Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Ho...)

“So I looked around and there’s an enormous number of videos that feature women sucking dildos down their throats…” you say tentatively.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Jam a dildo down my throat? I thought you were gonna say anal sex, threesome, or maybe tie me up and fuck me or something like that… I will not shove things down my throat… I have a very strong gag reflex!” Kimberly says with a screwed-up, angry, indignant-looking face.

“Okay…” you say putting your hands up in defense. “I am only reporting on how many I found, and how many views the videos had compared to the other ones… don’t shoot the helper for telling the truth okay? Besides, you were the one who asked me to help you and look up what will sell remember?” You say this as innocently as possible, although you’ve always imagined how hot it would be to watch Kimberly’s throat bulging from a giant dildo jammed deep down into it.

Kimberly does a near complete one-eighty as she calms down and begins to apologize. “I’m sorry . You’re so right. I did approach you with this idea. But still… I don’t think I can do this thing. I even have trouble swallowing pills!”

“Well, it’s up to you but nearly two-thirds of all videos posted in the past month are dildos in pretty women’s throats, and they account for eighty percent of all views on porn sites. Some of the good ones have like twenty to thirty thousand views! Imagine charging $4.99 per view? That would be like 100k in a month!” you say, telling her the truth about why porn has been so damn successful in the past two decades.

“Holy shit, dude! And we’d split that fifty-fifty?” Kimberly asks.

“Yup. But we have to get famous first. And you can only get famous if your video is doing something better and different than other ones out there…”

“Okay let’s do it! I guess we have to go get some dildos, huh?” Kimberly asks.

“I actually went out and got some,” you say and display the six you bought on the way to the hotel. There’s three that are life-like and three that look like something from another world.

“They are all soft so they are easier to get into you. I also brought some lube,” you say.

Kimberly looks down at the dildos. None of them are truly gigantic like the ones some use in their videos. You didn’t want to scare her off.

“I guess I could try with this one. It’s bigger than I’ve had before by about an inch and half, but I’ll try it!” Kimberly says, picking up a six inch life-like dildo. “Start the camera, dude!”

Kimberly sucks the dildo into her mouth. She starts slow at first, then works herself up to getting about five inches of it inside her mouth. It just taps the back of her throat. Apparently she has a deep mouth.

“Ummm… you might want to get naked…” you suggest.

“Oh… yeah… okay… but don’t get any bright ideas, matey. You’re strictly here as a camera man okay?” Kimberly says and strips down to her birthday suit. She has a tight, hard body with perfectly perky boobs with small, light-brown areola and very hard nipples that protrude like half an inch.

“Hmmm… that’s actually not so bad… but I ran out of dildo… let me try… this one!” Kimberly says and grabs the largest life-like dildo which is seven inches long. She gets to the back of her throat, and after taking a deep breath, opens up her throat and gets the last two inches inside. You can notice the beginnings of a small bulge on her throat.

Kimberly pulls it out and gasps, “Whew! That was not as hard or painful as I thought! I actually kinda liked it… as weird as it sounds…”

“It’s a good start,” you say.

“You mean women put longer ones inside their throats?”

“Yup… like several inches more, and thicker ones too. The most watched ones have real cocks that are like ten or eleven inches long and as thick around as your wrist jammed in their mouths. There is so much cock in their throats their eyes bulge, get bloodshot, and tear uncontrollably. Those videos are the ones that get all the views and sell like hotcakes!”

Looking down at the dildos Kimberly says wistfully, “Well… I guess these dildos won’t cut it… even if I wanted to try sucking down a real man’s giant cock… unless you have a big one?”

“Actually I do. My cock is like a foot long and thicker than your forearm,” you confess, gripping her wrist by way of illustration.

“No fucking way… I don’t believe you!”

“Believe it or not… but it’s the truth…” you say.

“Show me! If you are as big as you say, I’ll totally try sucking that beast down my throat!” Kimberly says, daring you.

“Okay… you asked…” you say and slowly unzip your pants. Watching Kimberly sucking on fake cock has been working on your wood and you are about three quarters of the way to full hardness. The cold air and the nearness of a beautiful woman with a willing mouth and throat has your cock hard in milliseconds.

“Oh… my… God… you weren’t kidding, dude! It’s humongous!” Kimberly says. She stares at your hard cock as you step forward and line up the shiny tip of your cock with her nose. It looks like an unripe plum against her face. You grab the camera and begin to record.

“Suck it, Kimberly. Suck it down your throat,” you say and press the tip of your cock against her warm, wet mouth.

Not knowing what to do, Kimberly instinctively opens her mouth, but has to really stretch wide to let your cockhead pass her stretched lips. You grab the top of her head and pull her to you, forcing about five inches of you into her mouth. Kimberly begins gagging and drooling.

“Mmrrpphh…” Kimberly tries to say as you shift your hand on her head to the back and flick your hips forward. The back of her throat gives way satisfyingly, allowing nearly the entire head of your cock to enter.

When you pull back to give her a moment she says, “Wait… I can’t possibly…” but you jam the head of your cock back into her mouth and don’t stop until you feel the tip of her throat. You keep pushing into her, and with a little jerk, your cock sinks into her tight, warm throat all the way. Your curly pubic hair is going into both of her nostrils.

Kimberly’s eyes bulge and begin to get bloodshot as snot bubbles form from her nostrils. She suddenly draws in a deep breath through her nostrils, pulling the snot bubbles back inside. Her chest heaves a couple times as she chokes on her own mucus, then she coughs hard enough to force a massive amount of throat mucus to blast out around her lips and drip down in long, thick tendrils of clear ooze.

Kimberly keeps coughing and more throat mucus shoots out around her lips. Soon there is a thick sheet of clear, bubbly ooze connecting her lips and chin, your cock and balls and the floor. The sight is so damn hot you feel your balls pulling up, getting ready to blast Kimberly’s stomach with your load of cum.

Kimberly’s face begins to turn red, then purple as her brain is deprived of oxygen and her hands shoot out to the sides of your hips, spread as wide as they go, with Kimberly in panic.

“Oh fuck, Kimberly I’m cumming!” you shout as your balls erupt rope after rope of cum that courses through your shaft and into her throat. Kimberly snorts, coughs and two thick white rivers of your cum stream out of both of her nostrils. Your hand pulls her head in harder, mashing her lips against your spasming pelvis… and all you can think about is that you’re gonna sell a million of these videos and become stinking rich!

You look down and Kimberly looks like she’s about to pass out so you pull your cock out of her throat. As soon as your cock clears her lips, she gasps, then heaves her lunch on to the floor.

Kimberly heaves a couple more times, looks up at you and says, “Fuck you and your giant cock dude!”

You stop recording, “Kimberly… I certainly can accommodate you later, but we are totally gonna make millions on this video!”

“Do you really think so?”

“Totally… A couple more videos like this one and we will both be able to retire in style!” you say honestly.

“So what other kinds of freaky shit do people want to see?”

“Maybe a pregnancy progression where you get inseminated, then short clips of your belly growing, until you record giving birth to our baby…”

“Uh… what?”