Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Clip For Sale, continued by Clint...)

With a snigger, Kimberly suggests you should undress for the shoot to make her more comfortable.

You don’t need asking twice, starting to pull up your t shirt.

“No no, wait,” she insists. “On the bed while I film, call it a bit of insurance.”

Deep down she wants to see you naked, instead of getting horny watching you in the garden in shorts and T.

Kimberly pans the camera to you, as you stand next to the bed.

Her nipples hardening with anticipation.

Up and over you pull the shirt off, kicking off your trainers.

“Slowly now stud,” she insists as she grows with confidence.

Looking directly at her, unbuckling the belt, unfastening the button, sliding the zipper down.

“Turn around,” she giggles.

She can feel her pussy dampen with anticipation.

Dropping the shorts you kick them off. Not knowing she has derobed.

She sighs softly as you ease your boxers down, kicking them into the corner.

Looking at your ass, her tummy fluttering as you start to turn around.

You turn slowly, horny as hell, as she films, focusing on your hips.

Kimberly sighs softly as you stand before her, cock throbbing up and down, a little glisten of precum on the tip.

“Oh baby” she whispers. “That’s beautiful.”

Her fingers desperately want to stroke herself.

“Fuck, Kimberly,” you murmur. “You look hot.”

It’s Kimberly’s turn.

She’s wearing black hold ups, tiniest thong, half cup bra, her nipples partly hidden.

Her perky ass sways as she heads to the bed. By now she’s so horny.

Little do you know someone is peeking through the net curtains.

She lies back on the bed, looking directly at you.

“Take your bra off,” you whisper. Directing the camera at her boobs.

It’s front fastening, slowly she unclips, hiding her boobs to start with, then opening it up.

“Mmmmm, nice, I’ve always wanted to see them,” you whisper.

They are a beautiful shape, her nipples hard and dark.

The person at the window watches intently.

Kneeling across the bed, her tits hang provocatively. Beautiful ass bending.

You just want to move in and doggy, but not yet.

The cord of her thong is so thin, she hooks a finger in, easing them down.

Laying back on the bed, legs closed, sliding them down her legs. Dangling them on her toes as her legs part.

“Fuck, magnificent,” you call seeing her pouting lips.

Her finger running along the labia, a little dampness on them.

She throws her head back as her fingers flick across her clit.

You’re both fully horny concentrating on your filming.

Suddenly you feel a warmth around your cock. You look down, it’s the maid, she’s been watching and let herself in.

Her blouse is partly open from playing with her tits.

You try not to gasp, she puts her fingers to her lips. “Sshhhhh”

Moving into camera shot, dropping her skirt. Then panties.

Kneeling between Kimberly’s legs, she licks her pussy. Tongue deep. Her ass in the air, a perfect view of her pussy.

Kimberly is shocked, looking down seeing this woman teasing her, looks at the camera and smiles.

You move the camera around. Getting a perfect view her tongue so deep, Kimberly’s fingers rasping at her clit.

Her voice hoarse as her orgasm tears through her body.

“This is perfect!” you call.

Kimberly reaches down, pulling the maid’s top. Wanting it off.

Aided by the maid, buttons popping off.

You’re stroking as you watch. The scene is so horny.

They both look at you.

You set the camera steady.

Kimberly kneeling on all fours as the maid lays under, tasting her.

You enter Kimberly doggy. Knowing you won’t take long.

Thrusting hard, feeling her beautiful pussy pull you in.

Her clit on fire from the maid.

You feel the rise of cum, knowing you can’t hold back. Calling Kimberly’s name as you fill her with cum.

The naughty maid licking hard to catch the excess.

Oh, what a film you put out there, and you now have a new screen partner.

The End