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(Confronted, continued...)

Sarah gently pushes you back with one hand on your chest. Her face is flushed and her breathing is heavy. “I think I’ve let you make me a little hornier than I planned,” she admits. “I think I might have to let you do one more thing…”

“Name it, Sarah” you reply, heart beating wildly and dizzy with lust.

She pauses, seeming conflicted as to whether she should continue. Then she obviously decides to throw caution to the wind. She hops back up onto the table and draws her legs up, resting her heels on the edge. She pulls her panties down past her knees then kicks them off and spreads her legs, flashing a very pretty-looking pussy at you.

“I’ve gotta cum. Are you any good with your tongue?”

You smile wickedly in response and drop to your knees, your head level with her crotch. You grab her waist and pull her toward you so that her calves dangle over your shoulders, then take a deep breath and dive in.

Sarah must pay attention to her hygiene because there’s no bitter taste, just the warm earthy smell of a woman in heat. You lap her pussy slit up and down, working your tongue between her delicate inner lips and poking the tip into her tight opening. Then you slither upward and press hard against the hard little bud of her clitoris.

Sarah lets out a sexy whimper. Encouraged, you make a seal with your lips around her hood and suck her clit into your mouth, flicking it with your tongue. Without stopping, you insert two fingers into her pussy, just past the second joint, and start rubbing against the area where the mythical G-spot is supposed to be.

You find it. Sarah shrieks in pleasure and grabs you by the back of your head, pulling you tight against her pussy as she cums wetly in your face. Her thighs clamp against your ears, trapping you between her legs as her hips buck uncontrollably. You are lucky to avoid a neck sprain.

When you are finally released you stand up and survey the damage, wiping spit and girl-juice from your face. Sarah is splayed lewdly on the table, her tits out and skirt around her waist, looking very happy.

You’ve got to release the pressure in your pants. You unzip and let your jeans and underwear drop, taking your engorged penis in your hand.

This doesn’t escape Sarah’s attention. “Did I make it all big and hard? Okay, you can jerk yourself off. You deserve it!”

You shuffle closer, slowly stroking and squeezing your dick. A drop of precum appears on the tip.

“That’s a bit close, don’t get any on me!” says Sarah chirpily.

You place your knob between her wet, pink inner lips and push.

“Hey, wait, I didn’t say you could…” begins Sarah, now looking a little alarmed.

You grab her hips and sink your cock deep into the warm, welcoming embrace of her pussy.

“Wait… I didn’t say you could…” protests Sarah. You note that she is making no attempt to escape.

You pull back, then slam deep again. “What were you saying, Sarah?”

“I didn’t say you could… unnghh… fuck me!”

You thrust again. “What was that last part?”

“Fuck me! I didn’t say you could… Unnggghhh!”


“Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Well, that settles it. You pump into Sarah faster and faster, your heart beating fit to explode as you near your climax. She grabs the edge of the table with her hands to hold herself in place and pushes back against you, her unfettered tits bouncing about wildly on her chest.

“Don’t cum inside me,” begs Sarah. “I’m going somewhere next… I can’t be dribbling!”