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(Clip For Sale, continued by AyaGat...)

Enthusiastic and excited you start, “Alright, so… Game of thrones!”

Kimberly responds with annoyance. “Dude, I’m asking for help to make porn and you’re geekily going on abou-” She pauses, seeing you hold a hand up.

“Game of thrones is popular as fuck right now! There is incest in it and dragons and rape.” Seeing her comprehend where you’re headed you conclude, “We’re targeting the fans of it who watch porn.”

Elated that you actually make sense, Kimberly says “Riiiiight… okay my bad, I won’t need my lingerie then.” She drops her robe, revealing a see-through black one piece that accentuates every inch of her body as she heads to her suitcase to probably change into normal clothes. From her heels to herass to her back, the sight of her revealed skin hardens you immediately.

You turn to the stuff you were carrying, trying to hide your erection. “Stop! You don’t have to change.” You rummage through your stuff, trying to bring your erection down by holding your breath and counting to ten. “It’ll bring some modernity to the Thrones costume I brought for you.”

She’s more and more excited now. “I get it, shit dude… You really thought this through, I owe you.” She sits back on the bed waiting for you.

You turn around and the vision of her just sitting there is slowly bringing back your wood. You place a red wig and gown on her lap and hurriedly explain. “Imagine you are a character who just got married to a dwarf. He is a pervy little dwarf who loves blowjobs.” You pause for a few seconds, noticing her look up right at you after having put the wig and gown on. “The dwarf has amazing stamina that tends to annoy all the girls who fuck him.”

“Wow! Isn’t that a little too presumptuous of you? You are saying you have stamina and I should-’’ She stops as hold your phone out to her with the Google page out. After five minutes of proving to her that the premise and authenticity of what you are saying is for the sake of the video, she chuckles, ”I still feel like you are saying you have stamina and you want to prove it to me or something.“

“Look, I’m being professional here, unless you want to get other people in on this, I did the research and you know it make sense.” She picks up you annoyed look and nods. “Okay so go to the folder with your name on my phone and the word document will have some of the lines that you can use while I finish setting up.”

She goes through the lines, clearly skeptical about whether they are actually from the shows and books, and you notice looks of amusement and shock. When the lights are set up she now seems to have confidence and takes charge, stating “Okay, so, lie on the bed and switch on the cameras. Bringing more than one was a good idea.”

“Exactly, so people can see your ass,” you agree. She blushes at you. “And your face and all that. After the editing it’ll look really good.”

As soon as the cameras are on and you are on the bed, Kimberly immediately looks so helplessly innocent and vulnerable; staring at her feet and not making eye contact. With a girlish voice she says, “I thank you for taking my hand in marriage. I hope I will not disappoint you, my lord.”

Taken aback at this scene you say, “No, no um… come here my lady!” She comes at you, taking off the gown and causing you to remember the episode vividly. You stupidly say, “you don’t have to do this… we don’t… you can…” but soon become speechless as she leans in to your crotch and pulls your cock out. It is steel-hard, contradicting your aborted attempt to end this whole fiasco.

“My lord… if… I do not please you well enough, please tell me and I will try harder.” Her mock-sad face closes the gap and your head is in her mouth. She sucks and twirls her tongue around your slit, causing a bubbling of pre-cum.

“My lady… I think… I think…” You have no idea what to say because you know the show didn’t go like this… not even in the books. Okay at least in the books the dwarf was naked and had pre-cum but things hadn’t gone this far. “My lady… ugghh!”

You can’t help but moan as Kimberly slowly deep-throats you like a shy virgin while her tongue laps up the pre-jizz and swirls like an experienced porn-star. You look up at her and her eyes lasso your attention completely while you’re fully in her mouth. She reaches for your hands and places them on her.

You don’t get why she did that but you have no desire to grip her head and force her up and down. You just let your hands gently rest on her as her head bobs in your lap. Then you finally muster up, “you don’t have to do this, my lady.” Better late than never.

BAM! In an instant her nose is buried in your pubes, her eyes still locked with yours, and the speed of which she is bobbing up and down has increased. Two fingers and a thumb on each hand help jerk you as she comes up, her head guiding your hands. Your eyes turn into saucers at all of this and your testicles burst, letting a large gallon of sperm flow through your pipe.

Kimberly’s eyes widen as her facial expression depicts a virgin feeling a massive unloading in her mouth, while her periodic gulps are of those of a porn-star waiting to end the scene. You are in a painful trance as she milks every drop into her gulps.

After you are spent she waits on your cock, just making sure you’re milked dry without any more painful tugging. You’ll have to edit the POV camera to crop when your chest made it rise and fall while you came. She then licks you like some cat bathing itself with its tongue, caressing your balls and gently letting you pipe soften in her mouth.

With the same sad-like face she shyly says, “Even this didn’t please you my lord, I can try again?”

You’re still lost in this trance for a few seconds and her face then shifts into a cheeky smile. “So tell me something you producer of mine, whose your favorite character on this show?”

You look at her, stunned but satisfied, and protest “I wasn’t trying to use this as a chance to explore my own fantasy!” You both laugh at your avoidance of the question. “I did the research.”

“Okay sure… but look at your watch or at the camera timer, cause I thought you said this dwarf had stamina.”

You realize that she has only been sucking you for three minutes. Thinking quickly you respond, “I guess we’ll have to do it a few more times and I’ll edit it together.”

The End