Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by WolfieByNature...)

“Well, I was thinking you could take a dominant role,” you tell Kimberly. “Some guys are really into that. A few girls too, come to think of it.”

“What, so I stand above the camera and talk condescendingly to whoever’s watching?” her asks.

“It doesn’t have to be humiliating. You can just speak like you’re commanding someone,” you answer, thinking back to the femdom videos you’ve watched before. “I was also thinking: you have a great ass — something many men would love to see. If you act like the camera is your personal ass-worshipper, I can zoom in on your butt, and possibly your hole if you’re okay with that.”

“Wait — you’re sure men get turned on by domination?” Kimberly asks.

You try not to get hard at the thought. “Absolutely. You’d be surprised how many men secretly crave being dominated by a strong woman.”

“Does that number of men include you?” Kimberly asks, smiling as you finish setting up the equipment. Luckily, before you answer, she laughs and says, “I’m just teasing. But if you’re serious about the whole ass thing I’d better go get it as clean as possible.” She stands up and heads into the bathroom.

Some time passes before Kimberly comes back.“Okay. Mic, check. Camera, check. Lighting, check. We’re all set,” you say. “Ready when you are.”

Kimberly sits on the bed with her legs crossed and a bored expression on her face. She nods. You kneel down and hit the record button on the camcorder.

“Hey there,” Kimberly begins. “Now, let’s get something straight as an arrow: you’re my little bitch, and I’m your cruel but fair Mistress. That’s just the way it is, and you’d better get used to that. You’re probably wondering what your Mistress wants from you today. I don’t want a thing. But I know what you want from your Mistress.”

Kimberly beckons and you shuffle on your knees towards her. She drops the bathrobe to reveal absolutely nothing underneath. Her beautiful tits and ass are on full display. The sight stuns you for a moment. Kimberly stands and bends over to the camera, her hands on her hips. “Well, lucky you. Your Mistress is feeling kind today. I’m sure you’d want to kiss my feet, maybe suck my toes or even lick my pussy until I squirt in your mouth. But those are things my lovers get. You aren’t my lover. All you get is my ass.” Kimberly turns around and displays her ass to the camera, merely a foot from your face, and shakes it around a little bit.

“That’s right, bitch. Take a good long look at my ass, because you’re not getting any more. I’m sure you’d love to stare at it for hours.” She spreads her cheeks, revealing her asshole slightly puckered. “Don’t tell me. You want to kiss it.” Kimberly scoffs. “Well, what’s stopping you? Just lean forward and kiss the screen. Or are you worried someone might see you? If that’s the case, you’re far too much of a wimp to be anything more than my little bitch.”

She turns back around and sits on the bed again. “Now, your Mistress has much more concerning matters than her bitch’s needs. We’re done here. Goodbye, little bitch.”

Kimberly swipes a finger across her throat to indicate that you should cut. You stop recording, grinning from ear to ear.

“So, let me just ask. What’s with the bulge you’ve got down here?” Kimberly teases, grabbing it through your trousers. “Did you get hard by filming my ass? By hearing me command the camera? Did you wish that was you, submitting to me?”

You can’t answer — your cock has gotten even harder at her touch and words. It stretches almost painfully against your trousers.

“I guessed as much.” She smiles mischievously. Before you can do anything, she swings a leg over your face and places her asshole over your mouth, spreading it wide. “Start licking, bitch. Do well enough and your new mistress might give you a handjob.” It’s not a request, it’s a command.

Kimberly’s ass is firmly pressed over your mouth and the musky smell flooding your nostrils is intoxicating. You allow your tongue to touch her asshole, and she relaxes her muscles, letting it slip inside. Your mistress lets out a small moan barely above a whisper, and you can’t help but look forward to the next few minutes…

The End