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(Clip For Sale, continued by Beth Zito...)

“Well, one thing that’s getting pretty popular is dildo stuffing,” you suggest.

Kimberly frowns, her naivety showing. “Dildo stuffing?”

You smile nervously, hoping that she’ll accept. “It’s when a girl gets stuffed with dildos. She usually gets one shoved in every hole. Sometimes, she’s tied up.”

Kimberly bites her lip again. “How big do they have to be? The dildos, I mean.”

“They’re usually quite big, around ten to twelve inches.”

“Never mind!” she says, taking a step away from you. “I can’t take any that large, and especially not in every hole!”

You smile deviously. “That’s where the trickery comes in. We film one shot with the big dildo about to go in you, and then put a shorter dildo in. The audience won’t be able to tell the difference!”

Kimberly thinks about it. “Okay. Do you even have dildos?”

“No” you reply, “but I can just drive over to the sex store and buy some.”

Kimberly nods her approval, and you leave the hotel, jumping into your car and taking off with a squeal of tires. When you return you knock on the door of the room, and Kimberly immediately lets you in.

You empty your paper bag onto the bed. In it are three ten-inch, navy blue dildos, and three four-inch dildos of the same color. There are also some ropes.

“Ooooh, what are the ropes for?”

“I figured we could tie you up, make it more interesting.”

Kimberly looks at you anxiously. “And how do I know you won’t just take the opportunity to rape me?”

“I won’t.”


“I promise,” you say. Of course, Kimberly can’t see that your fingers are crossed behind your back.

You watch with lust as she unties her bathrobe and lets it drop to the ground, revealing that she’s been naked this entire time.

“How do I look?”

“Like a professional porn star,” you joke. “Nice and slutty.”

Kimberly scowls at you before jumping onto the bed. “Okay, tie me up,” she giggles.

You quickly use the rope to tie her legs and arms to each corner of the bed, allowing plenty of wriggle room, but not enough to escape.

Not wanting to be seen on camera, you poke some holes in the paper bag and wear it over your head.

“Three… two… one… action!” you say, and the camera is rolling. You walk up to Kimberly, eyeing her glistening, wet pussy. She’s clearly very horny.

Without a word, you pick up a massive dildo from its place in the table, and begin rubbing the tip around her soaked lips. She begins struggling, and moans “No! Please don’t!” Nice improv.

You slap her (though not very hard), and that shuts her up. Then, you begin to push the dildo into her. Kimberly is moaning, but you take the dildo away and quickly shove in one of the shorter dildos, causing her eyes to widen.

You reach down and grab Kimberly’s ass. She takes the hint and bucks her hips up, exposing her asshole. You take the second dildo and begins pushing it into her ass, before replacing it with a smaller one, just like you did before. The whole time, Kimberly is struggling, and pretending to attempt escape.

Finally, it’s time for her mouth. You take the final large dildo and go to shove it in her mouth. Kimberly closes her mouth, sneering at you in defiance. You slap her softly, and she moans in pretend pain. You take this opportunity to begin shoving the dildo between her lips. You quickly replace it with the shorter one, and then back away.

Kimberly spends a few minutes struggling and moaning with dildos stuffed in all three holes. When you have enough in the can you call out “Cut!”

You walk over to the bed and remove the dildos from Kimberly.

“Thanks,” she pants. “Now untie me, I wanna watch the video back, before you edit it.”

You chuckle. “But why would I do that?”

Kimberly frowns, before her eyes widen in realization. “No. No. Don’t!”

You continue to smile, retrieving a ten-inch dildo, and you begin shoving it into her pussy.

“Stop, stop!” She begins moaning, before groaning in pain as the fake cock penetrates deeper. “Stop! Stop! Help, somebody help!”

You decide Kimberly needs to shut up, so after the first dildo is completely buried in her cunt, you take a second one and move to her head. She closes her mouth again, and this time you don’t think she has any intent to open it.

Regardless, you slap her in the face, hard. Her mouth remains closed, so you slap her again, and this time she lets out a gasp of pain. You move quickly, shoving the dildo down Kimberly’s throat. There is, of course, resistance, but after a few tries you manage to get it all the way down there.

Now for the cherry on top, the pièce de résistance, her tight ass.

Kimberly is frantically struggling and screaming into the dildo, though it is extremely muffled. You decide to give no mercy on this one, and you proceed to roughly shove the final big dildo up her ass. It takes almost fifteen tries, but you finally get it all the way in there.

Grinning, you step back, dust off your hands and admire your work. You unzip your pants and begin jerking off to the sight of Kimberly struggling, and then you get an even better idea.

You jump onto the bed, and pull the dildo out of Kimberly’s pussy. She sighs in relief as it slithers out with a pop, but then lets out a muffled scream as she sees what you are doing.

Slowly, you slide your engorged cock between Kimberly’s folds, then start thrusting in and out, in and out. You can feel the shape of the dildo in her ass against your knob as you fuck her.

Eventually her protests die down and you pull the dildo out of her mouth. “Harder, you fucking bastard!” she spits, tears running down her face. “Fucking wreck me!”

You can feel Kimberly cum three times over the next few minutes, her pussy walls twitching around your cock. You pound her so hard that the dildo slips out of her ass. Finally you cum so hard that you see stars, filling her cunt with a massive load.

And you never actually turned off the camera.

The End