Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Twiggy...)

You get out a ring from your pocket, a simple silver one, and hold it in front of Kimberly’s face. “My grandfather gave me this ring, as a joke I guess. He said if I wore it, I could get anyone to do anything I told them to.” Just thinking of this starts to make your cock grow. “It’s obviously a lie, but I thought it might be a good idea for a video.”

She looks at the ring and seems content. “Sounds simple enough, but are you sure it’ll get people excited though?” she asks devilishly.

“Trust me, letting a guy pretend he’s got complete control over a body like yours? You might even get known.” You’re not lying — you’ve often fantasized about having Kimberly’s amazing body under your control, and this would let you come so close to fulfilling that.

“Okay,” she says happily, “I’m a good actress, plus all I have to do is listen to you, so that’s less pressure on me, just don’t tell me to do anything weird, yeah? Otherwise I’d have to say no and we’d have to start again.”

It is disappointing knowing she won’t actually be obeying you, but you’ll take what you can get. “Of course not,” you assure her.

Kimberly lies on the bed in her robe as you set the camera up and get into position. Then you call, “action!”

“What are you doing in here?” she asks, a little too dramatically.

“Don’t worry about that, don’t worry about a thing,” you reply, and make sure the camera catches you putting on the ring. “Stand up” you order her, with the ring fully fastened.

Kimberly does as she’s told, getting off the bed and standing before you.

“Now untie your robe.”

As the fluffy robe falls to her sides, you see what she was hiding. She’s wearing a matching set of small, black lacy underwear, amplifying her perky tits, toned abs, and amazing body. Your penis gets totally hard in your pants as you stare at her small, perfect frame.

“Now drop the gown, and turn for me.”

In a flash the robe hits the floor and she sensually turns her body, her smooth round ass swaying slowly and her tiny waist twisting as she turns. You decide it’s time to push your luck.

“Come here, and undo my belt, slut!” You didn’t mean to say “slut” but it slipped out as you put yourself into one of your fantasies. But there’s no objection from Kimberly. Her knees drop to the floor, her hands rub up your upper legs, going around your massive erection, then begin undoing your belt, not breaking eye contact with you. The belt comes off in her hands, and she drops it on the floor.

“Now the fly,” you say in a dark tone.

“Whatever you say,” she replies, and it really gets you going, so much so that you’re forgetting it’s an act.

“Call me master or sir,” you reply.

Again, without wait, she looks at you and says, “yes sir,” before rubbing her hands on your pants and slowly undoing your fly. You begin to think how amazing she is at this, and then start to wonder whether your grandfather was lying about the ring. Of course he was, right?

“Take them off.”

You see Kimberly’s eyes light up as your naked cock bounces up when it’s freed. She smiles looking at it, obviously enjoying this. “Is this turning you on, bitch?” you ask her.

“Yes master,” she replies with an excited sigh.

“Go ahead, you can play with it if you want.”

As soon as you finish your sentence her small hands ravage your cock, pumping it up and down with excitement. You hear her groan happily. God she’s amazing at this, you feel like you’re almost ready to cum right there and then. And then you really decide to test the ring.

“Pump it hard until I cum on your face and body, you whore!” you groan, and her petite fingers begin working your dick even more, pulling back as far as she can, gripping your bell-end as she passes it. It only takes about a minute before her grip gets tighter as you unload all over her.

Kimberly is covered in sticky semen, all over her face and her chest, as it flows out furiously. Her face lights up as you soak her and she looks pleased. Would Kimberly really have let you do that if she wasn’t mind-controlled for real?

“Go and wipe yourself,” you command, and she does. She comes back dry, her silky skin reddened by where the towel rubbed her. She’s way too obedient for this to be an act.

You turn off the camera.

She doesn’t say a word. She just stands there still, in her black underwear, staring at you.

“Sit on the bed,” you say.

“Yes master,” she answers, and does so. You can’t believe it, the ring works! She wouldn’t still be listening after turning the camera off otherwise. “Rub your pussy for me.”

Her hand slides into her panties and she slowly starts pleasuring herself. Her face starts twisting as she moans, biting her lip and looking at you. She was already turned on.

“Okay, stop.”

Again she’s sitting there, still. You need to really check one last time that she isn’t still acting. You walk up to her, standing right in front of her, her pretty face staring up at you. You slap her across the cheek. She squeals a little, her hair falling as she looks back at you, saying nothing, just gazing lustfully at you. You grab her cheeks with your hand, hard. “You like that, slut?” you ask her.

“Yes master,” her pinched mouth replies.

“Did you set this porn filming up so you could fuck me?” you ask, knowing she has to tell you the truth.

“Yes, I’ve always wanted your cock inside me,” she admits.

You’re already fully hard again as she’s talking to you. You grab her hair and make her head look up right at you. “What did you want me to do to you?”

“I’ve always dreamed you’d fuck me hard, master,” she answers truthfully.

Enough talk, time to play with these powers. You grab her face again, and push her back against the bed. You start furiously making out with her, throwing your shirt off, and using your hands to rub her whole body as you play with her tongue.

You order Kimberly to bend over the bed and she does so instantly. Her perfect ass is exposed, her tight underwear showing off both of her cheeks.

“Stay still,” you command, and bring a hand down to her ass, jolting her forward as you redden her skin. You slap her butt again, listening to her squeals each time you do. You keep it up, until both of her cheeks are red raw, then you rub your cock in between her ass cheeks, lean forward, and pull her hair towards you.

“Get back on your knees you filthy whore,” you tell her. Your cock feels like it’s going to burst again after that spanking. Her face is in front of it again, more red and sweaty than before. “Give me the best blow job you’ve ever given anyone!”

Kimberly’s lips wrap around your shaft, taking every inch into her throat. You grab a fistful of her hair and force her face into you, hearing her gag and choke as your tip hits the back of her throat, but she doesn’t stop. Her warm mouth carries on sucking.

“Faster,” you command, and her pace quickens, her lips going up and down your rock-hard penis like her life depends on it. “Take off your bra,” you order, and without even slowing down her amazing throat-fuck, she rips her bra off and drops it to the floor. You look down and see her perfect breasts, soft and round, her nipples fully erect.

You hold Kimberly’s nose as she keeps on blowing. Her face turn reds as she grabs your body, but she’s still not stopping. “Stop sucking,” you eventually command, and she pulls back, cum all over her mouth, dripping onto her tits as she gasps for air.

You put a hand around her neck and order her to lie on the bed. You follow her until she’s in position awaiting her next command. You slide your hand from her throat, over her hard nipple, feeling her smooth stomach, and reaching her panties. They’re soaking, your actions and orders doing nothing but turning her on. Even just resting your hand above her underwear seems to be pleasuring her sensitive area.

You slide Kimberly’s panties down her legs, revealing her soaking pussy. You’ve always wanted to fuck that hole, and now it’s yours. You take the wet underwear and ball it up. “Open your mouth” you tell her, as you ram her own pussy-soaked undies into her sexy little mouth. “Don’t let them fall,” you order again, as she bites down hard on them.

You pause to take a look at this gorgeous, naked slut lying in front of you, her breasts damp from your cum, and the sheets damp from hers. You put your hands on her hips as you begin kissing her breasts, licking and molesting them. You look at her face, tilting and moaning in pleasure, then watch her jaws clamp down on her underwear as you bite one hard nipple, and then the other. You kiss her chest, then her abs, and then you put your hands on her thighs, push them against the bed, and start licking her.

Kimberly starts wriggling and groaning loudly as you pleasure her — she’s obviously wanted this for a long time. Every time you flick your tongue she jolts, and gets louder. “Mmmmm, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she tries to shout as you get faster. Her legs start kicking and her toes begin to curl. She grasps the bed sheets as she tries to call your name through her gag.

Just as she’s about to reach possibly the biggest orgasm of her life, you stop. She almost screams as you pull away, looking at you with desperate eyes. You get on top of her, one hand on her neck, the other on her arm, staring into her eyes, and ram your cock into her tight hole. Her eyes roll back as you thrust into her. Every time you pull out, and shove back in, she moans and looks faint.

You start to get quicker as you both get hornier. She tries to beg you to go harder, and starts choking on the juices coming from her panties. You fuck her furiously like an animal, groaning as your cock destroys her, speeding in and out of her soaking wet pussy. You feel her begin to tighten, her head starts jolting up and down and she starts to scream into her gag.

You cum aggressively into Kimberly’s hole as she throws her head back and moans loud enough for the whole town to hear. Every thrust pushes her whole body up and down as she gets weaker, covered in sweat and panting from exhaustion.

You sit back up and look at the worn-out slut in front of you, her whole perfect body soaking and tired. You look at the ring. You could order her to try a different position, or get some toys, or do anything else you want to do. She could be your sex slave for as long as you want. Surely you couldn’t keep fucking her friend over and over again, could you?

The End