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(Confronted, continued...)

If you can’t cum inside Sarah, you’ve got a pretty good Plan B. “Turn over!”

You help Sarah return to her original position, bent over the table with her gorgeous bare ass sticking up in the air. You give her cheeks a squeeze and her pussy a little rub, then shove your cock back into her.

You fuck Sarah from behind, occasionally smacking her bottom. The room is filled with the loud slapping sound of your hips against her quivering buttocks. She grinds herself against you on every downstroke.

“Oh Sarah, I fucking love your ass!” you exclaim as your balls start to boil. You pull your cock out and jerk it rapidly. Ropes of white cum spray all over her rounded cheeks and upper thighs. Rivulets trickle into her ass crack and down over her well-fucked pussy.

Sarah reaches around and traces a finger through the gooey white runs of semen that cover her butt. Then she starts rubbing your load all over her cheeks with her palm, making her bottom all wet and shiny.

Suddenly you hear a noise. “Quick, someone’s coming!” gasps Sarah in alarm.

There’s a box of tissues nearby. You snatch a handful and toss them at Sarah so she can clean herself up, then struggle back into your pants. You spy her pink panties on the floor and quickly pick them up.

There’s not enough time for her to put them on. “Keep them!” she whispers, frantically tugging her skirt down. You stick her underwear in your pocket as a keepsake.

You give Sarah a quick kiss before making your escape. You notice that besides being panty-less, she’s also quite disheveled and musky-smelling. Hopefully she’s not on her way to somewhere fancy.

The End