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(Clip For Sale, continued by Ho...)

“I have a better idea. But I won’t tell you just yet. Start the camera when I get into position,” Kimberly says and goes off to get cleaned up.

It takes a while because she has to get all your cum out of her hair but soon she’s in the same pose as she was before.

Everything is exactly the same except Kimberly is wearing a red, lacy lingerie set that is mostly see-through. The panties are a thong and the string is so deep in her crack you can only see the top of it from the back. The bra is so skimpy it barely covers her very hard nipples

“Start the camera!” Kimberly says.

She starts messing with her lingerie when she turns around and pretends to be startled. “Oh my… I didn’t see you there! How long have you been watching me, you perv?”

She turns around and her nipples slip out of their cups. You are pretty sure the bra was designed for this to happen easily. You can clearly see the top of her bald pussy slit. That slit which was so hot and wet before on your finger. That pussy which had tightly clamped down on your finger before you jumped her and fucked her titties.

Kimberly places her fists on her hips and steps toward you, standing only two feet away. You pan the camera up and down to capture her amazing body.

“I see your little dick is hard. Does this turn you on?” Kimberly asks and pushes her boobs together, massaging them with her little hands. Her nipples push forward and even more of her amazing boobs spill out of her bra. Eventually the cups get pushed down and the two flesh globes are free.

“This is making you so hard, isn’t it, you sicko? Let me see how small your cock is,” Kimberly says and kneels down in front of you. She unbuckles your belt and frees your cock which is harder than it’s ever been before.

“Hmmmm… not so small after all…” Kimberly says as she holds your hard cock in one hand and slowly strokes it. You are unable to speak and just hope you don’t cum too fast.

“Let’s see how big it really is!” Kimberly brings up her other arm and measures your cock against her forearm. The tip of your cock passes her wrist and looks nearly as thick.

“Mmmmm… it’s got some weight to it!” she says and strokes it with both hands. She strokes you for less than thirty seconds before she changes position.

“I know what you want… you want to fuck my tits don’t you?” Kimberly says sensuously as she reaches back to undo the clasps on her bra. It falls away, freeing those globes. She moves forward and without any hesitation presses her tits against your crotch, capturing your cock between them. Her tits feel warm and silky on your shaft.

You accidentally buck your hips and your shaft glides up the cleft of her boobs and the tip of your cock taps her chin.

“You do like it! I like it too,” Kimberly says and begins to rise and fall on your cock. She uses her hands to keep her boobs wrapped around your cock as she moves. Every third or fourth stroke the tip of your dick reaches her chin or mouth. She begins to kiss it each time. You just can’t believe she is letting you tit-fuck her as she kisses the tip of your cock with each stroke. You really want this to last, but your balls are beginning to boil over again.

Taking deep breaths you close your eyes to stave off the orgasm from coming too soon. A few breaths and you think you have it under control so you can keep fucking her tits when Kimberly suddenly sucks the entire tip of your cock into her mouth, letting it pull out with a pop.

You shudder and have to squeeze the base of your cock with your muscles to hold back the white tide of sperm rising from your balls. You’re sweating from the exertion.

Kimberly spits out a huge gob of spittle onto the tip of your cock which slides down into the cleft of her boobs to lubricate your shaft. Then she sucks the tip of your cock into her mouth again and sucks so hard you just can’t hold back anymore.

“Mmmmrrrppphhh…” Kimberly grunts as first one then two massive jets of cum shoot into her mouth. She releases your cock which continues to spurt all over her face, hair, neck, shoulders, and boobs. She opens her mouth to release your cum, which dribbles out of her mouth down to her chin and flows down to the tip of your cock, connecting her chin with your cock for several seconds.

When she sees you are done cumming, which was a lot, she pulls back from the camera and rubs your cum into her boobs for a couple of minutes while your cum continues to drip from her face and chin.

“Okay, you can turn it off now.”

You go to turn it off and realize you never started the camera. When you tell her this, Kimberly doesn’t get upset.

“Oh well… I guess we have to do it all over again!” she says with a giant cum-covered smile.

The End