Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by ?...)

“Alright, so this may seem a little weird…” you begin.

“I knew it!”

“No! It’s not fucked up or gross or anything. But. I have been told that, in the present market, there is a lot of demand for dry humping or grinding videos.”

“So, I don’t have to be naked?” Kimberly seems understandably confused.

“Yeah, well, see, that’s the thing. There’s so much nudity out there — this is sort of new. For now.”

“Hmm,” her brows furrow as she mulls it over, then finally points a finger to you and says, “and this is something I can’t do alone for obvious reasons…”

“Well, that does seem to be the case,” you say, trying your best to conceal a grin.

Kimberly shoots you a naughty smirk and gets up and starts rummaging through her bag. “So what do you want me to wear? I’ve got a schoolgirl skirt, nurse outfit, vampire outfit…”

“No, no. Wow, you’re freaky — but no, those are different fetishes. For this, we need something tight and form-fitting. You got yoga pants?”

“Yoga pants? Really?”

“Are you serious? Yoga pants are hot!”

“Alright, then. I happen to have a pair here so I’ll put them on.”

“Yeah, that and a tank top should do fine.”

“What about you?”

“Oh I’ll be fine”

As she walks past you to the bathroom to change, she stops and whispers in your ear, “Oh, you’re not going to be fine, pretty boy. You’re gonna bust your nut faster than you can say ‘Action’ when I get started.”

Before you can register what she’s just said, she spanks you lightly and saunters away to change. You, meanwhile, try to calm yourself and steel yourself to last as long as you can.

In a few minutes, Kimberly walks out of the bathroom rather nonchalantly. You can’t help but stare at her body. Her plump ass and toned legs are wrapped in a super sexy red leggings. Her top is really more like a glamorous sports bra than anything else and reveals a lot of her midriff. You have a raging boner.

“Wow, you look amazing!”

She barely smiles in response and asks you to set up the camera and stuff. “Can we get music?” she asks matter-of-factly. “It’ll be weird grinding in a silent room.”

“Yeah, I’ve got speakers.”

So you set up the equipment and both of you get in position. She’s standing right in front of you — a few inches away and facing the wall on the other side. Her rump is almost touching your erection already and the wall is a few inches away from her face. The camera you’ve arranged so your faces aren’t seen but everything else (just about) is. You switch on the music with the remote and throw it down.

Almost immediately, Kimberly starts grinding her butt shyly against your erection. You place your hands on your hips and start pushing against her soft, warm, ass. Slowly, you both pick up the pace and start grinding against each other.

She really seems to be getting into it now and you are too. She starts adding her own variations to make things more lively — she moves her ass sideways and back a few times, then she goes all the way down and brings it up — dragging it across your erect cock.

You’re fighting the urge to throw her on the bed right there and fuck her juicy ass but it’s costing you all your willpower. You grab her and push her against the wall and dry hump her buttocks against the wall as she moans in pleasure. Kimberly turns around to face you and it’s suddenly very, very real as she looks into your eyes with an expression of pure lust and humps you back. For a second you can’t help but notice how beautiful she is and how pretty she smells, but her knee rubbing against your crotch reminds you of the job at hand.

You push your knee up between her legs and start pleasuring her too. You two continue pleasuring each other like this for some time before you realize you’re getting too close to cumming. You turn her around and go back to back-to-front grinding.

However, this does not help. Kimberly’s arching her back and pushing back harder and harder. You try your best to think unsexy thoughts but the feeling of her butt against your dick, her hips in your hands, with the smell of her body is too much. You push as hard as you can against her and cum in your pants with a groan. You stay very still as the cum pours out. Noticing this, she walks away from your grip and, with a sigh of exasperation, sits on the bed, taking her pants off and then masturbating in front of you. In spite of having just ejaculated, you feel some blood flow into your dick.

As Kimberly frigs herself, you apologize, “It only lasted five minutes. I’m sorry.”

She merely grins at you while masturbating. “I told you that you wouldn’t last long.”

“That may be,” you say, “but it just so happens that I can go again.”

She looks at you in disbelief and you take your pants off, revealing an erect and sizeable (if slightly wet) dick.

“Want to go again?” you ask with a smile, “although you should be prepared for a much longer period of time this time around.”

“Then come to fucking Mama,” Kimberly says hungrily, “and give me your dick!”

You almost jump on her and start pounding away at her sopping cunt. It’s finally happening! You’re fucking her and she’s fucking you. She shoves her tongue inside your mouth as she wraps her legs around your waist and makes you fuck her harder and faster.

After a few minutes, you feel her coming close to cumming and you up the ante. She grits her teeth, arches her back and almost screams as she cums — her pussy clamping around your erect cock.

“Where?” you ask as you feel yourself coming close too.

She opens her mouth and points inside. You smile.

After a few more wonderful thrusts, you pull out and ejaculate copiously inside Kimberly’s beautiful mouth. She plays with it using her fingers and tongue for a bit before swallowing it all like a good girl.

“So,” you say as you lie down beside her, “this is harder than I thought it would be.”

“That’s what she said?”

The End