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(Confronted, continued...)

Sarah slithers off the table, then turns around and bends over it, resting on her elbows.

“Go on then. If you want to touch it so much, it would be cruel of me not to let you!” She gives her ass a little wiggle and giggles flirtatiously.

You get up from your chair and stand beside her, then reach out your hand. Not quite believing this is happening and fearing a trap, you initially place it on her hip.

“Now listen,” she says suddenly, raising herself up on to her hands and twisting to face you. “Just because I’m letting you grope my bottom, doesn’t mean we’re doing anything else, okay?”

You’ll take what you can get. “Whatever you say, Sarah. You’re calling the shots.”

She smiles and gives you a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t you forget it!” she replies, then resumes her position bent over the table. Propped on her elbows she thoughtfully presses her stomach down, curving her back so that her ass is presented to full, glorious effect. Her tight skirt is stretched taut over her tantalizing curves, threatening to burst at the seams.

You slide your hand from her hip on to her right buttock and rest it there for a moment, feeling the shape and the warmth. When it becomes apparent that yes, she’s really letting you do this, you squeeze it firmly. There isn’t much give — her skirt is holding everything in tightly.

Your hand roams to her other cheek and you squeeze that too, then you start fondling her in earnest, sliding your palm all over her ass. But her most intimate curves elude you, protected by the tight barrier of her skirt.

It appears that Sarah can read your mind. “Pull my skirt up. Have a proper feel,” she suggests.

You place your hands on her outer thighs, just below the hem line. Then you slide them up to her hips, bunching up her skirt to her waist. It’s so tight that there’s no risk of it falling back down again.

Sarah’s panties are now revealed and you take a sharp breath. They’re tight, pink, skimpy and sheer. You can clearly see her ass crack through the semi-transparent material. They are not quite on straight — one side reveals a little more cheek than the other because they are slightly, ever so slightly, riding up between her buttocks. You pull them free and straighten them up. Perfection.

“You like?” asks Sarah coquettishly.

“Oh yeah!” You reply is half groan.

You run your hand over Sarah’s silky panties. Now you gain a proper appreciation of the softness and pliability of her gloriously rounded bum cheeks. You get rougher, grabbing handfuls of warm, slightly-wobbly flesh and messing up the alignment of her knickers. You press your fingers between her cheeks, pushing her panties into the depths of her ass crack, and slide your fingers down deeper until you can feel the folds of her cunt through the thin material. She sighs gently as you rub her slit back and forth, pressing her panties between her lips.

You are about to work your fingers under the gusset when she reaches back and grabs your wrist. “That’s going a little too far!” she chastises, pulling your hand back up on to her ass.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Sarah,” you groan.

“Oh yeah?” she replies. “Well, what are you going to do about it? Spank me?”

Your cock instantly grows another inch in your pants upon hearing this suggestion. “Maybe I will!” you respond firmly. You grab her wrist with your other hand and pin it to the small of her back. Then you give her a sharp smack across the right cheek.

Sarah yelps in surprise and squirms around, but you are able to hold her down easily. With her panties pushed up her ass crack, her left cheek is almost completely exposed. You give it a spank and it quivers, reddening instantly.

“Oooh. You’re the man! Spank me like a naughty girl!” she teases.

“You are a bad girl, Sarah,” you reply, smacking her harder and making her gasp. You grab the waistband of her panties and tug them down to her upper thighs in one quick motion. Sarah’s glorious bottom is completely exposed and you spank her half a dozen times while she struggles on the table.

“Jesus, I fucking love being spanked!” sighs Sarah happily while you gently kneed and stroke her sore buttocks. You kneel down and kiss her bare bottom to make it better, pressing your face hard into her soft flesh. Then you stand behind her and press your throbbing bulge against her ass to reveal how much you appreciate it.

“Keep that thing zipped up!” warns Sarah as you place your hands on her hips and grind against her. A minute or two of this and you’ll cum in your pants. You reach around and slide your hand down to her pussy from the front. Your middle finger parts her lips and slides into her crevice, finding it hot and wet.