Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Ho...)

A couple of weeks later, you and Kimberly are back in the same motel room.

“Are you sure about this?” Kimberly asks you ,sounding real nervous.

“Look Kimberly, I did the research on the last video where you jammed my huge cock down your throat and vomited your lunch, remember?”

“Yeah… that’s why I’m here. Your sudden move of jamming your cock down my throat and making me toss my guts made a million for each of us,” Kimberly concedes.

“So this next thing is gonna make even more money. No one has anything like this,” you say, trying to sell the idea to her.

“But what are we gonna tell my partner? How do we explain me getting pregnant?” Kimberly asks you.

“Doesn’t he know where your sudden riches came from?” you ask.

“Yeah, but your giant cock down my throat is very different from your giant cock knocking me up and me giving birth on camera for every pervert online to see!” Kimberly complains.

“What if I said I was confident I could sell five million of these videos at $10 a pop?” you offer… and you are very confident. There are many porn markets around the world where people would pay even more than what you said to see a beautiful woman like Kimberly get impregnated by a giant cock and give birth to that baby online.

“We could be done and retired in style…” Kimberly finishes your speech meant for her.

You stay silent as Kimberly contemplates what you are asking her to do for money.

“Think we can get double the money if we have twins?” Kimberly asks mirthfully.

“Then we’re on?”

“Yes dude, we’re on! Now start recording and come over here. Let’s put that baby into my belly!”

You hit record on the camera and start stripping. Kimberly does the same and you are both as naked as the day you were born.

“Come on baby daddy, stick that huge cock into my little pussy!” Kimberly says, sounding inspired by the prospect of huge sums of money.

You climb on top and aim your hard cock at the entrance to her glistening pussy. Your cock barely fits, the last inch or so just unable to get inside her. Each thrust of your cock makes Kimberly groan and grunt like an animal, her beautiful face contorted in a mix of pain and pleasure. When you jam that cock into her one last time and start filling her pussy and womb with your baby batter, Kimberly begins to cry.

They are real genuine tears of… joy? You’re not quite sure, but she leans up to kiss you as she cries. You fuck her and fill her with your sperm ten more times in the next hour, your sperm oozing and spilling out of her pussy as you continue to fuck her, and you give her orgasm after orgasm.

Sure enough, a month later she tests positive for pregnancy. It’s all recorded on tape.

You convince Kimberly that people would love to see a pregnant woman being fucked and filled with cum over and over again. So once a day, you turn the camera on and fuck her in all kinds of poses, filling her pregnant pussy with cum every time, and recording it for the final film.

The first four months, it’s hard to tell that Kimberly is pregnant because she is so fit and has such a tight belly, but month five is a different story. She develops a smoothly curved belly that is definitely pregnant.

On one of the days during the fifth month after you fucked her silly, and her entire body is covered in her sweat from the hard fuck she just got from you, she confesses she didn’t talk to her man about this yet.

Her partner leaves her when he confronts her about her condition. You expected her to be upset but she actually tells you as you are pumping your very hard cock in and out of her pregnant pussy, that maybe it was a blessing in disguise. You nod your head and fill her pregnant pussy with more of your sperm… imagining her having twins.

You keep fucking her employee through the last two months and contract a midwife to help with the birth of your child.

Kimberly gives birth to her child by squatting on her own two feet, growling at the camera, and actually reaching down to pull her baby out of her own pussy after it crowns with a tremendous scream…

“He’s so beautiful. Thank you so much for giving me this perfect baby!” Kimberly says, crying into the camera.

You record it all and within a week have it cut into an amazing epic. You are able to make two videos… the pregnancy progression, and a compilation of all your creampies since you and Kimberly started this video project.

Between the two videos, you sell about ten million downloads reaching your goal, but you sell them for many times what you told Kimberly. Over the course of a year, you and Kimberly sell enough downloads to become billionaires.

You’re living together now and working on the second installment of impregnation and birth.

The End