suck your cock? You could face-fuck me with it. Make me choke and gag. I’d just have to take it. You could fuck my mouth until you cum, then make me swallow it. Or you could cum all over my face. Would you like to see my face and hair all covered with your sperm?” She licks her lips.

“Or maybe you’d just fuck me. Throw me back on the bed and get on top of me.” Kimberly falls back, her thighs wide apart, then tugs the gusset of her panties over to one side, revealing her shaven mound and pussy lips. You zoom the camera for a closer look, your heart pounding. “Is that what you want to do? Throw me on the bed, pull my panties over, and shove your prick into my tight little pussy? Imagine fucking me on this bed. Imagine how tight and hot my cunt is, wrapped around your cock.”

Kimberly shoves two fingers into her pussy right up to the knuckle and starts pumping them in and out, slick and shiny with her juices. “Do you want to fuck me? Is that what you’d do if you were here? Just fucking use me like the little whore I am?” You can hear the wet sounds emanating from her snatch and you’re sure the camera can too.

“How about from behind?” Kimberly tugs her panties off and flicks them across the room, then gets on to her knees and elbows. She reaches from between her legs and spreads her pussy lips apart, revealing her inner pink and a very moist hole. “Do you like my ass? Would you like to grab me and bend me over and just fucking pound me like a bitch in heat? I’d just have to take it, wouldn’t I? After all this teasing I’d have to just let you fuck me like a dog. Imagine spanking me and pulling my hair while you fuck me. You’d love that, wouldn’t you?”

She shoves her fingers back into her pussy and starts rocking her body back and forth, as if she’s being fucked from behind. “Do you want to fuck me like this?” she pants, her voice becoming ragged.

As you watch Kimberly’s filthy display you find yourself squeezing your rock-hard prick through your pants. As she approaches her orgasm you skirt dangerously close to cumming yourself.

“I’m such a dirty tease,” she moans. “If you were here, I’d be soooo fucked. You could do whatever you wanted and I couldn’t stop you.” She flips over onto her back again and starts furiously rubbing her clit, the little pink bud visibly poking out of its hood.

“In fact,” Kimberly gasps, “there’s hundreds of you, aren’t there? Hundreds of guys wanting to fuck me. Oh God, imagine me getting fucked by all those guys when you’re done with me!”

She shudders and her hips buck upwards as she cums, her fingers a blur. Drops of girl-juice spatter her thighs as she climaxes wetly, convulsing on the bed, her tits wobbling on her chest.

You let the camera continue filming as she comes down from her orgasm, her cheeks flushed and body trembling. Then you look down at the wet stain slowly spreading across your pants and sigh as you feel jizz trickling down your inside leg.

“Did I do good?” asks Kimberly eventually.

“Uh, yeah,” you reply, walking awkwardly to the bathroom. “I’ll get us some towels.”

The End