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(Clip For Sale, continued by Ho...)

You stare at Kimberly, who is in a plush white bathrobe that is loosely tied at the waist. Well, not really tied, the belt is just loosely folded over, not really holding anything together. You can see her soft skin through the gap in the front of the robe and can see a little tuft of wispy pubic hair. You don’t realize how much time has gone by while you are entranced by the view until she calls to you.

“Heeeeyyy! Can we get started?” Kimberly calls to you with a big grin on her face.

“I’m…so…sorry. It’s just that you have such an amazing body!” you blurt out.

Kimberly stands up and let the robe fall from her shoulders. “Glad you like it. I know you steal glances at my tits and ass whenever you think I’m not going to notice. It always turned me on to know a guy like you would lust after me. I’m hoping my audience will like it too!”

She sits down after doing a slow twirl. You notice an elaborate and very well-applied eight inch wide by six inch high tramp stamp right above her lovely asscrack. You had no idea she would even consider having a tattoo, let alone such a large and elaborate one. She then grabs her ample and perky boobs as she sits down and massages them slowly as you speak. It’s very distracting, but somehow you get through presenting your idea to her without jumping on her and pounding her beautiful pussy right there and then.

“Okay. So I did some research on about a dozen porn sites and found some insertion videos that seem to generate a lot of interest,” you say to her.

“Like dildos? What’s so special about a dildo in my pussy?” Kimberly asks, looking a bit deflated.

“Well, we can do dildos and I brought a bunch in different sizes and shapes, but I’m talking about more non-conventional items being stuffed into your pussy,” you explain, hoping she will get excited about the idea.

Kimberly looks at you for a moment then says, “Hmmm… that definitely sounds more interesting. What kinds of things did you have in mind?”

You pick up your duffle bag and place it on the bed next to her. She leans in to look and her left tit pushes up against the skin of your arm. Her skin is very warm and she doesn’t seem to notice so you don’t say anything and make sure your arm stays put. Using your other arm, you pull out a bunch of vegetables, bottles of all different shapes and sizes, kitchen utensils, a set of billiard balls, a couple of cans of beer, and of course the dildos and butt plugs of all sizes… some of them impossibly big.

“Holy shit! You sure do have a fucked up imagination if you think these things are going inside my tiny pussy!” Kimberly says with wide eyes and an exasperated tone of voice.

She looks over all the stuff. “I might be willing to try the smaller zucchinis and maybe the handles of some of the kitchen utensils.”

You are seriously disappointed because you packed your duffle imagining each object being pushed into her pussy or asshole and watching her squeeze them out. Pulling out a giant bottle of lube you say, “I brought this to help!”

Kimberly looks at you and lets out a guffaw that ends in a broad smile, “Okay, let’s just start slow and see what we can stuff inside me for this video. But I want you to push the items in and out of my pussy. I don’t want to do any of the inserting. I think it will be more sexy and enticing for the audience to get a hint of helplessness about me… like these things are being done to me rather than me doing it to myself.”

Your cock springs to attention, making a large bulge in your pants. “You’re better at this video thing than I thought! I think that’s a great idea. And I’d be more than happy to help put anything inside your pussy.”

Kimberly lays back on the bed, pulls her legs up and holds the backs of her knees with her hands. She is now lying completely naked on the bed, her legs pulled apart with her pussy and tightly puckered asshole pointed directly at you. The cheeks of her ass are on the edge of the mattress so you have very easy access.

“Can you put a bunch of that lube on me? And please make sure you work as much of it into my pussy and asshole as you can. I don’t want this to hurt any more than can be helped.”

You hesitate for only a moment, and only because you can’t believe Kimberly is lying on a bed completely naked with her legs pulled apart, asking you to lube up her eagerly awaiting pussy and asshole in preparation for some serious insertions.

“No problem,” you reply, and pour a large dollop of the lube onto her pussy and asshole. Kimberly lets out a quiet squeal and smiles. “It’s cold.”

You reach over and start to rub the lube up and down her crack with your fingers. Her skin is very warm and silky feeling, and the lube makes it even better. You get so into the act of rubbing lube on her pussy you almost forgot she asked you to put it into her as well. You apply some more lube and push a finger into her. Kimberly lets out a long sigh and leans her head back. You pump your finger slowly in and out of her and agree with her that her pussy is impossibly tight. You work another finger into her and continue working both of them in and out.

“Your big fingers feel so good,” Kimberly utters.

You add a third finger and more lube. Finger-fucking her has become a serious task. One you will not fail.

Kimberly is now moaning and groaning as you bring her closer and closer to climax. You push up against the soft spongy part of her upper pussy and she takes in a large deep breath and closes her eyes tightly as she throws her head back in ecstasy. Then it happens. Kimberly screams out, “Oh my god! I’m cumming!” She shudders and her pussy clamps down on your fingers hard. Her pussy muscles are incredibly strong and you have to strain to keep your fingers inside her as she spasms in pure pleasure. Her pussy shoots out juices that soak your entire hand.

Kimberly calms down as her orgasm subsides. You make no move to remove your fingers from her still-twitching pussy and she doesn’t try to make you remove them.

A few minutes later, your fingers still buried in her, she mentions something about a video.

Reluctantly, you pull your fingers out of her and the two of you start filming. She must have gotten very turned on by your finger-fuck because she is willing to put pretty much anything inside her pussy or asshole. Kimberly manages to insert several different sizes of zucchini, carrots, bananas, cucumbers, and you are both very surprised at how deep you are able to push those veggies into her pussy and butt. She gets what must have been a sixteen-inch cucumber all the way inside her asshole, then most of a very large zucchini in her pussy at the same time.

You and Kimberly manage to record about an hour and half of video that you can edit into two clips. You think the day is done and start cleaning up. You can still smell her pussy on your fingers and your hard-on never went away.

“I want to thank you for helping me make this video. Can I take care of that issue in your crotch?” Kimberly asks with a sultry smile as she leans back and pulls her legs apart by holding the backs of her knees with her hands.

You can’t believe your luck and strip down in no time. You stand at the foot of the bed mere inches from Kimberly’s glowing body. Your aching cock that has been hard as rock for over two hours is freely leaking precum that oozes out and travels down your shaft. Kimberly notices and asks, “Do you have any condoms? I’m not on any birth control. I really want to fuck your big cock, but if I get pregnant with your baby, it will be very hard to explain how it happened.”

“No. Unfortunately I do not. Let me wipe away the precum and stroke out any that might be inside my shaft. And we can be very careful as I get closer to cumming,” you irresponsibly suggest.

Kimberly looks you up and down, looks at your hard cock and says, “Okay. But we have to be very careful about getting me pregnant.” She probably means not getting her pregnant but you hear what you hear. You take your shirt and carefully wipe down your leaking cock until she is satisfied there is no more cum on it.

You position yourself at the entrance to Kimberly’s pussy. You stroke your cock a couple of times and can see a drop of precum has come out. Kimberly can’t see it so she can’t object. You press the head of your cock on her pussy lips and almost lose it because of the heat. You feel a little more precum leak out and you squeeze the base of your cock as hard as you can to stop yourself from cumming before you can fuck her. You squeeze a few times and stop yourself from a full cum, but you can feel some travelling out of your overstimulated balls and into your shaft. You quickly push into Kimberly’s pussy as your jism shoots out of the tip of your cock.

Kimberly groans, “Ngggghhh… your cock feels so good… and… ugh… you are making me so wet!” She doesn’t know it’s actually your cum that is providing the moisture!

You pump in and out of Kimberly’s tight and eager pussy, and she is so tight and her pussy muscles are so strong it feels like she has your cock in a vice grip each time you pull out. It’s like her pussy is saying, “No, no, no! You need to keep that lovely thing deep inside!”

Several times over the next twenty minutes you think you’re going to blast her insides with a massive load, but each time you push in to the hilt, and will the muscles right below the base of your cock to squeeze tightly and avert the full orgasm. So far you have been successful, but each time a trickle of cum travels down your shaft and gets deposited inside Kimberly. Each time you can feel it is more than the time before. You continue to fuck her pussy and can feel your orgasm rising again. You push in hard and squeeze for your life. You never want this to end, and you want your cock to stay inside her pussy forever. It doesn’t help that Kimberly cums on your cock four times, each time her pussy squeezing and milking you for your precious baby batter.

The strain of keeping yourself from cumming is so great that your whole body shakes and your skin from head to toe is sweating. You are dripping sweat from your head onto Kimberly’s face, which she doesn’t seem to mind. She even licks up the drops that land near her lips. The strain is too much and although you did your best to squeeze it off, a large jet of cum shoots into her pussy.

“Oh my god! I felt your cum shooting into me!” Rather than push you off, Kimberly wraps her arms and legs around your body, pulling you in closer. You are still trying to avert a full orgasm inside her, but another jet of cum shoots out and into her. Kimberly pulls you in tighter with her legs and says in a guttural voice, “That one felt better than the first…” as she reaches down with one arm, grabs your bloated testicles and pulls them to her.

This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You stop trying to hold back your orgasm, pump twice into Kimberly and push in as hard as you can and hold your cock inside her as you scream out, “Aaaarrrggghh!” Jet after jet of cum blasts her insides as her powerful pussy does its best to milk every last drop. Her hand squeezes your balls from below as if she is trying to squeeze the cum from them.

You fall in a heap on top of her, both of you a sweaty mess. You stay there like that for a few minutes with your cock buried inside her. She is lazily massaging your balls with her hands and her legs are still tightly wrapped around your ass, preventing you from moving.

Kimberly looks up at you and leans in for a kiss. When you come up for air, she says with a wry smile, “So… maybe we should do an impregnation clip next time?”

Your cock twitches inside her at the thought and leaks a little more cum. “Great idea!”

The End