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(Clip For Sale, continued by mojo...)

“Well,” you tell her, “I’ve arranged for three adult video actors to be in this film.”

“That sounds awesome, you mean professionals?” Kimberly replies.

“Yes, they have lots of experience.”

“Who are they?” Kimberly asks, burning with curiosity.

“Two are males and there’s one beautiful shemale. The men are bisexual.”

“I can’t wait to meet them!” she says eagerly. “You know this will be my first shoot. I am a little nervous.”

You quickly reassure her. “Don’t be nervous. They know how to put you at ease in front of the camera . You won’t even know you’re being filmed.

Kimberly laughs. “You’re so thoughtful.”

You lean over and, just as you are about to kiss her, there’s a knock on the hotel room door. “Sounds like they’re here.”

You open the door and one of them says, “We’re from Empire Films.”

You smile. “Come right in, we’ve been waiting for you.”

Two men and a woman enter the room. You introduce yourself and Kimberly.

Kimberly smiles, noticing how handsome the men are, their shirts betraying their muscular bodies. “Happy to meet you,” she says shyly.

The woman says, “Oh I’m sorry, I forgot the introductions. She is a brunette with a gorgeous face and full lips. She’s wearing a black dress, high heels, and large hoop earings. ”My name is Shelly and this is Burt,“ she continues, pointing to the taller of the two.

The other man speaks up. “I’m Cal.”

“Well,” you say, “Kimberly here wants to be a porn star and we understand you have been in the business for some time.”

“We have ten years experience,” Shelly assures you.

“That means a lot. This is Kimberly’s first time having sex in front of a camera.”

Shelly turns to Kimberly. “Don’t worry, we will make any inhibitions melt away. Let’s start getting you ready.”

While you set up the camera gear, Shelly helps Kimberly with her costume and makeup. “You’ll be just fine. To be a star in this business it’s necessary to be better than the competition.”

“How?” Kimberly asks.

“By offering something different and showing that your sensuality is real and that your passion is real. Too many try to fake it and, despite their good looks, they fail. A big part is how you approach the camera.”

“I’m listening,” says Kimberly.

“Well, Shelly continues, ”You can’t lie to the camera. It can spot a phony performance so it is necessary for you to make the camera believe that it’s watching real passion.“

“I’m beginning to understand,” nods Kimberly.

Shelly smiles and kisses her on the cheek. “Just let your body lead you to wherever it wants to go.” She opens her makeup bag. “Now let’s see how you should look. First, remove all your clothes.”

Kimberly unbuttons her blouse, bends over and removes her shoes and slips off her skirt.

You have a gorgeous body,“ says Shelly admiringly. ”Take off your bra and panties.“

Shelly helps her unhook her bra and Kimberly put her thumbs inside the elastic and slips off her panties.

“How do I look?” asks Kimberly, twisting her naked body from side to side.

“You have all the necessary equipment, you just need some enhancement for the camera,” says Shelly. She lays her makeup bag on the bed and pulls out a tube of lipstick. She twists the bottom and a color appears that is almost fluorescent. “The camera loves this color. Here, apply it generously.”

Kimberly moves the lipstick back and forth over her lips until she is satisfied with a thick coat.

“Your nipples too,” instructs Shelly. She takes the tube and applies it to Kimberly’s large nipples. “There, the camera will be happy.”

Shelly reaches into her bag and pulls out two earrings which are two-headed snakes with ruby eyes and long diamonds at the bottom. She hooks one through each of Kimberly’s pierced ears. The she pulls out a leather thong with belt. “The camera loves this.” She helps Kimberly adjust the belt and the thong, which is very narrow in the front, running down her belly, splitting her vagina and parting in two her shapely ass.

Kimberly spins in front of the mirror and says, “Wow!”

“Not done yet,” says Shelly, pulling out a pair of glistening black spiked high heels. Kimberly, who loves shoes, immediately puts them on and they’re a perfect fit.

“Good,” says Shelly. “You’re ready to film but first I must be ready too.” She quickly applies lipstick as she looks in the mirror while applying a thick coat of red to first her upper, then her lower lip. “A girl must always be ready for the camera,” she says softly, rubbing the lipstick on each nipple.

Shelly removes her dress, revealing her beautiful shapely legs with nylons and spiked high heels, but she keeps her black panties to remain on. Kimberly admires her sexy looks — the short black hair, her voluptuous breasts and perfect ass. “No wonder you’re a big star.”

Shelly kisses her on the lips. “After this film we’ll be saying the same about you. Everyone, meet the new porn star Kimberly. Turn around honey and let them have a look.

Kimberly turns slowly while looking over her shoulder. “Well, what do you think?”

You can’t believe the transformation.

“Beautiful,” you say, feeling your dick begin to rise. “Let the filming begin!”

The large soft mat in front of the camera serves as the stage. The two men have disrobed except for the small thongs they are wearing over their huge bulging crotches. Their large dicks are like two pythons fighting for release.

“Now,” says Shelly to Kimberly in a soft voice, “Just remember what I said and you will be fine.” She gently kisses her on the lips as all four move on to the stage.

You start filming as Burt and Cal put their arms around each other and begin kissing Shelly, then move next to Kimberly. The girls both watch as the two men part lips and begin touching tongues.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” Shelly asks Kimberly.

“Yes, so handsome!”

You continue to film as Shelly says, “Now it’s our turn.” She kisses Kimberly deeply and the two couples are now kissing side by side. Kimberly is lost in the lesbian kiss and has already forgotten you are there.

Burt and Cal remove their thongs revealing massive cocks. You can’t believe how enormous they are. Shelly is now sitting on the stage and gently pulls Kimberly toward her. “Pull down my panties, love.”

Kimberly places her left and right hand on each side of Shelly’s panties and slips them down, revealing a huge cock!

“This is your master,” says Shelly. “It is a demanding master. You must address him as ‘my master.’”

“You are my master,” says Kimberly, enraptured by the shemale’s veiny cock.

“Your master wants you to suck him.”

You zoom in as Kimberly begins to suck Shelly’s cock, licking and sucking until it is dripping wet.

“Your master says your mouth feels so good! Are you happy to please him?”

“Mmmm yes…” says Kimberly, still slurping away.

Burt and Cal move to sit next to each other. Kimberly is in front of Burt and Shelly, sitting in front of Cal.

Burt says to Kimberly, “I love to suck my own dick. Do you like watching?”

Kimberly nods.

“While I suck my dick I want you to lick your pussy.” Kimberly smiles and nods, while you are privately skeptical that they can both pull off this feat.

Burt leans forward and begins gently stroking his cock until it is up to his mouth. Kimberly watches as he licks his own shaft and the head. Then she grabs her legs, leans back and extends her tongue until she feels it touch her vaginal lips. She then begins licking and tasting herself. She watches as Burt sucks his cock faster and faster while she matched him by licking faster and faster.

You zoom the camera out to reveal that Cal and Shelly are sucking their own cocks too. Shelly has hers between her breasts and as soon as the scene is over the two couples rise. Burt and Cal approached Kimberly as you keep filming.

Shelly brings out a matted platform which stands at an angle allowing the camera a full view. Attached to the platform are four handcuffs.

Kimberly lies back on the platform and spreads her arms so Burt can lock each hand in place. She then spreads her legs, allowing each ankle to be locked. Cal then removes her leather thong and she is now ready for her big scene.

You feel your dick get even harder as you film. Burt and Cal approach Kimberly, Burt on the left and Cal on the right. First Burt kisses Kimberly who feigns indifference. Cal does the same and Kimberly pretends to be similarly uninterested. Then Burt pulls out his whip and slides the handle between her pussy lips.

Kimberly can feel her passion rise she begins to love these two cruel males. Cal produces a whip and lets it coil around each breast. She can feel her nipples harden as the pain leads to pleasure. Pain then pleasure.

Burt leans over again. Kimberly can feel the cuffs tighten as he kisses her hard. This time she softly returns his kiss. Cal, on the other side, kisses Kimberly hard. She returns his kiss, slightly parting her lips, then turns to Burt who is now running the whip down one leg.

“You’re my bitch,” Burt says matter-of-factly.

Kimberly nods and kisses him as she feels his dominance. This time their tongues touch. She turns to Cal who is running his whip down her left leg.

“Tell me, are you my bitch?” Cal asks.

“Yes, I’m your bitch,” whispers Kimberly and they kiss.

Shelly now approaches Kimberly and places her breasts in front of her lips. Kimberly begins to lick each nipple and gently suck them. Shelly then returns the favor and Kimberly is clearly loving it.

Burt moves between her anchored legs and, using both hands, spreads the lips of her vagina. He slides his huge cock inside her, and from the wide look of Kimberly’s eyes she can feel him all the way up to her belly button. Burt starts thrusting slowly in and out, grinding his pubis against her clit. He kisses her and she returns his kiss, thinking that he’ll her in two. As he thrusts faster and faster she can feel her juices flow but she’s trying not to cum.

Burt then moves off her and Cal kisses her passionately. Kimberly feigns indifference again but can’t sustain the act when she feels his huge shaft part the lips of her vagina and his thumb rub against her clit. Cal starts fucking her in earnest and she wants to put her arms around him but can’t. She starts moaning and screaming into his mouth as they kiss, burying her tongue in his mouth.

Cal then withdraws to make way for Shelly. The two are now kissing passionately as they can taste each other’s lipstick. Kimberly almost screams as Shelly puts her huge cock into her wet vagina, “I love you I love you!”

“Are you my bitch?” asks Shelly.

“You know I am,” pants Kimberly.

You keep filming as the last scene unfolds. Burt and Cal are now on all fours as Cal spread his legs, allowing Burt to begin anal sex. As Burt pounds his cock deeper into Cal, Kimberly moves behind Burt. Needing no direction, Burt spreads his ass with both hands. Kimberly allows her boobs to touch his ass and lowers her mouth. As Burt keeps thrusting, Kimberly begins to lick his ass, allowing her tongue to move deeper between his buns, tasting him and licking his asshole. Shelly is now kneeling behind Kimberly, using her finger to probe Kimberly’s ass. She spreads Kimberly’s ass until her hole is wide and then probes deep inside with her tongue.

Finally you say “Cut.” Your pants are wet with cum.

Kimberly smiles and asks, “How did I do?”

Shelly tells her she was great, then turns to you and says, “A star is born!”

The End