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(Clip For Sale, continued by Hyperdreams...)

You reach into your bag and pull out a slutty schoolgirl outfit that you found in a costume shop. “I thought you could wear this and talk to the camera as if it’s your daddy, telling him all the naughty things that happened to you at school today.”

Kimberly smiles. “I think I could do that…”

“And you’d slowly reveal more of yourself. Maybe end up playing with yourself?”

She sizes you up for a moment. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Gotta give the punters what they want,” you reply dismissively.

Kimberly takes the outfit from you and you watch eagerly as she begins to change into it. She notices and issues a light rebuke. “Hey, how about a little privacy?”

It seems pointless, but you humor her, only taking the occasional quick peek while you pretend to setup the camera. The glimpses you catch of her side-boob and bare ass leaves you almost salivating in anticipation of what is to come.

“Okay, what do you think?” asks Kimberly as she models the outfit. It’s based on a Catholic schoolgirl uniform, but it’s much tighter and shorter than the genuine article. She spins and you can see a quick flash of white silk panties as the pleated skirt flares out.

“Perfect,” you say approvingly.

Kimberly smiles and comes over to sit on the edge of the bed. You adjust the tripod so that she fills the screen from her head to her knees.

“Now Kimberly, remember that you need to be eighteen, okay? Don’t say anything to imply you’re younger, or we can’t sell the video.”

She crinkles her nose. “Why would I do that? That’s gross!”

“Just making sure. Okay, I’m ready when you are.”

She takes a minute to think of what she’s going to say, then grins. “Okay, let’s do it!”

You start recording and stand behind the camera, ready to pan upward if Kimberly decides to lie back on the bed. You’re hoping that the next half hour is going to be awesome, but there’s a chance that she could be terrible at this. You give her the signal to start.

“Oh! Hi daddy!” begins Kimberly, looking up straight into the lens. “Have you had a hard day, daddy? I did too. Do you want to hear what happened to me at school today, daddy? You do?”

Kimberly shuffles back on the bed, sitting with her legs spread, supporting herself with her arms behind her. The short little skirt is barely concealing the gusset of her panties.

“I was sitting in class, daddy, and there was this boy next to me. He was so cute that I started day-dreaming about him, daddy, and I might have started stroking myself. Like this…”

She lifts the front of her skirt, revealing her tightly-stretched panties, and slowly starts stroking her slit through them.

“I was day-dreaming, daddy, about this boy, and I think he noticed what I was doing, because he put his hand on my thigh. Oh, daddy, I’m afraid I was very naughty. I took his hand and put it inside my panties…”

Kimberly slips her hand inside her panties and starts rubbing her pussy, while staring at the camera with wide, innocent eyes.

“Oh gosh, it gets worse, daddy, it gets much worse! He was rubbing me, and I was getting so wet and horny, that I let out a little moan. Just a little moan, daddy. But the teacher heard, and he caught us! He was so angry daddy, do you know what he said?”

You imitate a head-shake with the camera while Kimberly continues, rubbing her pussy harder inside her panties. “He called me a little slut, and then he said, ‘I hope you brought enough of that for everyone!’ Then he grabbed me and pulled me to the front of the class. It was so embarrassing, daddy! He bent me right over his desk, like this…”

Kimberly flips around onto her hands and knees on the bed, her ass facing the camera while she looks back over her shoulder.

“He tugged up my skirt like this,” says Kimberly in a little-girl voice as she yanks her skirt up around her waist, revealing her panty-clad bottom. “And then, he pulled my panties down in front of everyone, daddy!” She reaches back and tugs her panties down to mid-thigh, which is as far as they can go, due to her knees being so far apart. Her naked ass and shaven pussy are completely exposed, and you make sure they are faithfully recorded on video.

Kimberly reaches between her legs and starts playing with herself as she continues her story. “He spanked me, daddy, right in front of the whole class. And then he asked if anyone else wanted a turn. Most of them did! The girls mostly spanked me too, except a couple of them who fingered me. But it was the boys who were the worst.”

“The first couple of boys just spanked and groped my butt, but the third boy was braver. He unzipped his pants, daddy, and he fucked me over the teacher’s desk. He fucked your little girl, daddy, and nobody stopped him! And he was just the first! All the boys in the class took turns fucking me, daddy, and they all came inside me!”

Kimberly now has two fingers pumping in and out of her cunt and they are noticeably wet and slippery. She’s moaning and wriggling her ass from side to side as she finger-fucks herself. You squeeze your cock through your pants as you watch, mesmerized. It’s lucky that the camera is on a tripod, because if you were holding it, not even the auto-stabilization feature could keep the image steady.

“They all fucked me daddy. They all spanked and fucked me, even the teacher! His dick was so big. First he made me suck it, and then he fucked me on his desk in front of the whole class!”

Kimberly flips over onto her back and rips her blouse open, exposing her bra-less tits. She squeezes one breast while continuing to finger-fuck herself with the other hand. Now she’s just moaning, eyes closed, masturbating furiously for the camera.

You can’t take it any longer. You whip out your cock and start jerking it, unable to control yourself as you stare at the slutty whore as she writhes around on the bed, the room filled with the slick, wet sounds of her pumping fingers.

You are just about to cum in your hand when Kimberly opens her eyes and notices what you’re doing. Surprisingly, she doesn’t break character.

“Oh, daddy, I’m sorry, did my story turn you on? Do you need to cum, daddy? You can cum, daddy. Cum all over your slutty little daughter!”

She gets on her knees and you waddle over, pants around your ankles. You’re about to blow, but you still have the presence of mind to adjust the camera angle so that only your cock is in frame with her.

“Cum daddy, that’s it, jerk it. Give me all your cum!” begs Kimberly, and you give your cock five more frantic pumps before it erupts. You explode all over her face and tits, coating her with sticky streams of jizz that dribble down her neck and dangle from her hair. One string falls across her mouth and she licks her lips. “Mmmm daddy, your cum tastes so good!”

Kimberly spends a minute or two smearing your cum over her tits and rubbing it into her pussy, before blowing a kiss to the camera. Meanwhile you collapse into a chair.

“So, do you think we can sell that?” asks Kimberly.

“I’m pretty sure,” you reply, hoping that there’s nothing that identifies you in the video.

“Maybe you can be in more of my videos?” she asks, fluttering her eyelashes.

“Maybe,” you reply with a grin.

The End