Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Ho...)

“Well Kimberly, gangbangs are getting lots of hits from what I can see…” you hint.

“How many guys are we talking about?” she asks.

“Usually around six to ten.”

“I don’t know. That’s a lot of guys. How long do these gangbangs last?”

“It depends on how much the woman is willing to let the guys do. They can be anywhere between twenty minutes to more than two hours…”

“Two hours? You mean those six guys would be fucking my pussy and mouth for two hours?”

“Yeah. And maybe anal too…”

“I’ve never had anal sex before because I always thought it was so dirty… but I’ll think about it… there definitely has to be a lot of lube involved if we decide to do this!”

You tell her she can have as much lube as she wants as you reach into your bag of tricks and pull out a giant bottle of sexlube.

“Okay, I guess we can try this. Can we cap it to about thirty minutes?”

“Sure. I’m sure that would be fine. If you think you want to do this, I actually have a bunch of guys on standby.”

“Really? Okay, when can they get here?”

You text them. “Ten minutes they say.”

“veryone has to be wearing condoms. I’m not on any birth control.”

You think quickly on your feet and respond, “Kimberly, you can certainly do whatever you want, but I’m gonna recommend against that because no one wants to see rubbers on cocks these days.”

“What if I get pregnant? How will I explain that?”

“Up to you, but we will probably only make a tiny fraction of the money possible if we make them cover up. And wasn’t that the main reason for doing this? To make money?”

“Fine! But they all have to pull out, okay? None of them can cum inside me.”

“You call the shots, Kimberly!”

Soon there is a knock on the door. You turn on the three cameras and the lights and go open the door. This is going to be very interesting.

A dozen big black guys are there, grinning like it’s their birthdays.

“Sup… where da white bitch at?” the first guy says in his rough ‘hood language. You forgot to tell Kimberly that all the guys are black and from a very rough part of downtown.

Kimberly’s eyes go wide and she backs up a few steps.

“, what is this? Who are all these black guys?”

“Oh Kimberly, I forgot to tell you the guys I had on standby are all black. But don’t worry. They will take very good care of you. Won’t you guys?”

“Yessir! We will definitely do dat white ho-ass good!” says one.

“Don’t you worry… we definitely gonna work that bitch pussy like never before!” grins another.

“She gonna get addicted to black pipe yo!” says a third.

The guys all strip in no time and they are all sporting thick black cocks. There is not one cock shorter than nine inches, most being nearly a foot long and thicker than Kimberly’s wrists.

“No , I can’t take all that dick inside me! We have to stop this now!”

You are glad all this is recorded on video for you to edit.

The guys move forward and Kimberly backs up into the edge of the bed and she falls onto the bed. She is soon surrounded by the black guys. And they start to grope at her.

“Wait… no… please no… don’t touch me… I don’t want this!” Kimberly says over and over again.

One of the guys pushes her onto her back and the guys pounce on her like starving vultures. Two guys are working her ample boobs by sucking on them, nibbling on her nipples making them grow hard. Four other men are running their hands up and down her tightly toned waist while two other guys were working on her legs. Another guy suddenly darts in and starts to lick her pussy with loud slurps.

“Oh my god. He’s sucking on my pussy!” Kimberly blurts out. You think how unprepared she was for this porn clip making thing…

Two guys get on the bed on either side of her head and push their enormous cocks at her mouth. Kimberly tries to turn her head to get away from the first cock at her mouth only to run into the gigantic cock on the other side. The second guy grabs her head and pushes into her mouth forcefully, making her squeal .

“Mmmmpphhh!” is all Kimberly gets out with her mouth completely filled up with five inches of thick black cock.

The last guy grabs his enormous cock and starts to lightly tap Kimberly’s forehead.

The scene is surreal and you couldn’t have scripted it any better. You are very glad you decided to rent the more expensive cameras.

The guys at her} head have her sucking on their cocks in turn and Kimberly seems to be getting over the fact that a dozen black guys are gangbanging her as you watch her sucking their cocks with increasing enthusiasm.

Kimberly’s body suddenly tightens up, her ass lifting up into the air several inches as she has a massive orgasm. The guy sucking her pussy stands up, aims his nine inch cock at her tiny slit and pushes forward until his balls are resting on her ass.

Kimberly spits out the cock in her mouth and half shouts, “Oh my god! Your big black cock is inside me!”

The guy starts to fuck her with a quick pace making Kimberly grimace and pant, “Uughh, uugghhhh, uugh…” He fucks her for a few minutes and is replaced by a second guy who is thicker and longer who fucks her even faster.

“Aaaahhhh!” Kimberly cries out as she has a second orgasm in less than five minutes. You get in close and record her pussy lips stretched tightly and twitching spastically around the man’s very black cock. He struggles to keep his cock inside her. He pulls out and a third man lines up the biggest cock you’ve ever seen anywhere. He must be a foot long and three inches thick. He might even be thicker than a coke can. He spits on her slit and pushes into her roughly about half way.

“Noooooo! It’s too much! I can’t take that much cock!” Kimberly cries and tries to push him away with her arms.

Disregarding Kimberly’s pleas, the man leans over her, grabs her wrists, pulls them over her head and pounds the rest of his cock into her as hard as you’ve ever seen. He smiles and shows off a mouth filled with gold teeth. He leans in and kisses Kimberly who turns her head in an attempt to avoid him, but he doesn’t seem to care. He just switches to licking her face from chin to forehead as he begins to pump his cock in and out of her.

Kimberly’s resistance fades as the man jackhammers away, and it’s all she can do to just not pass out. She actually wraps her arms around the man’s torso to hold on as she gets the fucking of her life.

“You a good little white ho, gonna make you all mine, bitch!”

All Kimberly can say is, “Your dick… my god! My god! Please… it’s so much!”

“Yeah, my black cock is your god and I’m gonna own your little white pussy!”

The man’s massive cock is literally a blur as he fucks her at an incredible speed. The other guys just form a circle and stroke their cocks patiently.

A few minutes pass and Kimberly has another mind-blowing orgasm. It seems to set the man off as he suddenly pumps into her hard and holds still, grunting over and over.

“You’re cumming in me! Oh my god I can feel your cum shooting into me! You are filling me up so much! Aaaahhhhhh!”

“That’s right bitch! I’ll be yo baby daddy!”

He pulls out and his cum spills out of Kimberly’s stretched and gaped pussy in a river of white. The man straddles her chest and pushes his cum covered cock into her mouth. The rest of the guys spring into action and soon Kimberly has another black cock in her pussy pounding away, her hands filled with cock and black hands roaming all over her body.

Two minutes later, Kimberly gets her second black load deep inside her pussy. Another man takes over fucking her pussy and begins to pound away at her like his life depends on it.

The big guy on her chest cums again in massive spurts all over Kimberly’s face then moves off her so the other guys can get at her. Another two guys cum all over her face.

Kimberly is a rubbery mess, just barely holding on to her sanity as man after man fucks her pussy and deposits their cum deep inside her.

The man who first came inside her pussy turns her over so she is on her stomach, spreads her ass cheeks apart, spits on her anal pucker, then lines up his massive cock and starts to push into her asshole.

“Please no, you’re too big!” Kimberly shouts to no avail.

The man is relentless and he pushes his massive member into Kimberly’s virgin anus until his entire cock is buried in her poop chute.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Kimberly screams as the man shakes his ass back and forth stirring her insides with his big cock. He grabs her and rolls over so she is on top of him, her asshole still impaled on his cock. The man reaches down, grabs her legs by the backs of her knees and pulls them back, exposing her pussy and asshole. The other guys line up and begin fucking her pussy in a round robin, each man carefully fucking her until they deposit their load deep inside her. There is a constant river of thick white cum leaking out of her abused pussy as the men keep fucking her. The man in her asshole grunts and cums deep into her chute.

Kimberly actually passes out as the big man sits up with his cock still buried deep inside her asshole. He puts her into a downward dog position with her ass pointed high.

The guys who can still get it up take turns on her asshole and cum as deep inside her as possible. Kimberly remains passed out as the guys finish fucking her ass.

When they are all done, they get dressed and leave.

You pack up the equipment and start to edit the video footage on your laptop. Kimberly remains passed out in the same position the men left her in — her head and upper body face down and her ass high in the air. On impulse you grab your phone and start recording as you get close to her asshole and pussy. The smell of sex is overpowering, and you capture her gaped asshole and pussy still filled with the men’s cum.

You just can’t help it and push your fingers into her asshole and pussy. Her holes are hotter than you imagined and your fingers feel amazing inside her. You feel around for a while, but she stays passed out. Getting bold, you whip your cock out and push it into her asshole. Your cock makes the cum push out in a river as you fuck her hole. You switch to her pussy and fuck her until you cum deep inside her, adding your genes to the swirling mix already inside.

Her pussy is so hot you stay hard and you keep fucking her until you cum inside her again. You turn her over and fuck her missionary nice and slow. Even after she was fucked brutally by a dozen men and filled with nearly four dozen loads of cum, her pussy is warm and tight. You thoroughly enjoy your cock sawing in and out of her.

Kimberly suddenly opens her eyes and screams, “Aaaaahhhhhh!!”

“It’s okay Kimberly, it’s just me…”

She stops screaming, but asks, “Why is your cock inside me?”

“I figured it couldn’t hurt at this point. And your cum-filled pussy was just too irresistible…”

“I get it. Just take it easy on my little pussy. I’m so sore from all those giant black cocks fucking the shit out of me.”

“Okay. I’ll fuck you nice and slow.”

And you do just that. You are so turned on you are able to keep your hard-on for hours, pumping five more loads of your cum into her pussy. You fall sleep on top of her.

When you wake up you find you have morning wood so you roll over onto Kimberly and stick your cock into her. This wakes her up and you fuck her for the next two hours, depositing four loads of your cum deep inside her.

You and Kimberly clean up and go home. Kimberly’s video sells like hot cakes and you split the sales fifty-fifty. You and Kimberly rake in the cash. You make a few more videos over the next three weeks, with you depositing load after load of your cum deep inside her. You’re not sure how she’s keeping it all a secret because she sees you almost every day.

Eventually she tells you she is pregnant and she wants to make more videos.

You make three dozen videos before she starts to show five months later. Then you make a dozen more videos of you fucking her while pregnant until it becomes unsafe for her to do them anymore. By this time Kimberly and you have both brought in more than enough money so you don’t have to worry for a long time.

Kimberly gives birth to a bouncing baby boy, and he has an uncanny resemblance to you.

The End