Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Rex7...)

“Let’s pretend you’re a Teaching Assistant?” you nervously suggest.

“Okay, that’s cool,” replies Kimberly. “I have a pair of glasses and a slutty teacher outfit as well.”

As you finish setting up the lighting and cameras in the motel room, you feel long nails claw your back softly.

“You will fail this class unless you give me all the extra work right now,” she says after she sits in the chair across from you.

“What is that extra credit, Ms. Kimberly?”

She slowly unbuttons her top and leaves only one button left in her white blouse. She walks to you and quickly whispers in your ear, “I need you to learn the equation of motor boating!” She then quickly rips the last button down and her gigantic boobs are let loose. You shove your face right into tits like a competitive pie eater.

“This lesson is over,” says Kimberly suddenly, ripping her tit from your mouth before your first lick. Your eyes water from happiness. This is only the start. Kimberly proceeds to strip down to a small black thong only. She lets down her hair as she knows you like girls you can tug on.

“Today, you are learning about how to give back massages with natural oils.”

You think to yourself, “Wow, she brought costumes and oil? Is this just a dream or an erotic story?”

You zone back in, and realize your dream ass is slowing shaking two inches away from your dick. You remember this is for “money” and not the pleasure, so you grab the bottle of oil and lather your hands.

Kimberly moans, “Come on, I’m cramping up everywhere…”

You rub her back gently, as she moans softly while her body shakes from the excitement. You grab her long hair and play with it in one hand.

“Not just yet, get your homework done first,” she mumbles as her massage pushes her face into a pillow.

You grab her ass softly, role-playing for the video, and start to press your pants up against her ass crack.

“Mmm… press harder sweetie,” she whispers loudly.

You look at her hair again, and fantasize about tugging it like you are playing tug of war. You then get tired of rubbing her butt with your hard cock in your pants, and you roll her over onto her back. You place a blindfold over her face to keep what you are about to do a secret until you are ready.

Expecting her front massage, Kimberly whines, “Are you ready yet? I’m going to leave soon if you don’t finish this massage.”

You then grab her face and shove a red ball gag from her bag straight to her mouth.

“Mhmhbmhb!” she tries to yell but is not understandable.

You take rope from her bag, and tie her to the four corners of the bed, ass up.

Kimberly mumbles something that sounds like “Nothing up my ass!”

“I do what I want to things I own!” Your pants drop and you stick your giant cock into her and start to thrust slowly.

“Mmh Mmh… MMH!” she moans.

You speed up very soon and smash her ass against your thighs, and she starts to shake from the pure pleasure. You then grab her hair and begin to yank it like a dentist yanking a tooth. Her head bobbles back and forth as you destroy her.

You take a break so that this dream will last forever. You take the ball gag out of her mouth.

“Please, a little easier next time,” Kimberly asks. “Untie me please, daddy.”

You pop the ball gag back in and tie her hair into one long tail. You put her in a hogtie, and tie her legs together tight. You take your belt and tie her hands together behind her back. She looks unhappy but you proceed to finish what you started. You grab her hair, and rub it against your face before you pick her up and put her on your shoulder.

Kimberly screams and tries to get down, but you slam her against the bed. Boobs out, you motorboat her again, then take her ball gag out.

“What the hell is this? Let me out of this!”

“We have a video to record,” you reply as you look at the camera together, one of you with a pervy smile and the other exceedingly nervous.

You slap Kimberly with your cock and then slam it into her red lipstick-covered lips. You feel her tongue swivel around the head, and feel the cum traveling up your cock.

“This can’t be it, I need something something better,” you think. You take a chair nearby, and pick her back up.

Kimberly tries to talk again but you untie her arms and grab one arm and her hair in your other hand, and you have her ride you on the chair. You lock lips and furiously fuck until you feel a tingle inside her.

“Don’t cum!” she screams before she cums all over your cock.

Your sex drive takes over as you throw her ass down on the bed, and rock her ass with your fat cock.

“Kimberly?” You look at her, and realize the sex has knocked her out before you could cum. You then open her pussy lips for your cock, and shove it in while you suck on her tits.

After slamming her missionary for a while, you finally nut all over her face. You take the cameras and all the footage, leave, cover your face in the video and post it to pornsites.

Kimberly never calls back, but the video proves it wasn’t a dream.

The End