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(Confronted, continued...)

Sarah’s boyfriend is standing in the doorway, a look of anguish on his face. “What the hell is going on here?” he cries.

“He’s fucking me, what does it look like?” replies Sarah coolly.

“Sorry dude, she let me touch her tits and things got a bit out of control!” you say, raising your hands as you attempt to defuse a potentially violent situation.

Sarah rolls her eyes. “Shut up you,” she says, then addresses her husband. “You brought this on yourself. If you were more of a man I wouldn’t have to do this.”

“But honey…” he begins feebly.

“Stop whining!” she snaps. “How about you get over here and see how a real man pleases a woman!”

Sarah’s boyfriend meekly comes over to the table and looks down at his partner in dismay. You prime yourself to make a quick exit but you keep your cock buried inside her.

“Hey, I didn’t say you could stop!” says Sarah. You give her boyfriend an apologetic shrug and resume your thrusting. You’re feeling a little awkward having him there but you’re determined to finish. This might be your last time with Sarah. In fact, it might even be your last time ever if things go pear-shaped.

Sarah spits on her fingers then reaches down and starts rubbing her clit. “That’s it. Deeper… yeah right there! Fuck me with your big dick!”

You try to ignore the sad look on her boyfriend’s face and focus on fucking Sarah. She’s panting faster and faster, her fingers a blur down below. Soon she starts to cum with a series of staccato gasps, and your orgasm is quick to follow. You pull her to you with your hands on her thighs and try to shove as much of yourself into her as you can while your cock bathes her cervix with spurt after spurt of warm sticky love.

You pull out and stagger away, catching your breath. Meanwhile Sarah pulls her boyfriend down and gives him a passionate kiss. “Don’t worry baby. I’m going to be fucking him from now on, but you’ll get your turn too.”

This seems to satisfy him. You promise Sarah that you’ll see her again real soon, then make a diplomatic exit, leaving the poor guy to enjoy some very sloppy seconds.

The End