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(Clip For Sale, continued by Blue...)

“Believe it or not there’s a lot of people out there with foot fetishes,” you say to her.

“So what does that mean for me?” she asks.

“Well, how would you feel about giving me a foot-job on camera?” you suggest, fingers crossed.

Kimberly thinks it over for a while before coming to her conclusion. “Okay I guess I’ll do it, but this doesn’t make me your girlfriend.”

Your heart sinks slightly after that. “Great, wanna get started then?”

Kimberly nods. “Should I leave my socks on or take them off?” She’s wearing very thin material socks, and they look sexy on her feet.

“I think you should leave them on for now, but maybe take them off further into the clip.”

She agrees, then gets into position on the bed. She’s lying on her back with her legs hanging off. You walk over and start the video, then approach her from out of frame.

Kimberly immediately presses her foot against your crotch, which is covered with clothing for now. She runs her foot up and down your hardening shaft, and uses her other foot to fondle your balls through your shorts.

You take your shorts off and your underwear to reveal your solid tool to her. She quickly wraps her toes around your dick and pumps them back and forth, causing you to moan slightly.

“You like my toes wrapped around your cock? Huh?” She emphasizes the “huh” with a tight squeeze of her toes. And that makes precum ooze out of your dick, lubing her feet slightly and covering her socks in a thin layer of it. She lets one of her feet travel to your scrotum and fondle it again, so she’s gently stroking your balls with her socked foot.

Kimberly moves her left foot from your dick up to your face and gives you a nod. You can’t believe she’s letting you do this, but you guide her foot towards your mouth and kiss her sole. She moves her other foot back up to your dick and strokes it, then she leans forward and spits on your cock and her toes to lube them up. Now she’s sliding her right foot back and forth along your dick while you begin to suck on her toes through her sock.

She moans from the feeling, “Oh that feels so good baby.” You wonder if she meant to call you that.

Kimberly begins to finger herself through her panties, and while she’s distracted with pleasuring herself you slip her socks off. She has beautiful feet, with very smooth skin and painted nails. You grab both of her feet and wrap them around your dick, then you start to thrust in and out between her soles.

She’s still playing with her pussy, which has created a wet puddle on the bed in front of her. She looks at the camera and you and says, “you want to see this pussy don’t you baby?” She smacks her vag through her under garments, then slowly slides them off revealing her wet, pink folds and the base of her ass.

Your dick twitches in excitement as she begins to remove her bra as well. She reaches for her nipple and takes it into her mouth then releases it. She beckons for you to lie down on the bed and you eagerly join her. Then Kimberly wraps her sexy soles around your shaft, leans forward, and begins sucking you off while simultaneously giving you a foot-job. You had no idea she was so flexible. She licks her own feet as she’s deep-throating you, creating a sheen of her saliva on her feet.

You grab the back of her head and begin forcing it down on your cock. “I’m cumming, Kimberly!” you exclaim. Then you squirt a load into her mouth before pulling out and decorating her feet with jizz.

Kimberly swallows the cum in her mouth, then proceeds to lick the rest off of her soles and pretty toes while you watch, panting heavily.

“So, was that any good? Did you get it all on camera?” she eventually asks.

You realize that you had forgotten completely about the camera, and it’s likely that your own body blocked a lot of the action.

“I’m not sure,” you admit. “We might need to shoot some pickups. Just give me five minutes to recover…”

The End