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(Confronted, continued...)

Sarah’s mother is standing in the doorway, a delighted smile on her face. “Well, well. What’s going on here?” she asks.

Sarah looks mortified. “Mom! Get out of here!” she shouts, then covers her face with her hands.

But Sarah’s mother doesn’t leave, instead she comes over to the table and looks at you both with her hands on her hips. “What do you think you’re doing to my daughter, young man?”

You prime yourself to make a quick exit but you keep your cock buried inside Sarah. “I’m pretty sure I’m fucking her, ma’am.”

She slaps you across the face. “No swearing!” Then her eyes drop down to your cock, which is half-buried in her daughter.

“He looks nice and big, darling. Is he a good lover?”

Sarah shakes her head in disbelief and doesn’t answer. Her face has turned beet-red with embarrassment.

“I made her cum already,” you chip in as you resume your thrusting.

“I didn’t ask you!” replies Sarah’s mother, sizing you up. Then she places her hand on the small of your back and slides it down on to your ass, squeezing tightly.

“How is she?” she asks conversationally.

This question takes you aback. “Er… very nice. Tight. Like mother, like daughter, I’m guessing!”

Now it’s Sarah’s mom’s turn to blush. Her hand moves down between your legs and she starts tickling your balls with her fingertips.

“So, how did you two get together?” she asks. She seems to be under the impression that this is a dinner party conversation.

“She let me touch her tits and it kind of progressed from there…” you reply, trying to ignore the older woman.

This is all very weird. You should probably finish and get out of there. You start to quicken your pace.

“Oh yes, she’s got beautiful breasts doesn’t she? I’m always telling her, with breasts like those she could get any man she wants!”

“Mom!” cries Sarah. Her mother ignores her and inserts her middle finger knuckle-deep in your asshole.

You pound away at Sarah for another minute with her mother’s finger up your ass before your balls start to erupt. You pull Sarah to you with your hands on her thighs and try to shove as much of yourself into her as you can while your cock bathes her cervix with spurt after spurt of warm sticky love. Then you fall forward on top of her.

“Well done, dear” says her mother, giving your butt a slap. “Will you be staying for dinner?”

The End