Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Anonymous...)

You decide to take control, and while she is dry humping you you push her panties to the side and your penis up. Entering her, you both groan. Her eyes widen.

“I definitely wanted this!” you sigh.

Kimberly is still on top and starts bouncing on your cock. Slow at first, getting use to you being inside her, then after a few seconds she starts speeding up to a steady rhythm.

You can’t believe that Kimberly is fucking you, let alone that you’re recording it. She continues to bounce on your cock at a steady rhythm. “Remember to tell me when you need to cum. We are still brother and sister. I can’t have your cum inside me.”

As she finishes saying that you feel your cum building up, and decide to surprise her, figuring it’s probably the only chance you’ll get. Without warning you open the floodgates and feel your load blasting straight into her unprotected pussy.

“What the fu-”

You push Kimberly off you and cum into her open mouth and face, getting some in her hair and watch as it drips off her chin in between her tits. She is in complete shock.

“Remember to swallow, otherwise mum and dad might find out,” you warn.

She glares at you as she swallows the cum. You smile, turn and walk out of the room. Shutting the camera off you walk back in. “That was amazing, Kimberly!”

“You fucking came in my pussy! What the fuck were you thinking!”

“I didn’t pull out fast enough,but don’t worry. Most of it is on your face,” you smile reassuringly. “Anyway, they love cream pies on these sites. You gave them both!”

“Really? They do?”

“Yeah! You’ll be a hit with a video like this.”

“Alright then, I guess. But next time you’re wearing a condom!”

’She’s planning a next time?’ you think to yourself. “Alright, when is next time then?”

“I guess we could do another one tomorrow, if that works for you? I need to do a few if I want to get popular!” she says, grabbing a wipe to clean your cum. “And you can definitely cum in my mouth again, it tastes great!”

“Alright then, Kimberly, I’ll see you tomorrow for the second show!”

You’ve got plenty of other ideas!

The End