Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Dan...)

“Well I’ve noticed all these fake incest videos always being featured on the front page of Pornhub. I think that’s a popular niche you can exploit!” you inform Kimberly enthusiastically.

“So I’m gonna roleplay a brother and sister thing?”

“Nah that’s been done a million times, you need to do something more edgy and fucked up in order to stand out. I was thinking you could pretend to be the viewer’s mother. We could shoot some simulated sex stuff, and it end in with creampie pregnancy scare scenario?”

After you finish your sentence, you realize what you just said. As if this situation wasn’t bizarre enough already, you just cranked up the weirdness factor by a huge margin. The atmosphere in the room is tense as Kimberly looks completely overwhelmed by the proposition. Maybe she’s not cut out for this amateur porn business after all? Or perhaps you’re just too perverted for your own good. Yeah, probably the latter.

“I’ve even wrote a script if you want to take a look,” you mutter apprehensively, trying to cut through the tension. She takes a few minutes to read the script, and you notice that she’s starting to get a little flustered.

“Okay, why the hell not. This is so fucked up, but I kinda love it,” she says, bouncing with excitement. “I’m already dressed in sexy lingerie as stated in the script!”

Kimberly immediately drops her fluffy bathrobe to the floor, to reveal her stunning lingerie set. Her beautifully formed perky tits are encased in a burgundy silk bra with delicate black lace trim. To complete the ensemble, a matching thong and suspender belt, complete with seamed stockings and fuck-me heels. Your cock is rock solid, Kimberly has put some serious effort in, and it’s taking its toll on the fabric of your trousers.

“Jesus Christ, Kimberly. You look incredible!” you blurt out.

“Thanks, I thought you’d approve. Let get to it then!” She positions herself ready on the bed, facing away from the camera to begin with as the script instructed. Kimberly’s perfect ass looks incredible in the tiny silk thong. This is going to be fun!

“Okay. Three… two… one… Action!” you exclaim, hitting record on the camera.

“Oh you’re home, mmmmm, fantastic,” Kimberly says flirtatiously, running her hands over her body and slapping her ass. “I’ve been waiting for you to get home all day, I need a good hard fuck from my husband.”

She giggles and turns to face to camera, feigning shock as she finishes her turn. “What the fuck? You’re meant to be at your friend’s house! Where’s your father?” She’s a natural at this acting business. There’s a slight pause in order to simulate a reply from the ‘son.’

“Your friend’s at work, and your father is caught up in traffic? Fan-fucking-tastic. All this effort gone to waste, and to make it worse I’m aching to have my pussy filled,” she moans, her voice dripping with desperation and lust. “Listen, I’ve been taking some supplements to boost my libido for your father, and I’m finding it really hard to control myself right now… I need you to fuck me or else I feel like I’m going to explode.”

Once again, another pause. During this, Kimberly turns away from the camera, gets on all fours and positions herself so the edge of her fantastic ass is off screen in order to simulate sex doggy style.

“Come on, I’ve seen you watching me get dressed. Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about this at least once… yeah, that’s a good boy.”

She starts rocking back and forth, as if she’s fucking a real cock. Shame it’s not at all convincing. She’s hilariously over the top, sounding more like an annoying pornstar than a lust-filled mother. Seems you have finally found the limit of Kimberly’s acting ability.

“Mmmmmmm! Oh fuck, yeah fuck me son. Yeah, fill my fucking hole. Oh-”

“Cut! Ermmm Kimberly…” you interject cautiously, trying not to cause offence “This isn’t even remotely convincing. Do you have a dildo or something we can use to get a real reaction out of you? I’m not sure this’ll sell.”

Kimberly turns back to face you. “Shit, I knew I was too over the top. No, I left my toys at home… Hey, I have an idea though,” she replies playfully, gesturing towards to huge bulge in your trousers. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed that!”

“What? You mean you want to use my cock?” you stammer. This is a dream come true. You’re going to fuck Kimberly on camera!

“Yeah stud! Now let’s get back to business!” she orders as she gets back in position, this time pulling her thong to one side, exposing her glistening pussy.

You decide to strip entirely. This is probably a once in a lifetime chance and you might as well make the most of it! You hit play once more and aim your cock towards Kimberly’s cunt.

She gasps and moans loudly as you plunge the entire length of your cock into her sopping-wet cunt with one hard thrust. You grab her by the hips, hooking your thumbs under the elastic of her suspender belt and furiously pound her.

She screams your name. “Holy shit, fuck me, fuck your filthy mother’s hole!”

She’s really enjoying herself, so much so she apparently forgot she’s on camera and used your name! Not like you care as you continue to plough her pussy from behind to the delightful sound of your body slapping against her perfectly formed ass.

Somehow you bring yourself to withdraw from Kimberly and move the camera to the side. Screw the film, you want to see Kimberly’s face when you fuck her! She turns over and pulls her bra down to show off her tits.

“Come on baby, Mommy needs to cum.”

You ram your cock back into her pussy, her eyes locked onto yours. She places one hand round your neck whilst the other dances over her clit. The combined sensation of your manhood sliding in and out of her and the assault on her clit by her fingers brings Kimberly to the edge.

“Go on Mommy, fucking cum for me. Cum for your pervy fucked-up son,” you encourage, still keeping in theme with the video.

“Yes, yessssssssssss!!!”

Kimberly’s stocking-clad legs wrap around your ass to keep your stiff cock in place as you feel the walls of her cervix quiver around your dick as she climaxes. You can’t help yourself and despite the grip of her legs you manage a few more thrusts before you erupt inside her, filling her with the biggest load you’ve ever produced.

“Oh my god! You weren’t supposed to cum inside me! I’m not on the fucking pill, what am I meant to do?”

At first you think she’s doing another brilliant job of acting, but the look in her eyes suggests otherwise. Fuck.

The End