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(Confronted, continued...)

Sarah sits herself on the table and slides her ass over, placing her feet on each side of your chair, trapping you between her legs. Her skirt rides up but you’re too close to get a look at her panties.

“Go on then. If you want to touch them so much, it would be cruel of me not to let you!” She puts her hands on her hips, wriggles her shoulders and giggles flirtatiously.

You reach out with one hand. Not quite believing this is happening and fearing a trap, you initially place it on the side of her chest, your thumb and forefinger just resting against the swell of her right breast.

“Now listen,” she says suddenly, twisting away from you. “Just because I’m letting you grope my tits, doesn’t mean we’re doing anything else, okay?”

You’ll take what you can get. “Whatever you say, Sarah. You’re calling the shots.”

She smiles and gives you a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t you forget it!” she replies, then places her hands behind her head and thrusts her chest forward. Her tight blouse is stretched taut over her tantalizing mounds, threatening to burst at the seams.

You slide your hand from her side on to her right breast and rest it there for a moment, feeling the shape and the warmth. When it becomes apparent that yes, she’s really letting you do this, you squeeze it firmly. There isn’t much give — her blouse and bra are holding everything in tightly.

Your other hand grabs her left breast and you squeeze that too, then you start fondling her in earnest, squishing her boobs together to maximize her exposed cleavage. But her clothing is spoiling the experience.

It appears that Sarah can read your mind. “Here, I’ll take off my top so you can get a proper feel!” she says helpfully. You stare as she undoes each button in turn, then pulls the blouse out of the waistband of her skirt and tosses it behind her.

Sarah’s bra is now revealed and you take a sharp breath. It’s tight, pink and lacy. You can clearly see her nipples through the semi-transparent material. You take her tits in your hands and rub your thumbs across her nipples. They react instantly, forming hard little bumps under the lace.

“You like?” asks Sarah coquettishly.

“Oh yeah!” You reply is half groan. You lean forward and shove your face into her cleavage, inhaling the sweet scent of her skin and kissing every inch of exposed flesh.

Sarah’s bra loosens in your hands. While you were buried in her chest she must have reached back and released the catch. You help her extricate her arms then gaze in wonder at the treasures before you. Her naked tits are every bit as awesome as you’ve imagined.

Sarah grabs you by the back of your neck and draws you in. “Suck it. Suck my nipple.”

You latch on to Sarah’s stiff teat and suck gently, flicking it with your tongue. She sighs gently and strokes your head. You release the first nipple with a wet popping sound and take the other one into your mouth. At the same time you pinch the first nipple between your fingers and gently tug on it.

“Harder. Bite me, bite my nipples!” Sarah’s voice now has an urgent tone.

You bite down as far as you dare, and then a little harder. She gasps in response. “That’s it… I like it hard… bite harder!”

You munch and slobber over Sarah’s tits, nibbling her nipples and sucking as much of her breasts into your mouth as you can. She encourages you by making sexy little whimpering sounds. Soon her boobs are slick and shiny with saliva.

One of your hands starts wandering. It slides down her side, over her hip and down her thigh to the hemline of her skirt. Your fingers slip inside and you push the skirt up to the top of her legs. With her knees on either side of you she can’t close them to protect her modesty.

Your questing fingers trace over the front of her panties, then slide between her crotch and the table. You can feel the folds of her cunt through the thin material. She sighs gently as you rub her slit back and forth, pressing her panties between her lips.

You are about to work your fingers under the gusset when she reaches down and grabs your wrist. “That’s going a little too far!” she chastises, pulling your hand back up on to her breast.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Sarah,” you groan.

“Oh yeah?” she replies. “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

Your cock instantly grows another inch in your pants upon hearing this taunt and you react without thinking. You wrap an arm around her waist and pull her close against you, then kiss her hotly on the mouth. At the same time you slide your other hand down the front of her panties. Your middle finger parts her lips and slides into her crevice, finding it hot and wet.

She returns the kiss, twisting her tongue around yours, but as your finger probes deeper she begins to resist. She breaks the kiss with a gasp.

“Stop. Wait a minute…” she pants.

You’re not a jerk. You release her and remove your hand from her knickers, then wait while she collects herself.