Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Hyperdreams...)

You reach into your bag and pull out some soft nylon rope. “Well, I thought we’d tie you to the bed, and you could pretend you’ve been kidnapped…”


“And the camera would be a guy who finds you. You have to convince him to untie you. I’ve written down some things you could say.”

You hand Kimberly your makeshift script and she reads it carefully, a smile slowly appearing on her face. “Wow, you’re a sick bastard, aren’t you?”

“It’s all about the niche, Kimberly. These lines are the result of extensive market research.”

She scoffs. “Yeah, right. So what do I wear?”

You go for broke. “Nothing.”

“Nothing at all? You want me tied up, spreadeagled on the bed with no panties on or anything?”

“It would probably be best, yes.”

She looks you straight in the eye and thinks for a moment. “I’m trusting you.”

“Don’t worry. We can stop at any time, and we don’t have to use the footage. Just have fun with it,” you suggest reassuringly.

This is the moment of truth. Now that Kimberly has to get naked in front of you, she might well decide to pull the plug. You busy yourself with the equipment and pretend to be disinterested, then smile to yourself as you notice, in the corner of your eye, that she’s started to strip.

“How do I look?” she finally asks, standing naked at the end of the bed. “Would people pay to see me?”

You cast an appreciative eye over her sexy body, noting her freshly-shaven mound. “I certainly would,” you reply.

She smiles. “Okay, then tie me to the bed and let’s do this thing!”

There are no bedknobs, no footboard and nothing on the headboard to secure the ropes, so you attach them to the four legs. A couple of minutes later, you have Kimberly nicely roped up, with just enough slack for her to squirm around in interesting ways.

You position the tripod at the foot of the bed and zoom so that her whole body fits in frame, then give her a signal and start filming. Kimberly struggles against her bonds, panting and grunting as she tries to get free, her hips bucking and twisting with her pussy and the base of her buttocks lewdly displayed in the center of the frame.

After a couple of minutes she pretends to notice the camera for the first time. “Oh finally! Thank God, I’m so glad you’re here! Please help me! I’ve been tied up all day. I was kidnapped by a biker gang and they’ve just left me here!”

Kimberly looks straight into the lens, trying to look traumatized. “It was terrible. They all used me, all ten of them. One after the other. They all took turns fucking me. My pussy’s so sore. I can still feel the cum dribbling out. Look, it’s all over me, even in my hair. Most of them went twice, some three times. I had to suck them all off. They came in my mouth, and all over my face, and on my tits. It went on for hours. Ten nasty biker guys all fucking the shit out of me, and I was tied here and couldn’t do anything about it. But now you’ve arrived! My hero, come to rescue me!”

She pauses. “Wait, what are you doing? Why are you taking your pants off? Look, stop playing around. Just untie the ropes, okay?”

You lift the camera, tripod and all, and place it between her spread legs on the bed, smoothly adjusting it so that it’s looking down on her and she’s filling the frame from her head down to the top of her pussy mound.

“Wait, no, not you too!” protests Kimberly. “Oh God, I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve been fucked by ten guys all day, and now you want a turn too? Great. That’s just fucking great. Okay, what’s one more? You wanna fuck me? Go ahead. I don’t care anymore! What difference does one more cock make?”

Kimberly grunts and forces her body up the bed as if she’s just been impaled. “Ungh! Oh fuck! You’re bigger than all of them! Ungh! Just make it quick, okay? Just fuck me and then let me go, okay?”

For the next five minutes she does a great job making it look like someone is pounding into her, digging her ankles into the mattress and pushing herself back and forth, causing her tits to bounce around on her chest. “Uhh, fuck me you bastard. Fuck me you dirty bastard. You want sloppy seconds, huh? Come on, fuck me harder. I’ve had much worse today. Just fuck me hard and cum in me. Cum in my pussy. Use me like a little whore. I’m your cumslut, just fuck me and fill me with cum! Oh God, I can’t believe it. You’re making me cum! You’re making me cum with your big cock! Can you feel me cumming? You can cum too. Cum inside me! Fill my cunt with your big load!”

You jiggle the camera and Kimberly stops rocking on the bed, collapsing back and panting heavily. “Finally! Are you done now? Are you done, now that you’ve filled my poor little pussy with your filthy cum? Now you can untie me. You’ve fucked me, now you have to let me go.”

You pick up the camera and move it off the bed, backing away towards the door.

“Nooo!” howls Kimberly. “Don’t leave me here! Come back, you bastard! You can fuck me again! I’ll let you fuck me again, if you’ll just untie me!”

You hold the camera still for a moment, then stop recording. “And fade to black,” you say with a smile.

“How was it?” asks Kimberly, her cheeks flushed from the exertion.

“Pretty good, I’d say,” you reply, your pants stretched tight over the biggest erection you’ve ever had in your life.

“Great!” says Kimberly cheerfully. “Now just untie me and play the video back. I want to see how I looked!”

You place the camera down and walk back to the foot of the bed, contemplating the naked, flushed woman spreadeagled in front of you. “Well, I could untie you, or…”

Her eyes widen in alarm. “You wouldn’t!”

You smile and drop your pants, freeing your rock-hard prick. It points directly at Kimberly, the tip glistening with pre-cum.

“Oh fuck!” laughs Kimberly as you climb on top of her. She clearly appreciates the irony of the situation. You rub your knob up and down between her inner lips, smearing it with pussy juice. She is wet. Very wet.

“Come on then, fuck me too! Fuck me like all those other bastards,” she whispers, and you plunge your prick deep into her tight, welcoming cunt.

The End