Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by JJ...)

“I think I’ve found something that would be simple to perform,” you begin. “The best part for you is it doesn’t even involve nudity.”

Kimberly looks at you curiously. You idiot, why did you say that? “Doesn’t have to involve nudity,” you add clumsily.

“Nice save, champ,” Kimberly says sarcastically, clearly having read your thoughts.

You blush and move on quickly. “So, I was thinking, you could take a dildo, suck on it and put it between your…” You look down at her bathrobe-covered chest.

“Boobs,” she finishes your sentence, instinctively putting her hands on them as if to make sure that they are still there.

You nod. “Right.”

“That’s it?” she asks.

You reply quickly, “I mean, obviously you’ll have to do some dirty talk. Pretend you’re getting off to it and stuff.”

Kimberly nods.

“Right, so, we’ll need a dildo and something for you to wear. Unless you want to…”

She cuts you off. “I think I’ll go with the clothed option for now. You said that’s possible, right?”

Damn it, you think. “Yes. But you can’t pick an outfit that you’ll wear to church. It should be quite revealing, like a bra or…”

“How about a bikini?” Kimberly suggests. “I have one here, it shows a lot but covers up the essential parts and it won’t restrict the… uh… physical movement.”

That is a decent idea, actually.

She opens her suitcase and looks around. “I also have a dildo here…”

Apparently Kimberly also has an artistic vision for her softcore debut. She tells you that she wants to start with a shot from behind with her facing the bed and that you should “just roll with it” afterwards. Unfortunately, she asks you to turn around when she changes into her outfit.

When she tells you she’s ready and you turn back, you are stunned for a second. There she stands, her back facing you. You let your eyes glide over her body: her perfect legs, her juicy, round ass that is barely covered by her bikini; her waist, her back, her beautiful hair. To your surprise, she still seems to be topless. Your thoughts are running wild and you want her to turn around so bad.

“Will you stop staring and start the camera?” she asks impatiently, looking over her shoulder.

“Uhh, sure, sorry. You look really hot, Kimberly,” you respond.

She smiles. “Okay, let’s get going.”

You turn on the camera tell her to go. She begins by pulling up the bottom part of her bikini as if she was just finishing putting it on. Her ass jiggles slightly when she lets the straps snap back. She slowly puts on her top, still facing away from you and the camera. When she is done, she turns to the left and checks herself out in the mirror on the wall. You now have a pretty good view of her rack from the side as she puts her hands on it and pushes it up a couple of times to make it bounce. She then turns back to the bed in order to get a better view of her ass in the mirror. You make sure the camera gets that view as well. She strokes her left ass cheek carefully and gives it a light smack. You can’t help but begin to squeeze your now rock-hard shaft through your pants.

She suddenly turns around to you and her eyes widen. “What the fuck are you doing here?” she shouts at the camera. “Were you watching me this entire time? You’re such a perv, holy shit!”

You are hypnotized by her chest bouncing slightly with ever little movement she makes. She walks towards the camera, gets on her knees and you adjust the angle appropriately. She looks down, definitely noticing your massive erection. “I can’t believe you were jerking off to me!” She gives the camera a seductive look. “Although… I did notice you staring at me before…”

Kimberly’s tits now occupy almost the entire frame, the small bikini is practically only covering her nipples. She starts playing with her boobs. Squeezing them together, groping them, making them bounce. It’s mesmerizing. “Does that turn you on, you spying creep?”

She moves a little further away from the camera so her entire upper body becomes visible again. She gives you a sign to hand her the dildo, which you happily surrender to her. “Here’s the deal: I’ll help you get off this one time and then you start behaving like a normal person around me, all right?”

Kimberly takes the toy up to her face and starts playing with it using her mouth, licking it, kissing it and sucking on it to lube it with her saliva. “I know what you want,” she continues, looking at the camera and jerking the fake cock. “I know you want to fuck my tits. You’ve fantasized a lot about it, right?” She bites her lip and giggles slightly as she shakes her upper body, making her boobs wiggle left and right.

You watch in awe as she navigates the dildo under the strap of her bikini and between her jugs. She presses them together with her arms, making the toy disappear in the middle. Slowly but surely, she starts moving it up and down, moaning softly. You don’t even notice your hands wandering to your pants and stroking your cock through them again at this point.

“Your cock is getting all excited for my boobs, I can feel it throbbing.” She smiles and lets out another moan.

Watching Kimberly fuck that thing with her bouncy tits and speaking those words turns you on so much. But all of a sudden she stops. Did she see what you were doing in the corner of her eye? She takes out the dildo from under her tits and smiles devilishly. “Let’s get a little more comfortable.”

She grabs the lower strap of her top with one hand and pulls up, slowly, until her bare tits finally drop out of the cover. They’re even more perfect than you’d had imagined, flawless shape and perky at the same time. “Get a good look at them,” she says as she shakes them again for the camera and slaps the dildo on them.

Suddenly you feel her hand on yours and that alone is enough to make your cock twitch. No verbal communication is required for what happens next. She leads your hand towards her crotch until it touches her bikini, where she moves your hand up and down a couple times, then slides it right beneath the fabric, until she leaves it to explore on its own.

As you feel her up, you can’t believe how wet she is. You look at her face while finding her clit and rubbing it gently. Her eyes sparkle, she lets out a soft moan, this time it’s real pleasure. All the while she keeps fucking the toy with her fully exposed breasts.

You can’t take it anymore. With your eyes on her beautiful body and your hand rubbing her wet pussy, you finally pull down your pants with your other hand to free your cock from its confinement. She notices it and her lust seems only to increase. With your other hand now stroking yourself, you intensify her treatment. You rub her faster and start fucking her with your index finger.

“Keep going, I love watching your cock prod my huge fucking tits!” she exclaims, going faster and faster, unable to suppress her moans while speaking. “I want you to cum all over me. I want you to fucking use me as your personal cum dump!” She is getting really into it now. You can feel her juices coating your fingers and completely soaking the covering fabric as you keep pleasuring her. With a quick motion, she reaches down and pulls her bikini to the side, exposing her pink pussy to you. You keep finger-fucking and rubbing her with one hand and stroking your cock with the other, her breasts bouncing in rhythm.

“Oh god, oh fuck, I-” You see her eyes roll back and feel her fuckhole tighten around you as the orgasm hits her.

You can’t think straight anymore. Kimberly, still cumming her brains out, gasps and drops the dildo in surprise as you lunge at her and bury your desperate cock in her perfect boobs, groaning at their soft touch. Without hesitation you start fucking them and in return she squeezes them even tighter around you, an amazed look on her face.

Within a matter of seconds, you’re over the edge. Burst after burst of your cum rains on her face, neck and chest. The climax hits you so hard you have trouble standing on your feet. “Oh my fucking god!” Kimberly laughs.

You look down at her. Her chest is absolutely covered in your semen. Some of it got on her cheek and chin as well, which she is currently trying to wipe away with the back of her hand.

Realization hits you. “Oh my god, Kimberly, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking, I should have-”

“Yes, you should have asked,” Kimberly replies in a serious tone. “But don’t worry about it, I don’t blame you. In case you couldn’t tell, I had a lot of fun, actually.” She smirks and looks down at her cum-coated chest again. “I still can’t fucking believe how much you came. That role play was really up your alley, huh?”

That was a rhetorical question, you both know the answer.

“So, anyway, what are we going to do about the video now?”

You’re finally able to speak again and clear your throat. “I suggest you do another take of the last part, you know, when I … Just do a take pretending to finish off the dildo. I’ll fix it with my editing skills.”

You both grin.