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(Clip For Sale, continued by Anonymous...)

“Jerk-off instructions,” you tell Kimberly calmly.

“Right, do you want it to be a little humiliating or just normal?” she asks in a matter-of-fact way.

You didn’t quite expect this reaction. “Are you sure you know what I’m talking about?”

“Oh yeah. I actually spent the last night going through porn. I just wanted to see if there was something I’d like to do. And humiliating jerk-off instructions did seem pretty hot.”

“Great, then. Humiliating it is,” you agree and take your seat behind the camera.

Kimberly smiles and disrobes in front of you before turning around to let you see her completely. You can’t help but gawk at her body. Her breasts are tightly encased in a red push-up bra. Her panties are also red, with a sexy lace overlay in front and a sheer mesh back that allows you to see her butt crack. Her abs are toned and hard. Your mind wanders as you imagine what it would be like to throw her body on the bad and hump her brains out. You adjust your sitting posture to make your erection less conspicuous.

“Alright, alright, you can stop staring like a creep,” she says with a smile before sitting back down on the bed. You notice her breasts jiggle ever so slightly when she sits.

Realizing that you need to focus on the work, you immediately turn your attention to the camera, centring her in the frame, asking her to adjust her hair in certain ways and sit on her knees on the bed. Finally you call, “Action!”

“Hey there,” she says flirtatiously to the camera. She’s surprisingly natural at this. “What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about how you’d like to fuck me? Well, here’s a little secret for you. That’s never gonna happen!” She laughs deviously before continuing. “I’m never gonna let some Internet pervert loser touch me in real life. But I will help you out. Because I pity you. Remember that. I pity you. And so I’m going to tell you how to jerk yourself off. Yes, you like that, don’t you, you little loser? You like having a pretty girl like me humiliate you and tell you how to use your penis? Pathetic. Go on, then. Take out your dick.”

Your dick is now completely engorged and straining against your pants. You don’t move because you’re too immersed in what’s going on less than one foot from you.

“Why are you getting shy all of a sudden? Take out your dick!”

You gesture her to move forward with it.

“I know you’re aroused. Now take out your penis so I can tell you what to do with it.”

Wait. Does Kimberly want you to take out your dick?

“Take it out! Now!” she says angrily and you instantly whip out your cock.

“Good boy. But… is that it?” She laughs heartily and adds, “That’s your pathetic excuse for a cock? That’s barely a fucking tootsie roll! Oh my god. You’re such a sad fucking loser.”

Okay, so your dick isn’t a tootsie roll and you know it. It’s not a giant cock either. It’s average, just like most guys.

“Okay, we’ll make do with what we have. Now. Spit on your dick. Fast.”

You do as she says.

“Good, now wrap your hand around it lightly and start stroking it very slowly. Just tease yourself a little bit.”

She’s really good at this, you think while following her orders.

Kimberly takes off her bra slowly. First she unclasps it from her back, then the straps come off her shoulders, then she holds it against her boobs for a few moments before taking it off and throwing it at you.

“Now start stroking a little faster,” she says. You notice her voice has changed slightly. It’s more sultry and guttural. She’s getting aroused. Her hands are roaming over her body — squeezing her perfect breasts, running through her hair, feeling her stomach…

“Faster, you bitch,” she snarls and you jerk yourself off even faster.

“Now stop!” she says abruptly. You stop, your wet, erect dick hanging out in front of you, pulsating.

“Spit on it again. Lather it up with your saliva. Shouldn’t take long, given your small your dick is.”

While you do what she says, she sits on the bed, raises her legs, and pulls her underwear off. She throws it at your face.

“Sniff my panties and stuff them in your mouth, bitch.”

Kimberly’s underwear smells so fucking powerful. It’s just the right amount of dirty. You inhale deeply, smelling her pussy and her ass. Then you put her panties in your salivating mouth.

“Do you want to start jerking off again, loser?” she asks sweetly.

You nod.

“Then look at this,” she says as she opens her legs and reveals a moist, pink pussy. She rubs her clit and says, “You’re never going to get this. So you better start using your imagination and jerk off now. Go fast. Jerk it hard, loser boy, this is the final lap. Beat that tiny thing. I don’t care if you break it, go fast.”

You’re getting dangerously close to cumming, and she notices this.

“Ready to cum all over yourself? Well, you better not cum until I tell you it’s okay, bitch. I’m going to be counting down. Five…” She starts furiously rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits.

“Four…” She pushes two fingers inside her cunt and moans loudly.

“Three… hold it fucking in!” She’s drooling as she masturbates on the bed.

“Two… almost there, baby” Kimberly takes her fingers out of her cunt and shoves them in her mouth.

“One and a half… don’t slow down,” she laughs. “That’s right, you pathetic loser. Keep jerking it for me. I own your orgasms now.”

This is torture!

“One… and cum! Cum! Cum! CUM! Shoot your load all over yourself, you pathetic boy!”

Kimberly keeps insulting you as you shoot your copious load all over your lap and hand. Some of it even falls to the floor.

She licks a pussy-juice covered finger with a smile and asks, “Are you done? What a loser.” Then she sends a flying kiss and gets off the bed. You stop recording. There’s a really awkward silence in the room as you sit there with your dick in your hand, covered in your own cum, while she’s standing a few feet away checking messages on her phone.

“So that was pretty good?” you ask tentatively.

She turns to you. “This was supposed to be a simple recording. You took advantage of that to take out your cock and masturbate in front of me. You’re a fucking creep, dude. I’m sorry I ever asked you. We’re never doing this again.”

The End