Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Namelesstgirl...)

“I was thinking you could do it with a trans woman,” you tell Kimberly.

“Really? A trans woman?” she asks. “Do you even know any trans women?”

“Yeah I know a few of them. One of them went to our school and I’m sure she’ll be willing to come do some work with us.”

“Who is this exactly that we’re talking about?” she asks.

“Well in school she used to go by the name Chad.”

“You mean the Chad that every girl had a crush on until he came out as gay, then every girl wanted to be his friend. Is that the Chad that you’re talking about?”

“That’s exactly the Chad I’m talking about, but she now goes by Hannah.”

“Is she hot?” she asks.

“Well, you take a peek and find out.” You load up a picture of Hannah for her to see and she starts giggling.

“Wow, she looks amazing! Does she still have her penis?”

“Yeah, she still has her penis, but she’s been on hormones so long that she can no longer produce sperm, so you’ll have no risk at getting pregnant from this,” you say reassuringly.

“That’s good to hear. Call her up and see if she’s willing to do it.”

You call Hannah and see if she’s willing to come over and help out. It turns out that she’s eager. You wait thirty minutes for her to show up.

“Hey, I’m here for a little fun,” says Hannah.

“That’s good to hear!” you say as you let her in. She looks even better in person.

“I decided to wear something sexy if that’s fine with you,” she says.

“That’s what we want.”

Hannah then takes off her clothes and reveals that she’s wearing a black push-up bra that has a little lace on it, a black thong that showed off her bulge, a black garter belt, and stockings to match.

“Damn you’re hot,” says Kimberly, taking off her clothes to reveal her lingerie. She is wearing a purple push-up bra, a purple thong that shows off her pussy, a purple garter belt and some stockings to match.

You begin filming both of them as they start making out with each other.

“Oh god Hannah, you’re fantastic, let’s take this to the bed!” gasps Kimberly.

Both of them get into the bed, and start kissing more. Kimberly proceeds to take off Hannah’s bra and starts sucking on her breasts.

“Oh yeah, mommy likey,” says Hannah as she starts wanting more of Kimberly. She unhooks Kimberly’s bra and starts sucking on her nipples.

“Oh god yes,” Kimberly says. She puts her hand in her panties to feel her wet pussy. Hannah then takes Kimberly’s panties off to reveal that her pussy is dripping wet. Kimberly takes off Hannah’s panties to reveal her erect penis. Wow, Hannah’s penis is bigger than I thought, you think to yourself as your own dick is is getting harder at the sight of them having sex with each other.

Kimberly starts to suck on Hannah’s cock. “Oh fuck yes, that feels so good. Keeps sucking on my girlcock,” says Hannah.

Eventually they are both sixty-nineing each other. “Oh, your tongue feels so good,” moans Kimberly.

Hannah lies back on the bed and waits for Kimberly to cowgirl her cock. Kimberly then inserts Hannah’s cockhead inside her pussy and starts riding it. “Oh god your penis is incredible.”

Kimberly rides it until she gets tired and then eventually falls asleep right next to Hannah. You stop filming and post it on the web for everyone to see.

“Well it was nice seeing you again,” says Hannah later.

“Yeah it was nice seeing you as well,” you say. She then kisses you on the lips.

“Hannah, I’m not into trans women,” you protest.

“Yeah I know, but I have a feeling you want to try it, don’t you,” teases Hannah. “I saw the way you were looking at us when I was doing it with Kimberly.”

“Oh fuck it, come here,” you say and you start making out with her. Eventually it leads to you having sex with Hannah.

After a few days you notice that Kimberly and Hannah’s video has blown up on the internet and made you and Kimberly a lot of money. You tell Kimberly the good news and then start your career in the porn industry together.

The End