Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Jacob Crow...)

“I was thinking maybe some dress up… you know, like a nurse,” you suggest.

Kimberly smiles at the idea, clearly exited to try it out. “That’s great and it’s convenient!” she says.

It turns out she has a few old Halloween costumes from back when she was a teenager. Lucky for you, every single one is sexual in some way, including a nurse costume.

“Go get it then,” you order.

She is so excited to get started she doesn’t even wait for you to finish. While she gets ready, you set up the camera.

“I’m ready!” Kimberly walks out with a sexy nurse outfit on. “How do I look?” she asks, fishing for a compliment.

You started pitching a tent as soon as she walked out. If you had it your way you’d throw her down and fuck her right there. It is the stereotypical nurse outfit, pearl-white with a small white hat. It is small, fitting around her body well, showing her nice curves. It is partially unbuttoned, with her cleavage almost spilling out. The only thing stopping it is a small button below her breasts. The skirt is short enough to show all of her strong legs, and it fits around her butt to make it plump and juicy. To top it off she’s thrown on a blonde wig.

“Amazing,” you stutter with lust.

“Great!” She teases you by bouncing her breasts. She gets on to the bed and you bring the camera over to her.

“I’m going to let you take over. Just create a story to go along with the costume.”

She nods and gets ready.

“Three… two… one… action!”

Kimberly looks at the camera with worry in her eyes, and speaks softly. “Oh you poor baby, no man should feel inadequate.”

She folds her arms under her breasts and pushes them up, all the while talking in that soft sympathetic voice.

“The doctor tells me you’ve been struggling to get erect lately. How horrible! I want to help you be a man again baby. We’ll start by having you pull it out.”

You’re so tempted to pull your own cock out.

“Good job, and if you behave I’ll give a sucker. Now then.”

She looks down at your cock for a reference.

“Limp dicked… poor baby, let me see if I can get it up for you.”

She pops the one button off, leaving her breasts free to fall out. They sway back and forth, the pink nipples hard as bullets.

“Hopefully these girls get it rising, you like big tits right?”

You move the camera up and down to show the response, not even bothering to hide your erection.

“Good, so I’ll shake then for you, but you need to start stroking.”

Instead of the camera she points directly at you. You can take a hint, and gladly drop your pants and hold your cock tight.

“Let’s get started.” Kimberly cups her tits in her hands and bounces the large funbags. “Pretend your cock’s between these titties. Feel the soft skin engulfing your cock.” She starts bouncing wildly, slapping them around. “You love feeling my feminine rack jerk you, don’t you baby?”

She stops shaking her boobs and starts playing with her erect nipples. “Okay… now I want you to suck on my nipples here, suck the milk out of them.”

She let’s drool drip down to each of her tits. She then lifts her left breast and starts licking the tip, before biting down on it. “Mmmph… like this.”

Kimberly then brings the other nipple to her mouth and places both inside. She holds each nipple in her mouth and drops her hands. She can hold both tits up by the nipples, using only the suction of her mouth! Eventually she lets go with a loud smack of her lips. Her boobs fall back with saliva dripping off each tit.

You can’t take it anymore. You’ve been jerking non-stop and it had to blow. With one hard jerk the sperm shoots out.

Kimberly smiles at the mess you’ve made, clearly happy with the results. “Well, it seems like you’ve regained your manhood! Well done, I’m so proud of you. Feel free to shoot your load, I don’t mind.”

“Cut,” you pant.

“Nice, so clean this up while I watch the video.” Kimberly then grabs the camera and takes off with it.

You get down and scrub the shit out of the rug, all the while thinking of those beautiful breasts.

The End