Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Ho...)

“Piss play” you say timidly to her.

As expected, Kimberly does a double take. “You want me to do what?”

“Well… videos featuring porn stars in piss play is on the rise. A few years ago, it was really very deviant, but now it’s just erotic taboo. And more than 40% of all online porn watchers have searched and watched piss play videos at least a dozen times,” You say, referencing your research.

“Woah… that’s a lot of people. How do you know this?” Kimberly asks, her interest piqued.

“Actually, I just googled it!” you say with a long giggle.

Kimberly must have found it kinda funny too because she giggles along with you.

“Okay… but seriously, real piss?” Kimberly asks once her giggles subside.

“Yeah… it’s very hard to fake piss as it’s happening,” you say, your cock beginning to stir at the thought of her getting pissed on, peeing all over the place… and maybe if you’re lucky you can get her to drink some too.

Kimberly sits back with her arms behind her, legs crossed, her chest rising and falling noticeably, and her face staring at you with the most serious look you’ve ever seen on her face.

The silence is deafening, but Kimberly eventually speaks. “So do I just pull my pants down and pee in the toilet?”

“That could be a start, but…” You tell her about all the possible things that can be done with piss play and her face is not contorted in disgust the entire time.

When you are done explaining all the different ways she can be violated with piss, Kimberly sits up and stares at you with slitted eyes. You’re not sure if she’s just in very deep thought or if she’s getting ready to slit your throat.

“Okay… I guess I trust you. If you say piss is in, then piss play it is. I just want to make sure we make the most money out of me getting naked and doing porn,” Kimberly says, the dark clouds above her head dissipating.

You go out and buy a few gallons of water and a box of hot coffee to speed up the peeing process and book it back to the room.

Kimberly is sitting on the bed in sheer, white, lacy underwear that hardly covers her toned athletic body. She’s nearly done drinking from her large water bottle. You stop and stare at her almost naked body trying to embed her nakedness into your memory.

“That was fast!” Kimberly says as she smiles and sits up. “I looked up some piss play porn and there are a lot of beautiful women doing what you said. I’m kinda excited to piss everywhere, but a lot of those videos show women peeing on someone, and getting peed on by someone else.” Kimberly stares at you expectantly as she says this.

You clear your throat and state the obvious, “I guess I’d have to be part of the show?”

“Yup… you got it stud… better start drinking that water and coffee!” Kimberly says with a devious smile.

The two of you drink two large cups of black coffee then finish a gallon of water each over the next hour or so. By this time, you and Kimberly have to piss so badly it hurts.

“I’m ready. So where should we piss?” Kimberly asks, her bare legs crossing tightly.

“It’s a cheap hotel room. Let’s just do it in the middle of the floor. You can go first,” you offer. You quickly strip down naked and lay on the floor.

“Holy shit… where did you get that huge dick? It’s like the size of my arm!” Kimberly sputters.

“Better make it quick Kimberly, I’m not gonna be able to hold my pee much longer!” you say as you hit record on your remote for the three cameras you set up.

Kimberly strips down as she gets of the bed. You notice she has a triangular tribal tramp stamp with that tip of that triangle pointing straight down at her crack.

“Nice tat Kimberly, I never knew you had one!” you say in genuine surprise.

“Oh that thing… my husband made me get it right before we got married. Something about spicing up our sex lives or something stupid like that. Shoulda spent the money on a big dildo — he’s so small I can barely feel him when we have sex!” Kimberly says dryly as she stands over you with a leg on either side of your body. She aims by using both hands to pull her pink pussy lips apart and pushing her hips forward slightly.

Kimberly takes a deep breath and breathes out, relaxing her body. The warm spray hits your chest and it’s very sudden. Kimberly starts to giggle as she pisses on you. Her stream is strong, steady, and much warmer than you expected. And it smells like a bit like coffee. By the time Kimberly is done, your entire body is covered. Some even splashed onto your face.

When it’s your turn, Kimberly kneels in front of you and looks up at your huge cock.

“Can I hold it when you pee? I’ve always wanted to hold a really big cock in my hand,” Kimberly asks.

“Yeah, go right ahead!” you say enthusiastically. You had hoped, but never dreamed today would get you this involved with her.

Kimberly gets a good handful of your long thick shaft and hefts its weight in her small hand.

“Wow… this thing is a lot heavier than I thought. It feels like a firehose!” Kimberly says with a wide grin on her face.

“Where do you want me to pee on you?” you ask her.

“Ummm… I think on my chest at first, then on my face and hair. Is that gross?” Kimberly asks as the skin on her face colors.

“No, I think that will be super sexy!” you encourage her.

“Oh good. Then pee on me when you’re ready!” Kimberly says enthusiastically.

She holds your growing cock in her hand and it’s hard for you to not get hard. In fact, you get so hard you don’t think you can pee at all, but the pressure in your bladder is incredibly strong, and getting stronger by the second.

Your cock erupts in a burst of deep yellow piss that has a very strong odor. It smashes into Kimberly’s chest, and by chance Kimberly’s grip shakes and your stream arcs back and forth across her perfect breasts.

“Oh… it’s so warm… and the smell is strong, but I like it!” Kimberly says right before she guides the stream right into her face.

Your piss flows over her face like a firehose, covering every inch of her head, matting her hair against her skin and scalp. Then she opens her mouth and fills it with your stream. The first mouthful she pushes out of her mouth, but the next three she swallows down like nectar of the gods.

When your stream becomes just a dribble Kimberly stares up into your face and says, “I never thought your piss would taste so good!” Then she sucks the head of your cock into her mouth, her bright pink lips wrapped tightly around the head. Kimberly begins to suck the remaining piss from your bladder.

You have had blowjobs before, but the suction Kimberly’s mouth makes on your cock is not like anything you’ve experienced or even imagined. It feels like she is trying to suck the bladder out of your body.

It’s all too much stimulation for your already overstimulated brain and your balls erupt into her mouth in spurt after spurt.

Kimberly swallows it all while moaning.

When you’ve recovered from your mind-altering orgasm in Kimberly’s mouth, she releases your cock with an audible pop and says, “Mmmm… that was a delicious bonus! Your cum tasted even better than your piss!”

“Glad you liked it!” you say as you collapse on the bed. You hope the camera caught it all.

The End