Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by AyaGat...)

You switch on the collar camera you’ve hidden (that Kimberly clearly hasn’t noticed) and start off, “Alright, so…” You think carefully how to broach this subject. “There’s a strong niche out there for point-of-view stuff.”

“Yeah, but what subcategories for them and themes and what?”

You take out a bunch of papers you know she won’t want to read, with figures and numbers she won’t understand. “Someone like you would really make good with oral stuff,” you say nervously.

“I brought some of my dildos for that, sure,” Kimberly says, dropping the papers, excited that she did something right.

You pick the papers up, organize them, place them by the desk lamp and pointing your finger on them, you go into a whole rant about dildos ruining the immersion experience of point-of-view. “Watching a girl lick a banana, can only go so far!”

“Hmm,” her brows furrow at you in annoyance and she stands to pack up and leave. “I asked you to help me see if I could make money off this, not help yourself to my mouth. I really shouldn’t have bothered.”

“Look at the research then,” you say, holding the papers up at her, “I’m not trying get one over you or trying to be slick.”

Kimberly hits you with a smirk. “No, you’re just trying to screw me.” She looks at the papers again and you can tell she’s reluctant, so you suggest getting someone else who she might prefer to suck off. This seems to convince her that you only want to help out.

“How do we do this then? Because I don’t need anyone knowing and you’re lucky you’re the only person I know in this damn place that’s not a blabber mouth.”

This is actually happening! Feeling a tingle in your pants, you enthusiastically respond, “Keep it real! It’s authentic stuff that feels less generic. You know like all those great literature books are great cause of how real they make people feel.”

Not wanting to talk about books and more figures and charts she impatiently demands, “Okay whatever! You’re the producer, I brought stuff to wear, what do you want me to do we get this over with?”

Feeling confident and picking up a camera with the face light and recording, “Your casual clothes are fine, you look sexy in anything. Can you pick a porn name? Betty Blower, Sally Sucker?”

She chuckles, “Oh my god, wow, you have thought about this a lot… um… Suzie Swallows then.” She continues laughing, making your pant tingle into a full-blown erection.

“Good, good, see that laugh is what is gonna make people feel like they’re in this room.” You whip your penis out, surprising her, then push her down by her shoulder balancing the camera as it captures her shocked reaction. Breathing heavily you say, “They just helped you pick you pick a porn name, Ms Swallows, and they want to see what you do your boyfriend.”

Angrily, Kimberly says, “Hey! That’s not cool we can’t- mmpf!” She’s interrupted by your meat impaling her scolding lips.

“Shush!” you say with a tone that makes her wince, her cock in your mouth, just looking up at you like a deer in headlights. “Right now you are Suzie Swallows, your boyfriend is whoever and I’m the guy that’s done all the work and going to make you a butt load of money through this, right?”

With her mouth still wrapped around your cock and salivating, you assert yourself again, “Right?” She responds by nodding her head this time, causing some drool spillage that wets your balls.

“Let’s not make mess in the room you paid for. Now show me what you’re boyfriend enjoys from this now, you filthy skank!” You grip her head tighter forcing her face into your pubic area and causing more spit spillage. “Suck me already!”

Kimberly has a look of confusion but you finally see dimples as her cheeks grow hollow and she vacuums all the wetness back into her mouth, making you even harder. She stares at your hairy pubic mound. As the shock of what’s just happened is sinking in she notices the man-smell of you and the raging thickness of your prick.

You take your dick out of her and tell her to say something to the camera. Looking around as if she’s been chased by monster she starts off, “I… um…” Feeling a wetness growing between her thighs, she nervously blurts, “I do this to my boyfriend anytime he asks…”

You smile at her and she then feels relief and gives back a small smile. “What do you do?” you ask coyly as she resumes sucking, “Do you look up into his eyes while you do?”

A ‘pop’ sound occurs as she takes her mouth off you to answer with only a string of salvia connecting it to your tip. “Sometimes… I can look up into your eyes if you w- mmpf!” She’s getting even more wet now being interrupted by your cock again, though she remembers to look up. She is a little confused as to whether to look into the camera or to actually look at you. The lines seem blurred between reality P.O.V and you and her.

To ease her confusion you block your face with the camera, and then, with your balls churning, gripping her hair tighter and groaning, you finally let the flood gates down. “Don’t swallow Ms Swallows, keep it in your mouth!”

She looks briefly puzzled, concentrating on looking at the camera, then a gallon of man-juice causes her cheeks to bulge. The camera catches every micro-expression of her angelic face. She obediently holds your load in her mouth as you slowly pull your penis out except for the head. You know you tend to cum a lot and when you think you are done, more just comes out. “No mess sweetie. You’re a good little girl, eyes focused here, keep the cum in your mouth…”

You take huge sigh of relief as you slip completely out of her and she holds steady like a trooper. “Open up without spilling. Let’s see what you made me produce in your mouth.”

Kimberly opens her mouth, releasing the familiar smell of your own cum. A hell of a lot of it is just swishing around her mouth, bathing her teeth and tongue. She swallows it on command, smiling and opening her mouth to show you. You let her lick your penis clean before asking her to stand and strip.

“I thought… you said just oral,” she protests, covering her crotch to hide the wetness of her short shorts. “I just swallowed you.”

You smirk back, looking at her plump little ass in one of motel mirrors, feeling your penis tingle still. “There’s plenty of room left on the memory card, Kimberly. Let’s give your audience what they want!”

You hungrily stick your tongue down her throat, tightly grabbing her ass with a hard slap, making her arms drop and her wet pussy squelch as she kisses you back.

The End