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(Clip For Sale, continued by Anonymous...)

You decide to take control, pushing Kimberly off you and onto her back. “Open wide,” you say, with precum and her pussy juice dripping off your cock.

She smirks at you and opens as wide as she can, taking the opportunity you stick your cock as far down her throat as it will go. You can feel her gagging on your cock as you hold yourself there for a couple of seconds before pulling out again.

“I’ve always loved your mouth, sis,” you say, smiling at Kimberly. You then plow straight back into her mouth and start face-fucking her into the headboard.

You can’t believe that you’re face fucking Kimberly and she’s letting you do it as rough as you are. Kimberly is focusing on breathing over anything else, tears streaming down her face and wrecking her makeup.

You continue to brutally plow into her mouth, getting your cock as far back into her throat as you can before pulling out to just the tip sitting on her lips, going so fast that it’s almost a blur.

After ten minutes of face-fucking Kimberly you start to feel the cum building up in your balls. Looking down at her you decide you want to cum as deep into her throat, and so just when you feel like you’re about to cum you ram your cock as deep down into her throat as you possibly can and start unloading. Kimberly starts gagging on all the cum you’re depositing and you decide that you better pull out and continue to cum all over her face. Considering the amount of cum you put into her belly you’re surprised to find that you’ve given her a sizable amount on her face, so much so that it’s getting in her hair and it starts drips off her chin between her tits.

Kimberly looks up at you and opens her mouth to show you your seed on her tongue. She plays with it for a couple of seconds before she swallows as much as she can and smiles up at you. She starts scooping up all the cum from her face and deposits it into her mouth, licking her fingers clean. “That was amazing!” she says appreciatively.

You can’t help but stare at her covered in your cum, she looks beautiful. You remember that you are in fact recording and walk out of the room to turn it off. When you reenter she is sat scooping the cum from her tits and playing with it between her fingers. As you walk up to her she sucks on the end of your cock cleaning any cum from that before looking up at you

“Fucking hell, Kimberly, you enjoyed that didn’t you!”

She replies with a smile and licks one last finger clean. “If I knew you had this amazing cock, I would’ve done it a long time ago! I want to go again tomorrow, and next time you’re going deep inside my pussy,” she says opening her legs wide. “I didn’t even get off!”

“I can help with that,” you reply, kneeling down between her legs. Using two fingers you go into her pussy and start licking the clit. As you continue to finger-fuck her pussy you can feel yourself starting to get hard again, but figure it’s best if you wait until tomorrow to actually fuck her.

“I’m nearly there!” she shrieks, eyes closed and a face of pure bliss. Your fingers are almost of blur at this point and you are ready, waiting for her to cum all over them. She starts to scream as you feel her start to cum. You remove your fingers from her pussy and start sucking her clit dry, drinking as much of her cum as you can get.

Kimberly starts recovering and sits up looking at you with a satisfied grin on her face. “Wow, that was amazing.”

You smirk down at her as you start cleaning up your fingers and mouth from her cum, then you dress ready to leave. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow for the second show?”

You can’t wait to get inside that pussy.

The End