Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by ?...)

“Well, lap dances are always popular,” you say casually.

Kimberly’s eyes light up as she replies, “Oh, of course! That’s actually a pretty great idea. Come on, let’s start quickly.”

You love her enthusiasm and strip down to your boxers before sitting on a comfortable couch. You fix the camera right over your shoulder so that the video captures your point of view.

She emerges from the bathroom after a couple of minutes looking like a million bucks. She’s put on a very low-cut maroon top which clearly shows her tight cleavage and perky breasts squeeze together. It’s a noodle strap top so her sexy shoulders are also bare. Down below, she has nothing but her black lace panties on. Her lips are a dark red.

You switch the camera on and nod at her.

Kimberly smiles deviously at you and saunters over slowly, swaying her hips from side to side. She turns on some music with the remote and tosses it on the bed. She walks over to you, turns around, and plops her curvy butt down on your lap, crushing your erection.

“Fuck…,” you mutter as she starts to grind her butt against your erection to the beats of the music. Your eyes are glued to her basically bare ass dry humping you. While she grinds, she also starts to take her top off. She pulls one strap over her shoulder, and then the other.

“Grab my zip with your mouth,” she turns back and whispers. You obey her. She slowly stands up and unzips herself, letting the top fall on the floor in front of you. Now she’s wearing just her bra and panties — both in black. She turns around and sits astride your lap, treating your eyes to her perky tits encased in her bra. She’s dancing to the music on your lap, occasionally dry humping, occasionally thrusting her tits right in your mouth. Her scent in intoxicating, you notice as she brings her body really close to yours and rubs her pussy against your abdomen.

“No touching..,” she smiles and you realize your hands were on her hips. Your dick is painfully erect, as she knows.

Kimberly unclasps her bra and tosses it to you. You inhale deeply and look at her tits in front of your face, which are finally bouncing free. She giggles as she brings her erect nipples inches from your face before standing up again.

She turns around and bends over, showing her panties stretched over her tight ass. She puts her thumbs into the waistband, and pulls her panties slowly off her curvy butt. You’re almost drooling by the time she’s done and she stuffs the panties in your mouth. They taste of a woman in heat.

She now sits her completely naked form on your lap and begins grinding like crazy. She reaches behind you to grab a lever on the couch and pulls it, making it stretch out so you’re completely flat on your back and she’s dry humping the shit out of you.

Kimberly is rubbing her hot, wet, naked pussy along the length of your erection with only your boxers in between. You can see that she’s as close to cumming as you are. In a couple of minutes, she arches her back and screams as her pussy juices itself around your rod, and this sets you off and you shoot your load in your boxers, with some of it spilling out on your stomach. Once you’re both done, she turns off the camera, takes some of your cum in her finger and tastes it naughtily.

“That was fucking awesome,” she says. You couldn’t agree more.

The End