Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Diesel...)

“Well, if you really want to get attention, you should do the schoolgirl fantasy thing. You know, plaid skirt, white shirt, little tie?” you suggest.

“Well, that is kind of hot. Even I like to check that out when I watch porn,” Kimberly says. “I guess I could try that. Have some fun with blowjobs. Every guy loves his dick in a girl’s mouth. I could get dressed up, and the guy comes in and has to punish me for misbehaving. A few spanks, a little finger bang, and next thing you know he’s shoving his cock down my throat! I love that!” she quips.

You feel your cock begin to stir in your pants. You squirm a bit and adjust your crotch as your meat begins to stiffen. “Go on, tell me more. Uh… about your creative concept for this shot,” you stammer. Really, you just want to hear this hottie talking about deep-throating, and you’ve got a few suggestions of your own to add.

“Well, maybe I let him unload one deep in my mouth and just keep sucking him to keep him hard. Can you imagine the cum frothing in my throat, bubbling out my lips and down my chin? Dripping onto my tits? Humm… I’m getting kind of horny just talking about it! I can see you’re pretty interested yourself…” Kimberly notes as she checks out your now huge bulge in your pants. “Any ideas you’d like to share?” she questions.

“Oh yeah! You would need a good hard fuck after that for sure. The camera gets a close-up of that glistening wet stiff pole sliding in and out, your pussy lips wrapped tight around the shaft. You reach down and finger your clit, flicking it around until you can’t handle it and you orgasm! I’m not done with you yet though,” you continue, before you realize what you just said.

“You’re not done with me yet? You? When did this become you fucking my brains out?” Kimberly giggles. She saunters over and rubs her hand against your crotch. She leans in and whispers, “Why don’t you show me what you would do next?”

You’re about to explode already but you regain some control. You push her down on her knees and whip out your dick, sticky pre-cum at the tip, and wipe it along her lips. She opens her mouth and you slowly slip it in, deeper and deeper until you hit the back of her mouth. She pauses, looks up at you with her big eyes, and swallows, sliding your helmet down into her throat. Again and again she throats you.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna unload!” you exclaim in ecstasy.

Kimberly doesn’t flinch, just looks up at you with those eyes and holds you deep while mumbling something like, “Do it!”

You unleash a torrent down her throat and she swallows like a champ. After you’re done pulsating, she slides your dick from her mouth. She stands up and strips down naked.

“And then what would you do to me?” she smiles.

Without a thought you spin her around, bend her over the edge of the couch, spread her cheeks and dive in with your tongue, licking her butt hole. You stab it with your tongue and get her good and lubed with spit.

“Are you gonna-” she starts, but you don’t wait. You’re behind her and jam your wood right into her asshole. “-fuck my ass?” she manages to squeal out as you start to drive her. Her little asshole is so tight it grabs your cock each time you slide out, swelling out around her ring. Then you plunge in again, each time a little deeper.

“Oh teacher, I’ve been so bad! Punish me!” Kimberly moans, getting back into the roleplay. She’s working her clit like crazy and soon she begins to orgasm, her juices running down her thighs. By now you are ramming it all the way to your balls, so deep in her backside your nuts are slapping her butt cheeks. One final plunge and you bury it in her ass to unload. Your pulsating cock shoots gobs of cum up her butthole as you both collapse.

Slowly you withdraw, the anal creampie bubbling out of her. She reaches a finger back and scoops some up, taking it to her mouth, all the while staring into your eyes.

“I loved that! You were so hot! The way you just took me… will you do the videos with me?” Kimberly asks.

Looks like this is the beginning of a very hot partnership.

The End