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(Coming Clean, continued...)

“How was it?” Angeline asks when she gets in. Her make-up is smudged and she falls back tiredly against the door.

“I made him cum,” you say triumphantly.

“You did what?”

“It just sort of happened.”

“I’ve been trying to make him cum for weeks. You’ve obviously got the touch.”

Angeline drops onto the sofa, exhausted.

You try to hand over the money George paid you, but Angeline shakes her head.

“It’s yours,” she says. “This guy tonight is a real earner and he wants to do it again next week. Which means that you and I could make this regular. What do you say?”

You look forward to seeing George again, even if it’s awkward at first. You’ll nod and maybe talk about the weather. And then you’ll see each other one evening and the conversation will be very specific. You’ll have some particular instructions for him and he’ll follow them, eager and yearning for you.

“See you next week,” you agree.

The End